[[WMG: Stalin was the [[{{Irony}} reincarnation]] of the Old Testament God]]

[[WMG: Joseph Stalin was a StrawNihilist and OmnicidalManiac]]
One of Stalin's most famous quote is "Death solves all problems - no man, no problem" which would suggest that he was an OmnicidalManiac, all he really wanted to do was to kill as many people as possible and wipe out the human race in an attempt to start World War 3, which would lead to the death of even more people, which would explain his "AMillionIsAStatistic" philosophy and why he allowed the systematic genocide of 50 Million people under his rule.
* The extreme [[Literature/NineteenEightyFour Orwellian]] oppressiveness of the Soviet Union is in fact just Stalin's experiment on how people will rather survive in such a CrapsackWorld than say "I can't take it anymore!" and commit suicide. After all, former parts of the Soviet Union have the highest suicide rates, he did encourage his son to kill himself (going to the point of criticizing him for ''being unable to shoot straight'') and atheistic countries, without the heaven and hell schtick, can never stop them......
* According to [[http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Joseph_Stalin#Misattributed Wikiquote]] he said that "true conformity is possible only in the cemetery." And considering how Stalin wanted his populace to "truly conform".......
* And like any classical StrawNihilist, Stalin [[FreudianExcuse had a crappy childhood.]] When it turned out that Lenin didn't better the lower class, Stalin decided this meant that SillyRabbitIdealismIsForKids and no leadership could fix this CrapsackWorld. Thus he decided to exterminate his people and end the ViciousCycle

[[WMG: Stalin was good, and all you know about him is malicious slander]]
It was made up by the global capitalist plutocracy because the USSR was actively fighting them. Demonizing your enemies, you know. Everyone in the Gulags was legitimately guilty. The Trotskyite conspiracy really existed. The Bukharinist conspiracy, the military coup plan, the Doctor's Plot - all totally real. The kulaks actually were sabotaging collectivisation, and foreign spies actually were infiltrating the Soviet Union.
%%%% C'mon, folks, that's WildMassGuessing. You take it too seriously, and the Stalinist guy is, most likely, a troll. Stop flaming already. %%%%

[[WMG: Stalin was reincarnated from Ivan the Terrible.]]
* Funnily enough, Stalin always held that particular tzar in high esteem.
** The most definitive biography (to date) ''is'' called ''Stalin: Court of the Red Tsar'', making this WMG almost mainstream.

[[WMG: Stalin was one of the aliases of the Emperor of Mankind]]
* He alternated between Hitler and him for some unfathomable end.
** Nah, only Stalin was the Emperor. Hitler was to inefficient (and unsuccessful, to boot)in his cruelty to be him.

[[WMG:Stalin was a Georgian patriot.]]
* He decided to prove it by becoming the greatest slayer of Russians ever.

[[WMG: Stalin is a big fan of [[GirlOnGirlIsHot lesbian porn]].]]
* He reinstated old [[TsaristRussia Imperial]] sodomy laws, but excluded female homosexuality from it.