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Minesweeper contains subliminal Satanic messages
If you don't believe it, start the game, wait for 16 minutes 39 seconds, then turn your monitor upside down, and look at the bottom-right of the game window. See?
  • Minesweeper measures time in seconds only, no minutes — 059 is followed by 060. It has exactly three digits in its "time elapsed" window, and the time does not roll over after it maxes out. So, if you take too long to clear the board, even if you don't explode any mines, then something evil is gonna happen.
  • Are you sure it's not 15 minutes 19 seconds? There's been a lot of debate over that translation.

The Yellow Face is a guy with jaundice
He knows he's going to die, so he decides to go out with a bang and spends the last of his days clearing minefields.