[[WMG:Jack's real father is Alfred Borden from ''Film/ThePrestige''.]]
Hence the resemblance, their tendency to get incarcerated, and the unbelievable amount of HoYay. Borden has been to New York, and he's slept the hell around...

[[WMG:Film/IndependenceDay is the result of the Alien race seeing this movie and deciding that the current president would only fight back with dance.]]
That's the reason we won. The alien race expected a dancing pussy. What they got was Bill Pullman. Not one of the NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast, but still more resistance than they expected.

[[WMG: Jack Kelly grows up to be Batman]]

His parents are... not here. Maybe they were shot in an alleyway and Jack became an orphan instead of being taken in by Alfed? Or maybe this is part of his WalkingTheEarth routine where he will learn the stealth, martial arts, and synchronized dance techniques that will allow him to clean up the mean streets of 1920's Gotham?

[[WMG: The Delancey brothers are child abuse survivors.]]

Oscar states in the musical that his father didn't take care of him. In addition, they live with Wiesel, who, in the film, one of the boys refers to as their Uncle. Oscar and Morris show a tendency toward unnecessary aggression, and are violent beyond what their job requires. Morris in particular shows a desire to use intimidation whenever possible. All of this is commonly observed in abuse survivors who never had the underlying issue addressed. It would also explain the amount of anger that can be seen in these characters despite the fact that they are children, as violence is often a learned behavior.