[[WMG: The kids will become Government agents]]
its pretty obvious ones you see the latest (as of 11/20/2010) update [[http://www.pantheracomic.com/comics/2010-11-16.jpg here]].
* Confirmed. (I'd spoiler-tag this, but it was rather obvious...)

[[WMG: The person in Lydick's mansion [[spoiler:with [[ShockAndAwe lightning-powers]] was Chloe]]]]
Think about it. The timeline matches up perfectly.

October 12 in-comic (7.11), Fletcher told [[spoiler:Chloe]] that if she wanted answers, she'd just have to find [[spoiler:Mr. Reynder]] herself.

The Saturday after (7.24), so October 14th, [[spoiler:someone ''did'' find Ari, mentioning he's "not an easy guy to '''''track down'''''" and that getting "some '''''answers''''' would be a nice start". Ari agrees, but on condition, waving a vial of serum 43.]]

8.10, Tigris refers to [[spoiler:the lightning-person gauding her]] as "twit", so they're female. [[spoiler:Lightning-person]], for her part, seems to know a bit about Panthera on a personal level, taunting Tigris with "brute" (impling they know that ''this specific'' team member is a LovableJock) and calling her "fat" (an insult that's almost exclusively hurled at women - how many unrelated people would assume the largest team member is female?).

8.14 takes place November 8th, which is three weeks after 7.24 - three weeks in which [[spoiler:Chloe went AWOL from school and the newspaper club]]. On her return, [[spoiler:she's evasive about the club she was investigating and immediately quits the newspaper club - possibly something to do with new "extracurricular activities"?...]]