[[WMG: The MOTHER-related thing Shigesato Itoi has been teasing is...]]
Taking all bets; [[WordOfGod he has said that]] [[{{Jossed}} it is not Mother 4]].

[[WMG: If there ever was to be a fourth game, the protagonist would be a girl]]
Maybe the Chosen Four of the prophecy wasn't about Ness, Jeff, Poo, and Paula, but instead, was of Ninten, Ness, Lucas, and the next character.
* Ninten Ness Lucas... and female players? The series has had direct interaction before.
** [[VideoGame/MOTHER4 Jossed.]] The new (fan-made) protagonist is a boy named Travis.
** Not Jossed. ''VideoGame/{{Mother 4}}'' is a fangame. We're talking official here.

[[WMG: Porky was using Time Travel all throughout Earthbound.]]

He only seems to get access to time travel at the end of the game, but once he ''has'' time travel, he can do whatever he wants with it and can return to any point in the timeline that he wants. Porky spends the entire game being selfish, cowardly, and weak, but he somehow manages to learn the necessary skills to manage a major company, fly a helicopter, manipulate dark magic, build and maintain extremely advanced technology, and a whole host of other stuff that even adults can't do successfully, while Ness, in the exact same span of time, really only trains up the two skills he started with: using PSI powers, and swinging a bat really hard. Porky basically spends the whole game SaveScumming behind the scenes, bailing himself out over and over until he can successfully get away with his plans, which inevitably means scaling up the next phase of his plan because at the end of Ness's journey is Giygas; the only way for Porky to stay at the center of Ness's world is to hijack the final boss's position and take it for himself. Once Ness defeats Giygas and the journey is over, there is no next step for Porky. It's over, but he's not ready to finish playing... and that's how Mother 3 happens.