WMG / MindJack

  • Despite mind-hacking and mind-slaving several enemies for several hours, when Weiss talks about mind-hacking in a cutscene Jim acts like this was the first time he ever heard of it.
    • Perhaps this is to indicate that the "wanderer" possessing people to help him (specifically, the player) is a separate entity from Jim, but surely he would have noticed that some of those guys shooting at him suddenly changed sides during the battle. This aspect is not well-illustrated.
    • The player is the Wanderer! Usually, he just controls Jim. During cutscenes, he briefly lets Jim back in control (which is why they are cutscenes!), and of course, Jim himself doesn't know anything about the whole mind-hacking thing. He must be very confused.
We, the players, are so used to controlling a character mechanically in a video game that it never occurrs to us how weird it all is...