[[WMG: The 3DS remake of the first game will make at least one of the following changes]]
Given how Grezzo's previous remakes have taken a number of liberties, like the Twinmold battle in ''Majora's Mask 3D'', they are as follows:
* The PAL Hidden Mansion will be available in the JP and NA releases.
* Melody Pianissima's piano quiz will have more tunes/questions than just the same two.
* The unexplained "Bowser paradox" will be cleared up by making it look like an ''actual mecha'' this time, complete with a different battle.

[[WMG: The Poltergust 3000 is a living entity]]
And an EldritchAbomination in AFormYouAreComfortableWith. When a non-portrait ghost is sucked up, the Poltergust is [[YourSoulIsMine swallowing their soul for food]]. When ghosts [[MookHorrorShow panic and scramble away from the Poltergust]], they're just trying to escape being [[DeaderThanDead metaphysically digested]] by what is essentially the [[FoodChainOfEvil natural predator of ghosts]].
* It also takes the form of a vacuum because it needs a host to move it around and hunt prey for it, in exchange for protection from the ghosts, giving it characteristics of TheSymbiote.

[[WMG: [[VideoGame/EternalDarkness Roivas Mansion]] will be a bonus level in the 2nd game]]
It would be interesting.

[[WMG: The twins are the cause of the mansion's current state.]]
Odd and reclusive from the game's very description, the two kids were probably that way for their dealings. They may have found a book of black magic in the library and locked themselves in their room trying to figure out a spell. When they did, things [[GoneHorriblyRight went horribly right]], resulting in some force overtaking the mansion and killing the inhabitants, thus completing the ritual and releasing King Boo. This is the LEAST nightmare inducing possibility under this premise, as it could also be the twins becoming possessed and killing everyone personally before committing suicide.

[[WMG: At the end of every mansion but for the last in the second game, Luigi will rescue a Toad]]
Each time, they will exclaim,
--> Thank you Luigi! But your brother is in another mansion!
* The second part is Jossed.

[[WMG: Luigi's Mansion actually occurs at the end of the Mario timeline]]

I'm actually kinda surprised that nobody has guessed this yet. King Boo is actually the ghost of Bowser coming back from the dead to take revenge on Mario in the afterlife. The game states that Bowser had died, and King Boo himself said that trapping Mario in a painting is revenge for all the troubles; it also explains why he has a giant robot of Bowser for the final boss. Additionally, the 50 Boos you capture in the game are the spirits of his long dead Koopa army.
* Actually, King Boo ISN'T Bowser. When he talks about a grudge against the brothers, he could be referring to his various other defeats, such as in ''VideoGame/SuperMarioSunshine'', which had Bowser as the final boss. Partially Jossed.
** Luigi also uses the Poltergust 3000 for other occasions as well, such as ''Mario Power Tennis'' as his Defensive Power Shot, and ''VideoGame/MarioAndLuigiSuperstarSaga'', where he uses it to suck E. Gadd in two occasions. In both the games mentioned, Bowser was clearly alive. Completely Jossed.
** Also, the King Boo in ''Super Mario Sunshine'' isn't the same King Boo from this game.

[[WMG: Luigi's been DeadAllAlong]]

The shadow "glitch" just seems too logical, and it would further explain this situation he's in.
* {{Jossed}}, it seems like he's alive for the sequel.

[[WMG: Bowser has really been King Boo in all the later games.]]
Bowser had a HeelFaceTurn and lets KB play him.

[[WMG: Luigi's original mansion will be the final level of the sequel.]]
* If nothing else, it would be a great ShoutOut, plus all the new ghost types along with the old ones? Yes please.
** Jossed.

[[WMG: The mansion in the sequel will be [[VideoGame/WarioWare Ashley's.]]]]
It'd be great to team up with her to get rid of the ghosts.
* Personally, I think that it would be cooler if Ashley is the boss and you have to fight her.
* Maybe one of them, since the sequel will have multiple mansions.
* Jossed.

[[WMG: Luigi singing the game's theme music is a form of SurvivalMantra.]]
It makes sense, since he's visibly terrified throughout the course of the game. Why else would he be singing?

[[WMG: Chauncey died while still in the womb.]]
Chauncey's bio says he was born a ghost. However, this is impossible. This may be a clever way of saying he died before he could be born, perhaps intended to not freak kids out so much.
* It's plausible that Lydia died while still pregnant with Chauncey.
** Wow, this actually makes sense... Nice FridgeBrilliance.
** Check the relative ages of Chauncey vs his parents. Unless they were ageless when alive, then they must have died long before he was born.
*** Lydia is 34 while Neville is 42 so I can't quite figure where you got that idea from. Also, they were stuck in paintings for some undetermined length of time. Lydia may have been pregnant inside hers for decades.
*** [[FridgeHorror Egad indeed.]]

[[WMG: Neville was a relative of [[WesternAnimation/TheWildThornberrys Nigel Thornberry]].]]
Notice the resemblance?

[[WMG: The Ghost Portrificationizer was used to create the "painting" of Mario.]]
How would he become a painting in the first place?

[[WMG: The Mansion is a hundred percent real and the former resident human ghosts are on some kind of agreement with them.]]
Take warning, this is a long one.

Basically, the mansion is real. Professor Gadd only saw it appear out of nowhere because the Boos brought it back from a pocket dimension they put it in. They are known to do this to parts of the house throughout the game. Due to the fact that there is electric light hooked up to the house, there is no way the Boos could have made it from scratch. They hate light, it makes them extremely vulnerable to the Vacuum, which, according to King Boo, they are very aware of. They also go out of their way to keep the lights off. That's where the ghosts that were human came in.

They made a DealWithTheDevil (or King Boo, but whatever) in which they were freed from their portraits[[note]]on that note, Gadd's a pretty shady character, isn't he -- how do we know he was telling the truth about the mansion popping up out of nowhere[[/note]] and they would get their mansion back, sharing it with the Boos, of course, in return for keeping the lights of the house off, and stopping (or at least hindering) any of Mario's allies, such as Luigi.

Also, who are these ghosts, really? If this mansion has existed before the Boos caused their mischief with it, we can surmise that the original owners were most likely Nevillie and Lydia. They had their twins while alive, and while Lydia was pregnant with Chauncey, they all got some kind of disease, measles, smallpox, whatever, and died. As for the rest of the people, well, in whatever order, famous, rich people bought the house (musicians, athletes, models) and also died. Sue Pea is a strange case, but it's possible that she's a friend of the twins who stayed the night at one point... and died. When scanning her, she says something about promising not to wet the bed, so, perhaps Neville or Lydia or whoever was really letting her stay [[DisproportionateRetribution murdered her for wetting the bed...]] Anyway, I'm still not sure where Bogmire fits in here.
* Bogmire was stated to be a product of the mansion's fear and despair. Perhaps the mansion was cursed, and Bogmire was the reason for whatever killed everyone. To be perfectly truthful, I've always thought Bogmire had something to do with the mansion, but was never quite sure what. Thanks to your theory, I now have some form of answer! Thanks!

[[WMG: In Dark Moon, King Boo will be planning to actually KILL Mario and Luigi.]]
Simply capturing them didn't work out, and King Boo is quite a bit more evil than Bowser...
* Jossed. [[spoiler:He traps Mario in a painting again, but this time, [[AndIMustScream he wants to trap Luigi and all of his and Mario's friends in paintings too and hang them in his throne room for when he takes over the world!]]]]
** [[NightmareFuel That's]] [[NothingIsScarier actually]] [[FateWorseThanDeath scarier]].

[[WMG: First time Gadd and Luigi encountered each other in the mansion, they had the vaguest feeling they'd [[VideoGame/MarioAndLuigiPartnersInTime met somewhere before]].]]
But they simply brushed it off as probably meaning nothing.

[[WMG: King Boo wasn't using a Bowser-made suit. King Boo ''is'' the ghost of Bowser.]]
For starters, he's the "king" of the Boos. He's also mad at Mario and Luigi for causing him so much grief when this has been the first appearance of the character...unless he was Bowser, a villain who would have perfectly good reason for having such a grudge against the Bros. Plus, Bowser has been known to dabble in the dark arts so this also wouldn't be anything new for him.
** Mega Jossed. They've been shown to be separate characters for years.

[[WMG: On a more innocent note, King Boo's Bowser suit would later be used as (or become the basis for) Mario's [[VideoGame/SuperMarioMaker Bowser Mystery Suit]].]]
Perhaps E. Gadd studied the Bowser disguise to help him develop the entire Mystery Suit concept in general.

[[WMG: Bogmire's actually an innocent character.]]
His bio states that he's "A product of the mansion's fear and despair, he's not sure who to fear or what to despair these days". Paired with no heart to read and no age, it's possible that he's a scared and confused soul that was recently manifested and has no idea what's going on, and fought Luigi out of complete fear-based defense and confusion.

[[WMG: Hypothetically speaking, the portrait ghosts could be released into [[VideoGame/LuigisMansionDarkMoon Evershade Valley]] and be pacified by the Dark Moon, same as the region's native ghosts.]]
But nobody who has access to their portraits care to test that hypothesis.

[[WMG: King Boo's appearance in these games is the result of the jewel on his crown.]]
According to himself in Dark Moon, the jewel on his crown enhances his power, and indeed, he's much more powerful in these games than he is in other games. The appearance we see him with in these games (red eyes, blue/purple tongue, shadows around his eyes) is his "powered-up" state. The appearance we see in other games (Boo with a crown) is his normal appearance.

[[WMG: The hidden Mansion in the remake will be the Pal Version across all regions.]]
Honestly, it just makes more sense this way. The Pal Version of the hidden mansion worked much better as a change to the overall game with the reverse rooms, less hearts, and different boss strategies. Plus, it could act as a slight selling point for the U.S. and Japanese versions that there's a new hard mode.