[[WMG: Joey is the biological father of the Tanner girls.]]

Think about it: why else would a grown man with a successful career live in his friendís basement for eight years? Jesse living there for so long makes a kind of sense: the girls are his only living link to a beloved sister and later on his wife provides them with a badly needed female authority figure. But Joey? What does Joey bring to the table? He initially moved in because the suddenly widowed Danny needed help raising three young girls on his own and offered the then-struggling comedian free lodging in exchange for around-the-clock babysitting. Sure, that makes enough sense for a sitcom. But after awhile, DJ and Steph are old enough that they donít need a babysitter anymore and are often seen looking after Michelle, Nicky and Alex. They donít need Joey as a source of day-to-day emotional support, either. They are well adjusted young women and turn to Aunt Becky for advice way more than any of the guys. So why does Joey insist on staying with the Tanners? And why does Danny allow it? Itís because both men know the unspoken truth: that Danny is infertile and that those very blonde Greek girls are either the product of a three-time sperm donation or a decades-long extramarital affair.
* [[FridgeHorror Come to think of it, Nicky and Alex are mighty blonde, too.]] And Jesse was on the road an awful lot around the time of their conception...
** Wow. Joey gets around..
* Or maybe they all just got blonde hair because of their mother, who is also a blonde.
** Maybe Nick wasn't Pam's biological father.
** Pam was also 100% Greek; hair-dye aint hereditary.

[[WMG: Jesse's last name in the first season was just a stage name.]]

In the first season, Uncle Jesse's last name is Cochran. In the rest of the series it's Katsopolis. This could be a subtle reference to Music/TheBeatles where Ringo Starr's real name was Richard Starky or other bands whose members had stage names. Danny even mentions in the first season Jesse's band is Jesse Cochran and the Rippers, while the rest of the series has it as Jesse and the Rippers.
* Perhaps Jesse thought he wouldn't be marketable as a musician with an "ethnic" sounding last name so he started going by the more waspy sounding Cochran. Between the first and second seasons, he realized that he didn't want to hide who he was and went by his real last name again. This plot didn't appear in the show because young kids wouldn't understand it.
* In one episode where Steph has the chicken pox, she pretends to be one of Steph's classmate. This suggests that not only her nieces know his stage name, but apparently so did his nieces' friends.
* It's possible Cochran is his mom's maiden name and he was using that as well.

[[WMG: The Tanner Family is Jewish]]

While they celebrate Christmas every year, it is possible Danny is non practicing. No mention of faith is mentioned throughout the series, but Danny uses idioms from time to time. Bob Saget is Jewish in real life, as is the actress who plays Danny's mom. In one of the early Christmas episodes he wishes viewers on his show a Merry Christmas and a Happy Hannukah. Jesse's mom seems AmbiguouslyJewish as well, and she uses several Jewish idioms in her appearances.

[[WMG: Michelle was in the womb when Pam died]]
[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzt2pi75GeQ The family is just imagining her to deal with Pam's death.]]
* This contradicts the episodes that show Michelle in school.

[[WMG: Danny first met Pam soon after meeting Joey.]]

[[WMG: All TGIF Shows from the 1990s and SonicTheHedgehog share a universe with FullHouse.]]
[[http://i.crackedcdn.com/phpimages/photoshop/2/9/8/192298.jpg?v=1 This says it all.]]
** Good lord, Urkel became a hedgehog
** One problem: The Comic and TV show Sabrinas are two different Sabrinas. They don't run on the same continuity.