[[AC: Podcast/EdictZeroFis]]
[[WMG: The world really is a simulation, and the people are still on the ship heading for their new homeworld.]]
It has been confirmed in Season 3, Episode 3 ("No Bounds") that "client entities" are living people, and that "native entities" are programs. It was also stressed that their lives needed to be preserved, and that the loss of one life is too much. The backstory includes the destruction of Old Earth, so it is likely that, if Earth was destroyed, and humanity is plugged into a simulation dedicated to protecting their lives (supposedly), it stands to reason they are being stored in life support. If the transit is in sublight speeds, then suspended animation with mental stimulation may just be what is needed to keep them alive long enough to reach their destination.
* As of Quondam Hearts (II), this has been confirmed; the starship is called The USS Pioneer. It's classified as a Sleeper Ship. This episode also indicates that the running simulation of Edict Zero is version 7.02.
[[WMG: Nick Garrett is an understudy.]]
Nick is easily distractible, expert in a large number of studies, and has a detatchment from himself, something that exhibited itself when Briggs and Kercher were assaulted by a swarm of red stripe hornets ("I forgot I was standing there"). [[spoiler: He was able to follow Captain Socrates into wherever he went, complete with the self-extracted RMOS implant.]]
* Jossed. As of Quondam Hearts (I), we find that Nick Garrett is a client, but with a similar nature to Captain Socrates; his memory survives his previous entities' deaths. He was also among the last entities that were returned from the Guph before it stopped functioning correctly. Captain Socrates was responsible for his implant removal and his introduction into "weirdspace."