[[WMG: {{Yaoi Fangirl}}s and {{Yuri Fan}}s are secretly working together...]]
To get rid of all the het fans and rule the world for themselves.
* And then they will end up not breeding, thus causing all makers of romantic fanworks to die out in a few generations.
** At least not the male Yaoi Fans or the female Yuri Fans. But they will respawn by knowl and opinion.
*** Most male Yaoi Fans are actually straight (they're just here for the story) and some female {{Yuri Fan}}s are straight as well, so not exactly.
* ... They're on to us... you know what to do now.
[[WMG: HetIsEw is a natural reaction to overpopulation]]
* It's simple: more breeders, more babies. More gay sex, fewer babies.
** Uh...birth control? Sterilization? Abstinence? Granted, not everyone has access to BC or can choose abstinence, but heterosexual sex doesn't automatically lead to BabiesEverAfter.
*** HumanityIsInsane and/or HumansAreMorons. [[SarcasmMode Why use birth control when becoming gay is so much easier?]]
*** Not only is the claim of homosexuality prevents overpopulation untrue, it's both self-righteous and arrogant. There are many factors that contribute to preventing overpopulation.
[[WMG: HetIsEw is a result of the Gay Agenda.]]
** Its all the secret agenda of the bundles of sticks?
*** What are you talking about?
**** [[http://www.thefreedictionary.com/faggot Definition 1]].
[[WMG: HetIsEw is the result of too much fucked up animal cartoon porn]]
** [[FlatWhat what]]. [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment Most porn involving sexual organisms involves fucking of some sort, and animal pornography is by definition quite unusual]], so you're wasting a few words there.
[[WMG: HetIsEw can be explained with arithmetic.]]
1+0=1, but [[Webcomic/SaturdayMorningBreakfastCereal 1+1=2]]. [[{{Webcomic/xkcd}} Politicize that, bitches.]]
* Or a positive times a negative equals a negative, but a positive times a positive or negative times a negative equals a positive