[[WMG: [[GameBreaker Ultimate Form]] was meant to be [[JokeCharacter Growing Form]]'s Rising state.]]
Unfortunately, the writers of [[Series/KamenRiderDecade Decade]] had missed the point when they created [[SerialEscalation Rising Ultimate Form]].
* Even with Rising Ultimate Form, this theory is still a possibility. Bare in mind that Amazing Mighty Form is basically a result of Godai using the golden power a second time on top of Rising Mighty form, and could therefor technically be considered Rising Rising Mighty Form, if that makes sense. So if Ultimate is basically Rising Growing Form, then Rising Ultimate could be considered Amazing Growing Form. I'm not quite sure how coherent of an explanation that was.
** I think I understand what you mean, and would chart it as such: Growing->Ultimate->Rising Ultimate, which is comparable to Mighty->Rising Mighty->Amazing Mighty, yes?
*** imagine an Amazing Ultimate!
*** Surprisingly enough, the writers of the S.I.C Hero Saga are actually the ones who forgot about this, since instead of Amazing Ultimate, Kuuga has Super Rising Ultimate.