[[WMG: [[PoisonOakEpilepticTrees Gustave was listening to his mother and the Phantom singing "Beneath The Moonless Sky"]].]]
And when he grows up, he will become one of Siegmund Freud's patients. The timeline seems fitting, too.

[[WMG: The musical was written to show what [[MisAimedFandom Phangirls]] are missing]]
The musical was actually designed to show ''why'' the Phantom and Christine can't be together and why it would be disastrous, and that the only way they would be together is if everyone was derailed and way out of character.

[[WMG: Love Never Dies was [[AddedAlliterativeAppeal backed by Bloom and Byalstock]] from Film/TheProducers.]]
Remember what their get-rich-quick scheme was? Oversell shares in a Broadway show by a wide margin, then delibrately produce a horrific flop, thus leaving them free to leave the country with the remainder of the massive initial investment without having to pay taxes. Hmmmm...

[[WMG: This was written to spite phangirls and Sarah Brightman]]
Andrew Lloyd Webber was bitter about his divorce and was tired of all the fan mail and complaints on why Erik and Christine can't be together that he found a novel where Christine died and turned it into the musical for his own satisfaction.

[[WMG: This is all happening in the phantom's head]]
You know how everyone seems to think that Christine dumped the phantom because he was deformed and not because he was crazy? Well, in the first musical, the only character who actually seems to think that is, wait for it... the phantom. Also, he's rich, successful, everyone loves him, except for Raoul who is inexplicacly terrible because he hates Raoul. The reason Christine dies is because he's more aware of her not being real than the others, so his mind writes her out