[[WMG:This show is a StartOfDarkness for Akuto.]]

I've had trouble trying to figure out the plot so far, but it finally dawned on me. Everything has been slowly driving Akuto to embrace his dark powers and his role as a demon lord. He keeps going further and further down the road.
* Yep. As of the end of Episode 9, he is [[SelfFulfillingProphecy fully]] on the path of his [[YouCantFightFate destiny]].
** But DarkIsNotEvil. The "demons" in Manga/{{Inuyasha}} were just fantastic creatures who could either be good or evil like humans. Perhaps Akuto faces a similar ChaoticNeutral fate.

[[WMG:The show takes place in an AlternateUniverse where Japan has been colonized by a Western nation and magic is a staple of society like alchemy in Manga/FullmetalAlchemist.]]

It might explain why their culture seems to be a mixture of Japan and the West (even more so than modern-day Japan). Given the slight Byzantine motifs, it could have been Russia (taking advantage of Japan's weakness during the [[JidaiGeki Warring States]] period as part of its eastward expansion). But instead of the racist genocide as seen in ''CodeGeass'', it was more of a puppet-state arrangement like Britain's [[TheRaj domination of India]]. Feel free to elaborate.