[[WMG: Issei [[spoiler: will [[DeaderThanDead stay dead for real]] however, Ophis will replace him as the new Issei.]]]]
* Because that would be hilarious to {{Troll}} the fanbase.
** [[spoiler: [[HesBack Jossed]] [[AscendedToAHigherPlaneOfExistence big time.]]]]

[[WMG: The entire reason why Ddraig and Albion started a huge fight was to figure out if breasts or butts were better.]]
* Brought up by the fanbase thanks to Vali revealing his fetish for butts [[spoiler: and the soul of one of the White Dragon Emperor users who thinks butts are wonderful too. And this is ''his FamousLastWords to Issei before committing a HeroicSacrifice'']]

[[WMG: At some point in the near future, Issei will be on the ropes and about to die, when Rias will save him with her 'new' total obliteration move.]]
* Mentioning it and not using it is bad, and she really deserves a 'Save Issei' moment other than acting as a battery.
** [[spoiler: She apparently one-shotted Grendel. Who ''still is alive after having everything but half of his head blown away''.]]

[[WMG: Issei's final and most powerful attack will be like the [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam00 00-Raiser Sword]]]].
* He'll have both Great Red and Ophis' eye colors on him, fire off that Dragon Blast so huge that he can use to slash an opponent. I'm only thinking of this because Ishibumi is OneOfUs; a huge mecha and tokusatsu fan.
* Nope. It'll be in the [[WordOfGod author-discussed possible Shiva the Destroyer arc]]. He'll have ''all'' of the girls (not just Rias) fire boob lasers into his hands, [[CombinedEnergyAttack charging up two gigantic breast-shaped Spirit Bombs]]. The biggest charge will surprisingly come from Parvati because, according to Myth/HinduMythology, Shiva had blown off Ganesh's head when the latter, being Parvati's bodyguard, wouldn't let Shiva enter the bath with her (Shiva replaced it with an elephant's head). This could be extended into Shiva constantly bullying Ganesh, and Parvati will punish him by helping Issei. Shiva will be known to come back to life later because he's part of the Hindu trinity with Brahma the Creator and Vishnu the Preserver, but he'll be expected to learn his lesson in the meantime. One of the last scenes of the battle between full-power Cardinal Crimson Queen Issei vs. Shiva the Destroyer will be of Shiva standing with his arms spread to catch Issei's Spirit Boobs like [[VideoGame/AsurasWrath the famous Asura vs Wyzen scene from Asura's Wrath]], just before he gets squished between the boobs and blows up in a WorldWreckingWave of breast power. Remember how the author said in the afterword of one of the volumes that he had to control himself when writing the fight scenes or they would have ended up "like the battle in ''Manga/DragonBall''?"

[[WMG: Chichigami-sama (the Breast God) is represented by none other than Paio II, the trope pantheon's goddess of boobies.]]
* Considering Issei's love for boobies, it will not be surprising if he gets elected as her high priest.
** Speaking of which, why do we not have a pantheon for Issei yet?
*** Already done. Check the House of Combat for the God of Clothing Damage.

[[WMG: During the likely conflict against enemy vampires...]]
* Gasper will bite Issei's neck to suck his blood and gain a powerful power-up, thus bringing Ho Yay to a whole new "dangerous" level as a result. Kiba and even the girls might actually feel envious of Gasper. Also, expect Gasper to act as though he had his "first time" with Issei.
* Gasper will be suffering from the cruelty of the enemy or even ally vampires. Expect Issei to inspire him to fight on and remind him that he is the "Danball Vampire God" with insane yet awesome Danball Vampire action as a result.
* Should Issei or any of his allies bring some garlic, expect him to use gift on the said garlic to combat enemy vampires.
* All got jossed. [[spoiler: Gasper just decided to murder the man responsible for changing his best friend and that Rizevim drops by to personally wipe out the vampires.]]

[[WMG: The next time Issei obtains a power up from Rias' breasts, it will cause Ryuutimaru (Issei's familiar which is a living ship) to evolve. Why, it might have a nude Rias as the figurehead at the prow]]
* If the ship really does react to Issei's aura, this could be a likely result.

[[WMG: Ise's new Dragon body will be the key to the defeat of Rizevim.]]
* Two reasons for this
* 1: [[spoiler: Sacred Gears do not work on Rizevim]].
* 2: There is way way the creator would give Ise this whole new body makeup and not do anything with it.
* Confirmed as a key factor. [[spoiler: The real winner is the Hyoudou family (including Asia). The final transformation is still not quite powerful enough against Rizevim, but everytime Ise is beaten down, Asia would heal him and his parents would keep cheering for him, allowing him to keep going. Doubles as CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming.]]
* [[spoiler: Fafnir is the one who finishes off Rizevim, though.]]

[[WMG: Michael is '''far''' stronger than it seems, and a ''super-angel'']]

In the ''The Book of Revelation''', from were (in)famous Great Red originates, Archangel Michael actually defeats the Great Red, in what could be described a fairly CurbStompBattle. So this may be a clue Michael has powers rivaling, or at least aproaching that of even the strongest characters, like Shiva, Great Red or fully powered Ophis, but like Sirzechs, Michael keps his true power sealed and hidden.

!! Crossover WMG
[[WMG: Gasper is the fifth illigitimate son of [[Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure Dio Brando]] ]]

Well, think about it, the power to stop time dosen't just drop out of the sky every day unless there was something special about your heritage. Stands in the universe of ''Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure'' are hereditary powers that are passed from father/mother to child to future descendants, and the identical power of Dio's [[TimeStandsStill "The World"]] stand manifests in his most recent "descendant" Kujo Jotaro. In Gasper's case, he has internalized the power of his Stand rather than physically manifest it. Hence while the poor boy IS still a half-vampire, his father simply isn't who he thought it was. The double-stigma of being an illigitimate child ''on top'' of being an impure half human was what probably made the bullying suffered in childhood all the worse in the undead aristocracy. This would also explain his androgynously beautiful blonde appearance (which he got from Dio) and his sweet kind and {{Adorkable}} personality (which he got from Jonathan, whose body Dio stole).

[[WMG: The old man Issei met and changed his life to love anything breast related was an incarnation of Creator/NorioWakamoto]]

* The only reason would be [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKlzoGP2m0w&feature=youtu.be this video.]]

[[WMG: Someone before the start of the series, sects of the Church were involved in a civil war]]

* Specifically, UsefulNotes/TheTroubles. Once you go far enough down the chain of command, Heaven being a place people can actually visit becomes classified information and sub-factions start to develop - Protestants and Catholics being two of them. What was known as "The Troubles" to the general human population was the symptom of equally vicious infighting within the ranks of church assassins and exorcizers, itself possibly caused by rumors of a future alliance between themselves and "unholy" groups. This sort of in-house chaos would also explain why there are so many off-the-leash priests and ethically dubious experiments going on without much oversight.