[[WMG: PJ develops a huge crush on Owen.]]
Owen keeps creepin' on PJ just 'cause he's bored, and think's it's fun. Eventually, PJ'll get used to it, and then start to grow fond of Owen. Owen being Owen will pick up on this quickly and will slyly taunt PJ by dropping a ton of hints, while still playing oblivious. After a while, PJ will confess his love and Owen will probably continue playing with his heart, and then he will rub PJ's affection in Davey's face.

[[WMG: Someone from when Chainey was alive will recognize him.]]
So, unlike Davey, Chainey wasn't buried. Instead he was just dumped in a dump. This, along with his first exchange with Owen, implies that he was probably murdered. Chainey is probably on some missing person's list, possibly even on the back of a milk carton or whatever. His unique hair and unusual tallness are hard to miss, so while he's patrolling the city with Davey someone will recognize his freakish height and oddly colored hair, and will approach him, thinking he's still alive. They'll probably tell him that they've been worried sick, but of course Chainey won't even know who they are.