[[WMG: Either Starstorm or Warlic will start the Reset]]
* Starstorm had the power to at one point, Warlic could if he wanted to.

[[WMG: Cysero and Sys-Zero are one and the same]]
Shown in the ''VideoGame/DragonFable'' quest ''Cysero-Redux'', Sys-Zero is just the past incarnation of Cysero.

[[WMG: Korin loves ketchup because it reminded him of...]]
* Blood as in the slaughter of Shadowscythe

[[WMG: Jemini ''will'' become Nythera...]]

[[WMG: Xaria ''might'' become [[VideoGame/DragonFable Aria]]?]]

[[WMG: The Reset is similar to TheDarkAges]]

[[WMG: The Shadowscythe have been using advanced technology to augment giant creatures and turn them into living weapons.]]