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The reason why everyone wears masks all the time is because.....
The show takes place in Texas.
  • Most people assume that the show takes place in Mexico for, well, obvious reasons. But there seems to be evidence that it could take place in Texas:
    • First off, in The Movie, our three protagonists are seen traveling via map to Mexico City. While doing so, it looks like they're traveling out of America.
    • There's quite a bit of diversity, such of which is usually associated with the US of A (a. k. a. the "Great American Melting Pot"). It also kind of shows that masked wrestling isn't limited to Mexico, which also plays a key part in the theory.
    • A few of the secondary/background/one-shot characters give off a redneck or cowboy vibe.
    • Most notably, there's Rikochet's (and his father's) costume: it's red, white, blue, and has a star on the mask. It could be interpreted as a Star-Spangled Banner, which would indicate that the show could be somewhere in America, but note the single star, which is often associated with the Texas flag.
      • On top of that, Rikochet's father is named Lone Star. What is Texas' title? The Lone Star State.