[[WMG: On the trip to Titan something happens that puts the mission in jeopardy, and being the one who can "swim out not expecting to get back", Vincent saves the day...]]
Then either:
* He dies saving the rest of the crew and is considered a hero. His body is checked when he gets back and when his true genetic code is revealed it sparks more relaxed gene laws.
* He survives and upon return he either goes on about his life as Jerome or reveals himself and pushes for looser gene laws.

[[WMG: On the trip to Titan or back to Earth Vincent suffers a fatal heart attack.]]
Because the StrawmanHasAPoint.

[[WMG: Director Josef kills the Mission Director BECAUSE one of them (or both!) had found out about Vincent.]]
Josef DID say he was willing to do anything to keep this mission on time... and re-screening to find a new candidate would've taken them just as off-schedule as anything.
* Even if Josef didn't believe it himself, the thought MUST have crossed his mind if the Mission Director thought so, and gone "still worth it."
* Mentioning that the Mission Director was suspicious about Vincent (and that despite not killing him, Vincent would certainly have reason to) is mentioned too often to be coincidental...