[[WMG: The surviving members of Organization XIII got what they wanted.]]
In 358/2 Days, nine of the bosses you fight are giant Emblem Heartless. Of those nine, one was created by Pete to destroy Roxas, but the other eight are of unexplained origin. That's right...eight. As in, the same number of Organization members who made it to Kingdom Hearts II. Now stay with me here: It's mentioned on the Fridge page that when a Heartless is destroyed and then it's Nobody are destroyed, in that order, the original complete being is reborn. So what if those eight heartless Roxas was sent to kill by the Organization were the heartless of the eight surviving members? Then when those members were killed, the original beings would have been reborn, with their hearts intact. In other words, Roxas and Sora collectively gave the Organization what they wanted.
* Eh...never mind. I just realized this theory doesn't work.
** Why not?
*** At a guess, I'd say because Emblem Heartless are artificially created, while any living person's Heartless would be a Pureblood.
*** Well that too, but my reason was because I'd incorrectly counted the number of Organization members (Roxas excluded, since he isn't one of them when the game starts) who made it to the second game: Axel, Xemnas, Luxord, Xaldin, Demyx, Xigbar, Saix. That's only seven Organization members in [=KH2=] and eight Emblems killed by Roxas in Days. (Again, not counting the one Pete sent to kill him.) In order for this theory to hold true, we would have to accept that the Organization just sent Roxas after an extra Heartless for no particular reason.

[[WMG: Organization XIII's heartlesses were all destroyed during the events of the first Kingdom Hearts game, 358/2 days, and this game.]]
As we've learned from 3D, the person who turned into a heartless and a nobody eventually reforms after both are destroyed. Since we learn that Vexen, Lexaeus, and Zexion, who were all destroyed during the events of Chain of Memories (and 358/2 days) yet reformed at the same time as Axel and everybody else, their Nobodies must have been destroyed ''first''.
* Xemnas: "Ansem", duh.
* Xigbar: Possibly the Infernal Engine?
* Xaldin: Probably a Stalwart Blade type heartless, if not the Antlion or maybe even Kurt Zisa.
* Vexen: Probably the Blizzard Lord.
* Lexaeus: The Groundshaker.
* Zexion: Possibly one of the Stealth Sneaks destroyed near the end of 358/2 days. Or maybe the Illuminator.
* Saïx: The Ruler of the Sky, maybe? Possibly Kurt Zisa.
* Axel: I feel hesitant to say the Volcanic lord. Alternatively, one of the Behemoths.
** How about Trickmaster?
* Demyx: Parasite Cage or maybe the Chill Ripper? Alternatively he could have been one of the mushrooms.
* Luxord: The Phantom. No brainer here - it has powers of time (Just like Luxord) ''and'' its weak spot is randomized.
* Marluxia: Possibly the Leechgrave (if he revived earlier) or maybe the Grim Reaper.
* Larxene: The Storm Rider.

As mentioned, Roxas/Sora is a special case.

[[WMG: Atlantica's appearance in this game isn't canon.]]
Unless Square Enix decides to include Atlantica in VideoGame/KingdomHeartsIII for some reason and it explicitly references its appearance in this game, it's pretty easy to declare FanonDiscontinuity due not only to the fact that it's completely optional from a gameplay standpoint (completing it is only necessary for getting all of the [[InfinityPlusOneSword Ultima Weapon's]] rare synthesis items and unlocking the [[SequelHook secret ending]]) but all of its [[SeriesContinuityError extremely noticeable continuity errors]] that blatantly contradict with its appearance in [[VideoGame/KingdomHearts1 the first game]] (Ursula being BackFromTheDead with '''no explaination whatsoever''' being the most notorious offender). It's actually quite possible that Square Enix doesn't consider it canon either because everything about Atlantica's appearance in this game seems to suggest that they only put it in because they could...
* Possibly confirmed considering that Ariel has been confirmed to be a summon in [=KHIII=], and in that game, she's still a mermaid despite appearing to have been turned into a human in the end credits of [=KHII=]. Only time will tell if any InUniverse explanations are given for this.

[[WMG: Sora's adventure is shattering his mind.]]
People complain that KH2 Sora doesn't feel like the regular Sora at all and is just a stereotype of a 90s teenager. This was an intentional ploy by the writers to show how Sora's journey has left him so shattered that he's forced to develop alternate personalities to handle the various turmoils in his life. That's why he can go from "Let's star in a musical~" to "RAWR KILL THE ORGANIZATION" at the drop of a hat.

Proof that Sora would have some trauma:

1. His world was destroyed in front of his eyes.

2. Forced to kill monsters from "the black lagoon" without any experienced adults helping him (consistently). Seriously, why'd Leon and Co. let those three go alone? They had no way of knowing whether they'd get help from others on different worlds.

3. Being forced to kill humans/humanoid people. (Shan-Yu, Organization XIII, Ansem, etc.)

4. Suicide by Keyblade.

5. Literally being mind-***ed by Namine.

6. Having more people come out of him than Octomom. (Roxas, Xion, Namine, etc.)

7. Having to (possibly) assimilate some of Ven's traits as a child might've led to a suppression of his own personality. (This one is more speculation than the others.)

[[WMG: The Scar that climbed up the mountain after being killed was his Nobody]]
This would be why he kept his appearance and gained elemental power (darkness, apparently).
Pete said heartless because he is an idiot.

[[WMG: Why Sora's Reactions to Kairi and Riku Are Different]]
* [[RelationshipWritingFumble Yes, I'm talking about THAT scene.]]You see, Sora, having a fairly large crush on Kairi, always imagined the two of them together, but when he's actually with Kairi, he CanNotSpitItOut. Boys, how many times have you approached the gal of your dreams only to act like a total idiot and either fumble with words, or act completely uninterested? So he does the only thing he can think of without looking stupid; just hug her back.
* Meanwhile with Riku, Sora's letting out all of the worry he's had over Riku being consumed by the Darkness. Wouldn't '''''you''''' be worried if your best friend was turning evil? or had a pretty good chance of being lost to the Darkness forever? Sora's just relieved to see he's okay, and also a little pissed that Riku didn't tell him he was in the first place. He isn't gay, just extremely worried for his friends, which fits with his personality perfectly.
** It is also worth mentioning that despite being separated, Kairi expent that year safe at their homeworld. Riku, in the other hand, was thought to be lost forever, and while Sora knew Riku was back for a while thanks to Mickey, finally meeting with Riku cracked him, because he finally made sure his best friend was alive.

[[WMG: [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVI Setzer]] was deliberately made to be OutOfCharacter.]]
Similar to how there are other blips in reality during Roxas' days in the prologue, Setzer acting drastically different than his usual self (such as stooping to bribery) is a sign of the unreality that Roxas is inhabiting.
* That and this troper also believed that DiZ never met the real Setzer and made him different than what he actually is, hence why Setzer wasn't like himself at the time.

[[WMG: Roxas's fight with Twilight Thorn was more than a tutorial boss]]
* Okay, so VideoGame/KingdomHeartsDreamDropDistance reveals [[spoiler: Nobodies can grow hearts.]] By defeating Twilight Thorn, Roxas was [[spoiler: completing the heart growing inside of him by destroying his last connection to being a Nobody.]]

[[WMG: Demyx is perfectly fine after the second fight against him]]
* If one looks at his dissappearance and the dissapearance of all the other nobodies (Go on, watch those scenes on youtube, I can wait) it is markedly different than the dissapearances of the other nobodies destroyed. Whereas all the others vanish into darkness, Demyx instead dissappears in a fountain of water. His element is water, so logically,he could have used the fountain to cover his escape. this means that they can bring demyx back without having to some up with a name for his somebody, or a location to meet him in.

[[WMG: When Sora and Riku beat Xemnas, Riku accidentally performed a Keyblade Inheritance Ceremony]]

We know that you have to be strong enough to pass on a keyblade, you don't neccessarily have to be a master (Terra and Riku) and it doesn't have to be intentional (Aqua and Kairi). That way, when Ven leaves Sora, Sora will still have a keyblade. Other evidence is the glow that it emitted when Riku touches the keyblade Sora is holding. The keyblade that should have been Riku's.

[[WMG: In the ProlongedPrologue, the goal of Roxas & friends to reach the beach, is right out of Film/DarkCity.]]
Just as John Murdock remembers a Happy place , Shell Beach, Roxas does as well but the location can not be reached in both cases. Both eventually discover their immense powers but by different means.

[[WMG: Roxas was originally going to be the main protagonist of the game.]]
The plot would have dealt with him slowly learning over the course of the game that [[LateArrivalSpoiler he was Sora's Nobody]], all while also finding about his role in the organization, and eventually attempting to take them down. This is why the ProlongedPrologue takes so long. A lot of hold overs from that were worked into the opening that made it into the game. Why Roxas was eventually replaced with Sora could be for a variety of reasons. They couldn't figure out how to get Donald and Goofy to travel with him, especially after the events of ''Chain of Memories'', and naturally a lot more people would have likely preferred to have played as Sora, even if he wasn't advertised as being playable in the game.