[[WMG: The CrapsackWorld events did happen, but not where Shane lived]]
During the late 2020's, some parts of the world was suffering civil unrest with the promises of globalization failing and the improverished nations effectively severing all ties with the first world nations, with their declaration of war being a terrorist attack at the world games. Over the next 10 years, the world went under a bloody revolution as governments failed to control the restless masses. This allowed Mantel, a major corporation during the times of unrest to take over the parts of the world they deemed "savable" and offered to rebuild the nations under their political banner with Nectar becoming a recreation and combat drug (given the constant social collapse and death around the world). However, when the non Mantel owned nations refused to become a BananaRepublic to grow Nectar plants (Those that do keep it a secret since Mantel will come in and take over), Mantel flagged them as "terrorists" and "rebel scum" and send the expendable recruits to deal with the situation. The reason why Mantel can get away with this is because the propaganda has made society intolerant towards third world nations and made any attempts for Non-Profit Organizations who goes in will be killed.