[[WMG: The Narrator is {{God}}]]
He seems to exist within the series and interact with it, but is also aware of the shows fictional nature and knows what's going to happen in advance.
* Or, he's the manifestation of Devil Gundam.

[[WMG: The Devil Gundam didn't malfunction. Its AI is sentient & made a conscious choice to destroy humanity.]]
Seeing what mankind had done to the Earth, combined with Urube's attempt to use his powers for evil convinced him that humanity was rotten & it would be better to wipe them out & [[Anime/SDGundamForce replace them with cute little Samurai-themed SD Gundams]].
* Humans exist in SD Gundam Force, so jossed!
** Not in Ark, which is what the OP was talking about.

[[WMG: Allenby is the next King of Hearts.]]
Allenby has two very good incentives to ask Domon, the current King of Hearts, for training. Domon has already learned the secret to suppressing his anger in battle, which would allow Allenby to resist the Berserker system if it's ever forced on her again. Training would also give her an honest reason to be near Domon, since she's obviously still infatuated with him even if she refuses to act on it. Domon would likely agree to train her, as she's already demonstrated the ability to use the Shuffle's unique ''ki'' for both offense (the God Finger attack) and defense (her quick and complete recovery from DG Cell infection). As Domon's first and/or only pupil, Allenby would naturally be next in line for the title of King of Hearts.
* Problem there. Shuffle Alliance members are destined to achieve the title, with the current holder recognising their successor via the mystical powers. There's also the fact that there tends to be a wide generational gap, since the SA are supposed to be an eternal secret group to defender humanity. Allenby is only 3-4 years younger than Domon, FAR too young to provide the needed gap. Plus she didn't really use any kind of 'Shuffle's unique ki'. She was just able to partner with Domon due to super robot logic.
** I dunno, "unique ki" sounds like a type of super robot logic to me. The only people to share each other's moves were Shuffle Members (Gaia Crusher during the free-for-all, and I'm pretty sure one other occasion). Plus, there's still the fact that she recovered from DG cell infection in under a day, which took the intervention of a Shuffle member's power the last time it happened.
*** Could be she's the Alliance's SixthRanger, and got her powers offscreen from a character they never got to introduce. Red Joker, anyone?
*** Or maybe [[SuperSentai Big One]]?
*** How about [[Series/KamenRiderDouble Green Cyclone]]?
*** Technically, Schwarz was the SixthRanger, occasionally referred to in supplemental materials as the "Wild Card"
*** Despite the fact that one of the Shuffle Alliance positions is "Black Joker", and the entire point of a Joker is that it ''is'' a wild card.
*** Maybe Allenby is that card with the rules for Poker on it.
** While she cannot become the next King of Hearts, it is well possible Domon could train her in the techniques of the Undefeated of the East. The fact that she managed to copy his God Finger instantly would indicate she's up to the task.
*** If anything, her being able to copy his God Finger technique seems to indicate (to me, anyways) that the next King of Hearts wouldn't be Allenby, but rather, Allenby's child, assuming such an ability was passed down.

[[WMG: Everything was part of a plot to destroy The Statue of Liberty Cannon]]
DG cells, Master Asia, Devil Gundam, Kyoji Kasshu, Ulube Ishikawa, Wong Yunfat, and even the Death Army were pawns in an elaborate (and successful) scheme by Neo Japan to destroy Neo America’s most powerful weapon - The Statue of Liberty Cannon.
* What role did Douglas Macarthur, who was operating the Statue of Liberty Cannon, have in this consperacy?

[[WMG: Master Gundam can be piloted backwards]]
In one episode Master Asia crossed his arms and Master Gundam's arms were doing the mirror opposite.
* Allows Master Asia to pull an absolutely ''epic'' IAmNotLefthanded!

[[WMG: Simon from ''Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann'' is Domon's son!]]

Or, at the very least, his clone:

Don't believe me? Check this out:

* [[http://animanachronism.files.wordpress.com/2008/05/kasshu-family.jpg He certainly wouldn't be the first.]]

[[WMG: Domon is descended from [[Anime/GunBuster Noriko Takaya]].]]

Just listen to those insanely HotBlooded [[CallingYourAttacks Attack Calls]]!!

[[WMG:The Devil Gundam is a reaper or based on reaper tech]]

Think about it, it desires the extinction of humanity, has the ability to revive dead organics as zombies (AKA husks!!) and appears to be able to warp the views of others towards its own (AKA indoctrination!!)

[[WMG:DG cells were always called that.]]
Even when The devil gundam was still the Ultimate Gundam. DG is short for dynamic generation.

[[WMG:The reason for the super human power of the pilots.]]
They're all Newtypes. the future century has seen newtypes become the default form of humanity those who trained in some
form of martial art or combat training can use their powers at a differnt level than normal. This theory leads to...

[[WMG:DG cells are related to psycoframe.]]
DG Cell are some manner of psycommu enhanced nanobots. One of the properties of psycoframe is that it develops new powers over time. As we've seen in Gundam unicorn with enough psychic power you can kick laws of reality to the curb. (like how the unicorn's shields are capable of mobility despite lacking thrusters.) Devil uses so much psycoframe that it can just defy the conservation of mass and energy.

[[WMG: ''G Gundam'' is a sequel to ''Anime/GiantRobo'']]
Note how in George's debut episode, the Eiffel Tower is bent over the exact same way as it was after Paris was blown up in the first episode of ''Giant Robo'', not to mention that martial arts apparently works the same way in both shows. Evidently, humanity decided it was easier to move into space than fix all the damage cause by the Vogler Sphere.

[[WMG: It is actually a sequel to ''Anime/FistOfTheNorthStar'']]
The Eiffel Tower is also bent over in one of the openings to that and it also features a similar depiction of martial arts. The atomic war in ''Fist Of The North Star'''s backstory was the last of the "Chaos Wars" that necessitated the creation of the space colonies.
* Also, they're both part of the ''[[VideoGame/DynastyWarriorsGundam Warriors]] [[VideoGame/FistOfTheNorthStarKensRage Series]]''. Would make an interesting plot point in the next ''VideoGame/WarriorsOrochi''.

[[WMG: The 14th Gundam Fight will be replaced with the Gundam War]]
They Devil Gundam is gone! Yay! That ragtag bunch of heroes go to Earth and protect it with their Gundams. However those wacky colony governments still want a Gundam fight for control. So now instead they each send a fighter to go to Earth to deal with those meddling martial artists and their horse. Gundam War, Ready, All Set, Go!