[[WMG: Laura is the hippie elf chick from The One Ring To Rule Them All 3]]
The Elf Chick had said to have broken up with Legolas, which fits to what happened in the end when Legolas started to be Laura's boyfriend, she is shorter than him, we are not told her age in the flash movie and we are not told her race in the fanfiction.

[[WMG: Laura was murdered by [[MyImmortal Tara Gilesbie]].]]
As Laura was typing it, Tara appeared behind her, wielding a "goffik blak" claymore with red lace. She shouts [[strike: THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE BAD FANNFIC WRITER!]] "TEHRE CAN ONLY BE OEN BAD FANFCI WRITER!!1!1!" and then decapitates her, which is why it ends in mid-sentence.
* Then who uploaded the fanfic?
** Duh. Isn't it obvious? When Tara decapitated Laura, Laura's head fell on to the mouse or keyboard and caused the fanfic to be submitted.
** Alternatively it's the same person who presses submit after somebody says JustForFun/CandleJack and is taken a[[spoiler: sandwich.]]
* I support this theory.

[[WMG: Laura wrote this during a Heart Attack.]]
Laura realized she would be dead in a few minutes and she wanted to write a [=LotR=] fanfic before she died, so she wrote what she could. The end result was a severely condensed version of the story she would have written if she had more time. Apparently her last act was pressing the upload button. This author-sponsored mindrape has no other justification. Ow my head.
* That is a ''very'' depressing thought. I think I prefer "she was really stupid".
** [[TearJerker And imagine her spirit watching, very sad, but happy. "At least I brought people laughter with my fanfic...and at least, I was remembered."]]

[[WMG: The fic is BasedOnADream.]]
Much like ''Fanfic/MyInnerLife'', the fic chronicles the author's adventures in fangirl wish fulfillment land. The ending was so abrupt because that's where she woke up and she couldn't come up with an ending of her own.

[[WMG: Laura was kidnapped by [[Franchise/TheSlenderManMythos Slender Man]] at the end.]]
This would go with the theory that Slender Man goes after Mary-Sue authors, and explain why it ends mid-sentence. Maybe she was being stalked by Slender Man and was too nervous to fix all the spelling and grammar errors.

[[WMG: This wasn't the actual fanfic...]]
...Rather, this was an extremely brief outline of what would have happened. Laura actually has ADHD or ADD and did this because she wanted to be able to write the actual fic at a later date. It would have been a thought-provoking story about Legolas adopting a human girl who he ends up feeling romantic feelings for, bringing up questions about what it means to be family and, even if it was consensual, if it's right for them to be together. However, she forgot about it for a long-ass time and, when she stumbled on this, figured it'd be funny if she shared it with everybody. The rest is history.

[[WMG: Laura is Tauriel.]]
Or…Tauriel is Laura. It's all the same.

[[WMG: Laura is a counterpart of [[Wiki/SCPFoundation SCP-231]].]]
Procedure 110-Montauk is the closest they can get to getting rid of the power which can distoy us all the good guys without having accessible orcs and posion; note that after Laura's torture by orcs she never uses her mysterious power, and Legolas had the same thing happen and doesn't seem to have any powers.

[[WMG: The Dark Lord isn't actually Sauron]]
He's just some small-time warlord who set up shop in Mordor after Sauron was defeated. As for Frodo talking about "getting rid of the ring?" Turns out, he was talking about a ''different'' ring.

[[WMG: Laura (the author) is actually 10-11 years old]]
It would explain why her MarySue is a ten year old, and she really does write like a fourth grader. Not to mention her love for horses.

[[WMG: The person who wrote this story is actually Creator/PeterJackson.]]
It was either his first draft of Film/TheHobbit movies or he wrote it because he was bored. Sooner or later, he’ll turn it into a movie series. Mwahaha.