[[WMG: The Necronomicon is compelling and always has been Indestructible.]]

The evil book shares properties with the One Ring. People don't use it, they are compelled to read it by the evil within. Even the original author of the book begins the whole ordeal, warnings to not use it. Overly curious people can't help themselves but to read it. The book has a will of it's own, it wants to be found and read. Releasing the evils of the book is, nor has it ever been an accident.

It's why Ash "Forgot the words" in the graveyard.It's why Eric went through all the trouble in the Remake and ignored the warnings, and why the Professor read it. The book has a will of it's own and imposes upon people. Also, it is indestructible, more so then Ash would have us believe. It's just easier to think that the book was destroyed then to realize it's still out there.

[[WMG: The 'remake' Is the story of Ash's kids grown up]]

It makes sense, we never do learn their last names as far as I remember. The cabin in the Army of darkness never actually burned down. Their mother died "Going insane in a hospital, a monster" The father is never mentioned. Let's say that Ash's stories about going back in time were true but the whole sending the car back in time was all made up. We have no idea how long the time was between the prologue of the movie was to the beginning of the actual movie is. So maybe Ash made the part about destroying the book up and simply killed all the Deadites. Well he returns to normal life at the end of Army of Darkness, has a couple of kids and to make sure the evil is never unleashed again turns the Cabin into something of a vacation home for some time.

Ash becomes obsessed with the evil though and just can't let it go. Eventually the stress of the insane stories and the paranoia breaks the family apart and Ash is forced to leave. The Cabin is abandoned for years. The kids use it as a hang out spot as they get old enough to do it, but eventually stop coming as well, never fully knowing the true evil that took place there. The Evil was never truly banished and drove the mother insane, the daughter to drugs and the son to prone to running away. The story is about revenge against the kids, it's the next best thing because it can't get to Ash himself.

The prologue takes place sometime after the cabin is abandoned by the family for the last time, and since the place seems abandoned, the book is safe where it is and no one bothers to take it due to the evil it is capable of. Due to all the messages in the book, though. It is apparent that others have used it a few times in the past. Untold stories of the Necronomicon, perhaps.

[[WMG: The whole story is one big stable time loop.]]

Yeah, I know, that one's pretty obvious, but hear me out: Ash was demonically possessed TWICE and got better, and also had his hand possessed, and all his loved ones were killed by it. Furthermore, in ''Army of Darkness'', the eponymous army is lead by an Evil version of him that seems to share a lot of his personality traits. Oh, and he's apparently [[TheChosenOne "the man from the sky"]] destined to fight Deadites. Thus, the only conclusion I can come up with is this: the Deadites KNEW he was the one who stopped them, so they tried to kill him (or at the very least, drive him insane). In short, the Deadites pretty much screwed themselves over by driving Ash to become the Badass he ended up becoming.
* I'd say that's canonically true, especially in the second movie. Ash felt a chill and said it felt like "someone walked over [his] grave" when Annie showed him the picture of the Hero From the Sky, and the Deadites at the end seem to be gloating a little too much to have just beaten an average guy: "we've won, we've won! Victory is ours!" I think they quickly recognized who he was (since they've faced him before, in the 12th century), and thought at the end that they'd broken the time-loop and stopped him from ever sealing them away. But BecauseDestinySaysSo, Annie manages to open the portal with her dying breath, and we all know [[TookALevelInBadass what happened next...]]
* That would explain why the necronomicon was found in the British castle ( it was the same one from ''Army of Darkness''), so would that mean that the book isn't Sumerian, but an uncreated eternal of time travel? Or is this an unstable timeloop that will play out differently every time? Or is there now a time travel duplicate book?
** Presumably there ''was'' such a book prior to the 12th century, or else Arthur's advisers wouldn't have known anything about it.

[[WMG: The Ash you see lives in a different continuity in every movie]]
In the first, Ash is a college student traveling with his friends to a creepy cabin in the woods, and at the end burns the Necronomicon/Demonicon, which is alive and well throughout the second movie. In the second, Ash only brings his girlfriend and perseveres through different -- but also similar -- events in the recap at the beginning. His shotgun also goes from a single-shot to a double-barrel and instead of an axe he acquires a full-out chainsaw. In the third, Ash undertakes a massive personality shift and the events he undergoes at the beginning are different than those at the end of the second movie. Also to be taken into account is the game VideoGame/EvilDeadRegeneration, which is set in another alternate universe, where Ash is committed to an asylum instead of going back to the Middle Ages. All of this means either NOTHING is canon in the Evil Dead movies, or EVERYTHING is.
* I'm gonna go with "Everything is", considering how much he's crossed over with in the comics. Not to mention all of reality has been taken over by Evil Ash, and since rewritten, twice now. (As of Issue 27)
* Even more so is possible with ''Ash vs. Evil Dead''. Ash mentions events from the first two films, but nothing about the events of the third film, as well as the Necronomicon still being intact and Ash having a wooden hand instead of his gauntlet (let alone a functional replacement). One could interpret this to be that the show takes place in an alternate timeline where Ash didn't destroy the Necronomicon during the first night (ED1), Annie read from the book (yet still died the same way as she did in ED2) and sent the Evil away instead of opening a time-warp to send it back in time, and Ash has been carrying the book to ensure that no one else goes through the same trauma as he's had.

[[WMG: In the first movie, the camera-monster is entirely unrelated to the Book of the Dead]]
The book possesses people with spirits and makes the trees come alive. The camera-monster is seen before anyone even touches the book and kills Ash after the book is burned. The events just happened to take place in a location with a camera-monster '''and''' a possessed tome.
* Taking only the first film as "canon" in this case: Perhaps the book was something that bound the camera monster to it, yet somehow (for some reason) kept it from harming anything. That brings up the question of how it toppled trees when the book was still whole, but also explains why the professor didn't burn the thing.
** Presumably whatever Sumerian demon-cultist or EvilSorcerer wrote the book in the first place had wanted to be able to use it ''without'' getting his or her soul swallowed, so would have incorporated some measure of protection for its owner against the forces its incantations unleashed. Unfortunately for Ash and his friends, ''maintaining'' that protection probably required them to act out additional rituals they didn't know about: rites, which the professor couldn't perform well enough to keep the evil at bay for long.

[[WMG: The [[Film/DragMeToHell Lamia]] is a Deadite.]]
When it possesses people, their face morphs and they have the ability to levitate, just like a Deadite.
* The Lamia also torments its victim and takes pleasure in doing so - much like a Deadite, as well.
** We actually see a couple of Lamia drawings in the Naturom Demonto in the last film.

[[WMG: Ash is actually telling the story of the entire trilogy to his coworkers]]
The differences in continuity are because by this point Ash is, shall we say, slightly less than mentally stable?

[[WMG: Ash never recovered from his first Deadite possession.]]
Ash IS a Deadite, now, or rather, the specific deadite and him... came to an agreement. Ash just happened to get possessed by the one who found out killing its own kind was FAR more entertaining.

[[WMG: Alternately, it's ''Ash'' controlling the Deadite.]]
It's still inside him, but when his HeroicWillpower comes through in the second movie, he ends up the dominant mind. This explains how he ended up so CrazyAwesome; he's got all the supernatural powers of the demon (though he may or may not be aware of them), and this is what turned him from a normal guy into a badass. Although Ash in in charge, having a demon within him ''does'' affect his personality somewhat, which is why he becomes a bit more of a {{Jerkass}} DeadpanSnarker as the series progresses, as well as much more violent.

[[WMG:There is no continuity error in the movies or the games, Ash is just crazy.]]
Each movie and game after the first Evil Dead tells of a diluted version of his origin. While the first movie shows him with his friends, the second and third only show him and Linda during flashbacks. The first and second movies shows them as College graduates, the third shows them as former (Ash being current.) S-Mart employees. Granted one can argue that they have the jobs to pay off their student loans, but it wasn't mentioned until Army of Darkness. The famous laughing scene has been diluted in more ways than one: First of all it was heavily implied that the stress from his fighting the deadites has made him insane, and subject to hallucinations. While in the game VideoGame/EvilDeadRegeneration has shown it was the deadites and ash had to shoot them all. Also in the game unlike the scene in the movie, he is seen with his chainsaw hand on, while in the movie; moments away from Knowby's daughter (whom helped him build the chainsaw.) from arriving, he only had his stump and the boomstick. In the game as well there have been no signs of the supporting characters from the second movie as either characters or deadites while there were plenty first movie deadites to kill. Lastly and this is the big one to prove my point. There was no narrator for Evil Dead, Knowby narrated Evil Dead 2. Who narrated Army of Darkness and so on? Ash Williams. Though it is hinted that the deadites and the killings are true, however despite being the hero, he is the one responsible for diluting his own story. Evil Dead 1 had hints of him going crazy with the mirror water. Evil Dead 2 had him being strangled by his reflection while inanimate objects laugh at him. Army of Darkness had an elaborate story involving time travel and a demon war. The games just piled on the crazy. There is no continuity error of the series. Ash has been so screwed up by the terror of the deadites that even he can't get his story straight. Now if a Bruce Campbell look-alike went up to you and said. "Hey man did I ever tell you the story about the magic book and the demons posessing my friends, and I killed them with a chainsaw. Then I traveled back to the past and King Arthur and I have been fighting demons?" Would you believe that story?

[[WMG:Ash is related to [[Series/DoctorWho Rory]].]]
* That level of badassitude? Gotta be genetic.
** Likely a cousin. Rory and Ash's grandfather has multiple kids, one of them moves to the states and has a son, the younger one has Rory and stays in England.

[[WMG:The remake is really a StealthSequel.]]
* And to expand that: this film is set in modern day and the ending has Ash barge in with his shotgun and chainsaw killing all the deadits and rescuing whoever survived. Because that would be beyond awesome.
** [[spoiler: If the plan to make an Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness 2, then combine them for a final seventh movie comes to fruition, along with the Ash cameo at the end, then confirmed]]
[[WMG: The Necronomicon gave ash the shotgun and the chainsaw.]]
How else does the Shotgun keep firing despite it supposed to be out of bullets, as with the chainsaw not running out of gas?

[[WMG: ''Franchise/EvilDead'' is set in the same universe as ''Franchise/{{Hellraiser}}'']]

[[WMG: Ash is dead all along.]]
* Him and his girlfriend really were on a weekend getaway but were both killed in a car accident by a reckless driver. The whole movie is an afterlife image Ash is living through and the Deadites represent the demons in purgatory. The Necronomicon really just
represents something that Ash saw in a old horror movie before he died.

[[WMG: They aren't remaking Evil Dead Per Se.]]
They are Remaking Within the woods. Mia The Ash [[ExPy expy]] Shares the same role as Ellen in the first movie. Ergo still making it an Evil Dead film.

[[WMG: Ash is Modern Day [[Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda Link]] ]]
Both Travel back in time to solve the evil problem. Both have signature blades (The Master Sword and Chainsaw Respectively) Both are experts in all fields of weaponry. Both end up being the accidental cause of all the world's destruction that they meant to stop. Last but not least its a BlinkAndYouMiss moment. On the page of the Necronomicon depicting Ash's Prophecy. There is an ink sketch of a Triforce under said picture.

[[WMG: Ash, Film/VanHelsing, [[Film/{{Zombieland}} Tallahassee]], and [[VideoGame/DeadSpace Issac Clarke]] are all a part of the same bloodline and in that order.]]

I have no evidence of this but admit it, you think it's awesome too.

[[WMG: The demon is Nyarlathotep]]
Had to be said, but it makes sense don't it ?

[[WMG: The Necronomicon Ex Mortis and Naturom Demonto are two different books. ]]

Or perhaps different translations of the same book.

[[WMG: Mia is a descendant of Ash and Sheila. ]]

Their one night stand resulted in a line of Deadite infected badasses. The reason both Mia and Ash had to fight evil versions of themselves, genetics.
* So does that mean Mia is related to [[WesternAnimation/TheVentureBrothers Brock Samson]]?

[[WMG: The entire thing was just some sort of video game.]]
Ash got irritated on later levels, so he used the infinite ammo cheat.

[[WMG: The Ultimate villain of the entire series...]]
Was the lamp that laughed at Ash.
[[WMG: Ash was the one that wrote the warnings in the remake book.]]
Come on who else would simply put "Chop the motherfucker." of all things into the book. Where did he get the blood? From the corpses of the friends he killed.

[[WMG: Ash's behavior in ''Army of Darkness'' and the subsequent ''Ash vs. Evil Dead'' is a self-defense mechanism.]]
The reason why Ash seems so arrogant and rude to the "primitive screw heads" in AoD could be the end result of the last 48 hours he's gone through. When all three films are edited together into a singular continuity, you can see him go from a nice guy to an a-hole, possibly from a combination of having to practically kill his sister, friends and his girlfriend, get possessed (twice), the Evil tormenting him psychologically for two nights in a row, forcing him to chop off his hand and happen to lose a second group of people who came out as well would be enough to psychologically break anyone. Ash may have been a caring guy in the start of the whole thing, but when the events of AoD occur, the emotional turmoil he's gone through may have made him begin to act like an A-hole to the 12th Century people because he doesn't want to care about anyone and only to lose them again. This would account for his change of heart after Sheila was taken by the winged demon and lead him to help Arthur, because he's still a man who cares about people.

This would also account for why he is the way he is in ''Ash vs. Evil Dead'': living in a Streamline trailer, still working a dead-end clerk job at Valu-Mart, having meaningless sex with random women and only one co-worker he happens to sort of like. The events of what he went through in the films has pretty much made him want to keep nearly everyone at a distance out of fear of caring for people he could potentially lose (this also accounts for his change of heart when the Deadites attack him, Pablo and Kelly, even more so when Kelly asks him to help her). When he says he prefers to be a lone wolf and Pablo asks him if he ever gets lonely, though he verbally denies it, his eyes give a different answer. So, the reason for him acting like an arrogant A-hole is a self-defense mechanism to try to keep from losing more people he cares about.

[[WMG: The "Hail to the King" ending of ''Army of Darkness'' takes place ''before'' he left for the cabin.]]
It was pointed out that the woman who flirts with Ash about his story has a nametag that reads Linda, and that the actress was actually replacing Bridget Fonda who could not return for a cameo due to scheduling conflicts. With all this evidence, plus the fact that this woman does not seem to recall Ash, leads to the conclusion that when Ash returned to his own time, he returned ''before'' his own time! Or alternatively, a time where Ash never existed to begin with. Both are possible considering Ash "basically" said the words right this time. The words in question were meant to take Ash to his own time, but because Ash botched them, he got flung to one of the two possibilities mentioned above.

The look he gives Linda seems resigned, implying that he knows who she is but also what happens to her at the cabin. In fact, it's almost like he's thinking, "Yeah, right about now is when I'd be cutting your head off with a shovel..." Maybe it ''is'' supposed to happen right now? What if ''Scotty'' and his girlfriend still went to the cabin? After all, it was Scotty's idea in the first movie. Ash or no Ash, he would probably still go with Shelly, still find the recorder, still play it, and still unleash the Deadites! Once he and Shelly are dead (since Scotty decided to book it in the original film and got shanked), the book has not been burned and the Evil is still on the loose, and Ash can't catch a break.