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Wild Mass Guesses about the Swords of the Cross from The Dresden Files:

Luccio is going to reforge the swords for some purpose.
  • To whit:
    • Luccio is an extremely talented blacksmith, shown by the fact that she's made all of the Wardens' swords.
    • Two of the three Swords have been reworked in the past, while they were being passed on.
    • Is it a coincidence we learn both of these facts in the same book?
  • at some point, the Swords will be reforged, perhaps into one Sword that serves as some kind of ridiculously overpowered Infinity +1 Sword. But that possibility aside, the law of conservation of details suggests that forging will happen, and Luccio will be instrumental.
    • Conservation of detail may not apply, if Butcher only mentioned the reforging to make nitpickers quit asking him how swords that are supposed to be 2000 years old could look like a katana (mostly dating to 900 AD or later) or a cavalry saber (17th century).
  • If developments in Skin Game are any example, it's possible that the Swords reforge themselves when it's appropriate, without any mortal's help.

The gang kid Fitz from Ghost Story will become the next wielder of Amoracchius.
Assuming he's got the royal blood qualification, Fitz shows lots of qualities common to a Knight of the Cross:

  • He's The Atoner. Having been shown mercy by Harry and Father Forthill, he's better able to apply it to others.
  • He's got an innate sensitivity to the supernatural world, being able to hear Harry's spirit-voice.
  • He's brave and strong-willed, enough so to stand up to Aristedes's magically-enhanced aura of fear.
  • He's a natural leader, being able to turn the other gang kids away from Aristedes even when they're terrified and in awe of him.
  • He's willing to put his own life on the line for his friends and Father Forthill. "No greater love hath a man than this..." An ideal qualification for a wielder of the Sword of Love.
  • There had to be some reason, beyond mere altruism, that Harry was drawn to help him even while on his "final mission." Fitz does come off very much like a boy-king-in-waiting to Harry's wizard-mentor.
  • Bonus: A last name beginning with "Fitz" has been historically used in order to acknowledge the lineage of a royal's illegitimate child. Henry VIII's first child wasn't Mary; it was a boy, born to a mistress named Bessie Blount, whose last name was Fitzhenry - which was given happily and freely by the king to the child since the child was a much-wanted son.
    • Do we even know if Fitz was his last name, or his real one for that matter? Everyone else in the gang went by street names, and American teens generally don't refer to one another by surnames unless they're really hostile to one another.

Murphy not taking up Fidelacchius in Ghost Story.
In Ghost Story, there were several times when the Sword of Faith might have come in handy, most specifically at the end during the battle with Corpsetaker. Murphy, however, never takes it up. It took me until today to realize that she would be unmaking it if she had. Even though she still believes in her oath to protect the denizens of Chicago, she also believes that she had acted against that vow by killing threats without turning them over to the police.
  • As of Skin Game, it's clear that Murphy was right to leave the Sword of Faith out of things, because her calling to wield it was only ever intended for Changes. It's found a new wielder now who's not oathbound to protect any one city, but rather is committed to defend everyone while living out his scifi-geek heroism fantasies: Butters.

Daniel Carpenter will be the next wielder of Amoracchius.
In Ghost Story Daniel shows much of the same passion and determination as his parents. While the Swords of the Cross aren't (necessarily) inherited, it seems right that Michael's oldest son would follow in his footsteps.
  • Passion and determination, yes, but he doesn't exude the calm, kind vibe that his father did while holding the sword.
  • As of Skin Game Michael briefly took up Amoracchius again, but at the end, it's back in Harry's custody.

Murphy will be the next wielder of Fidelacchius.
Murphy is a very steadfast believer in the rule of law and order, and in protecting people. Also, whenever Harry looks at Murphy with his Sight, he sees an angel wielding a sword. That might be a hint. Finally, Fidellacchius is a katana. Coincidentally, Murphy is already an expert aikido practitioner. Now if only Harry got the clue...
  • Hmmm... Has Murphy been to see Harry at home any time in the past 5 years? Although the sword is in plain sight, no-one other than Harry and Michael seem to be able to notice it. It seems likely that the sword is preventing itself being perceived except by its guardian or by one worthy to wield it. If she's been in the room and ignored it, she's probably not the chosen champion.
    • She does own a pair of Japanese swords over her mantle seen by Harry in Summer Knight.
  • Except that she specifically declines in Small Favour, saying that she already has a job.
    • Pretty sure this WMG was made after Small Favor; regardless, see the immediate next entry.
      • WMG predated (the originating troper's reading of) Small Favor, and so is partially Jossed. But indeed, the series isn't over yet.
  • And there's the fact that she needs to have Royal Blood for some reason. Though then again she already got the job offer.
    • Murphy is very Irish. Can't hardly walk in Ireland without tripping over some king or other.
      • Or at least a descendent of one. There's a joke that the Irish were deeply unimpressed with the English monarchy because ALL of Ireland is of the line of kings.
    • Royal Blood helps, but isn't required. Susan could use Amorracius with no trouble, and all she had was love for her daughter and the need to protect her, and there's no indication that she was a descendant of royalty.
      • Not true. Susan, having been infected by the Red Court, is the descendent of Kulukan. (Changes Spoiler: It's why the whole thing at the end of changes worked.)
      • I don't think nonhuman "royal" blood counts, especially considering the sword burned her precisely because of her vampire "blood." Not to mention that "royal" blood gets fairly spread out over time; roughly 90% of Asia has some genetic connection to Genghis Khan, after all, though he really got around.
      • Using the sword to cut things and Wielding the sword (intentional capital "W") are two different things. Harry tells her to focus on her love for Maggie to keep her from accidentally unmaking the sword in combat by killing in anger or something. She doesn't get the same cool glow that Murphy got in Turn Coat when she received a "job offer."
    • There's a Murphy branch that's descended from Niall of the Nine Hostages, one of the High Kings of Ireland. Boom, royal blood.
  • Remember the woman Carol from the station? I thought at the time she would get the sword in that book. But then, there are two swords.
    • In Changes, Murphy does indeed take up the sword and is awesome, though only as a loan. Nonetheless, since she's probably going to lose her job, she's clearly thinking about taking it up permanently at the end of the book.
      • And as of Aftermath in Side Jobs, it looks like Murphy has become a lot more friendly to the idea of using the sword. Indeed, the only reason she doesn't go home to get it is partly because time is of the essence but mostly because the sword depends on the faith of the wielder and she could hardly be worthy of it if she couldn't trust herself to fight with out it.
  • Jossed as of Skin Game. The new wielder of Fidelacchius is Butters.
    • I think you have "Jossed" mixed up with "Confirmed." Murphy does take up the sword, but she breaks it and Butters gets the sword. But technically, she DID wield the sword next.

Thomas will end up the next wielder of Amoracchius
Almost every action that Thomas has ever taken in the series has been motivated by love, either for Justine or for Harry. Even better, the holy sword might well allow him to control his demon half, or even suppress it entirely.
  • Why didn't I think of that! I bet it would work too.
  • Particularly since, as the son of the White King, he counts as royalty.
    • Thomas' favored weapon is saber and that is emphasized every time we see it.
    • Until Small Favor, when he starts favoring a kukri knife instead.
      • Actually check again. In Small Favor, Thomas is Dual Wielding. Saber in one hand, kukri in the other.
    • A saber, you say? Now, who else in this series do we know wields a saber? Sanya. Time for a WMG of my own....
    • Even The Other Wiki agrees! "He is the only White Court vampire shown to be capable of true love, which is rare even by human standards in the Dresdenverse; it should be noted that as the actual son of a king, this theoretically makes him almost uniquely suited to wield Amoracchius, should the need arise."
  • It'd be only fair for Thomas to become Amorrachius's wielder, considering he's the one who saved the Sword of Love after Harry lost track of it at Bianca's party. Maybe the Swords remember that sort of thing?

Harry will eventually wield Esperachius
If Murphy gets Fidelachius (Faith) and Thomas gets Amorachius (Love) then the best match for Harry is Esperachius (Hope). Murphy is possessed of a deep faith, while Thomas is driven by love and Harry is a beacon of hope in a situation that is increasingly getting worse. He even gave hope to Lash that she could be more than a mere copy of Lasciel. That's pretty damn inspiring if you ask me. Of course this does mean that Sanya had best be careful.
  • Of course that would mean Michael has to die.
    • How so? Michael's out of commission for the for foreseeable future as of Small Favor which leaves Thomas free with wield Amorachius. If Harry is going to wield Esperachius it's Sanya that has to die or be incapacitated.
      • Worse, there's also only one sword out there, at this point. This Troper's ten cents says that Sanya's going to bite it, or otherwise lose his sword to evil, and Harry's going to have to get it for the plot of a book. Or even one of those side-plot-type-things.
      • Sanya is an Ex-Denarian. Ten bucks says someone gives him his coin back.
      • Someone already did. Harry got Magog's coin when Elder Gruff vaporized him. He said he would get it to Sanya, though we never actually saw an exchange.
      • With the recent Grim Dark turn of the story, this troper wouldn't be surprised if Sanya kicked it or was forced to take his coin up again.
      • And with Sanya being 50/50 of a comparison to Boromir...Foreshadowing?
  • It does make sense that Harry would end up with the atheist's sword.
    • Sanya is not an atheist, he is just not a participant.
      • Sanya says he's an atheist. When pressed, he admits he might be agnostic. He's not "just not a participant".
  • It also would fit with the fact that Harry wasn't given a sword when he joined the Wardens. Granted, Luccio can't make them currently, the pieces do fit.
    • God works in mysterious ways, anyone?

Sanya will die, and Thomas will end with Esperacchius.
A WMG up above proposed that Thomas will end up wielding Amoracchius. However, Thomas prefers a saber - which Esperacchius is. Which means that by the end of the series....
  • This sorta makes sense. All bearers of the cross personify the virtue of their sword to some extent. Michael, former wielder of Amoracchius (Love), loved his family, his friends, and his fellow men intensely. Shiro, former wielder of Fidelacchius (Faith), had such faith in the Divine plan that he allowed himself to be sacrificed in order to save Harry from Nicodemus. Sanya, current wielder of Esperacchius (Hope), represents hope since by being a reformed Denarian he shows that the Knight mission to redeem Denarians is possible. If Thomas can somehow manage his vampire nature or becomes human somehow he would represent hope for the redemption of White Court vampires.

The three Knights of the Cross will be:
  • Murphy, wielding Fidelacchius. Small Favor has already hinted very, very strongly at this.
    • As stated further up, this happens, albeit temporarily, in Changes. Odds are, she may take it up full-time.
  • Harry will wield Amoracchius. There's already too many parallels between Harry and Merlin, the original holder of Excalibur, and Amoracchius is most likely Arthur's sword.
    • The other Harry will wield Amoracchius. Harry's got parallels to Merlin, but if Michael's descended from King Arthur, that means Harry Carpenter is, too. We've still got between nine and eleven years until the Apocalyptic Trilogy if the number of books goes according to Butcher's plan and the next ten books follow the same year-on-average pattern, so young Harry should be somewhere between sixteen and eighteen by then. With Charity breaking out the old smithing projects, and Michael having plenty of time to instruct him in double-edge, straight blade sword work, he should be quite ready to break his Caliburn and pick up Amoracchius in, say, defense of his family...
      • Michael isn't descended from Arthur. The end of the one book says it's Charlemagne. It's believed Amoracchius may have been Excalibur.
    • Butters will wield Amoracchius. It's revealed in Ghost Story that he's an ME instead of a doctor because he can't stand seeing people in pain. Love? Hell– er, heck yes! And in Dead Beat when Harry was getting the crap beat out of him and wished for a Knight to "coincidentally" show up and save him, Butters showed up and saved him.
      • If Butters can't stand to see people in pain, why would he actually want one of the Swords? Edged weapons are designed to cause injury and pain, even if they're wielded in the best possible cause.
    • Johnny Marcone will wield Amoracchius in Persephone's name, for one truly EPIC battle, make a Heroic Sacrifice, and then Butters will get it.
  • Thomas, who will be wielding Esperacchius. Thomas already uses a saber anyway, he's a descendant of royalty, and the image of the three of them being Knights of the Cross is just too fraking awesome to be anything but the truth.
    • Alternately, either Molly or Daniel Carpenter will be the wielder of Esperacchius. We know they're the descendents of Charlemagne, and Sir Stuart referred to Esperacchius as Durandal, the blade wielded by Charlemagne's paladin Roland.
    • I think if anything Butters would be more likely to wield Esperacchius, since Harry's wishing that a knight would show up to save him in Dead Beat was essentially blind HOPE. Thomas is a no-brainer for Amoracchius and Murphy has already been shown as Fidelacchius' next wielder. She just hasn't totally taken up the sword yet.
    • Or maybe Sanya will survive the entire series, just as Hope can survive even when nothing else remains.
  • As of Skin Game, the above guesses that Butters would wield a Sword are correct, except it's Fidelacchius that re-forms itself into a Laser Blade for him. Murphy's time as the Sword of Faith's wielder, it turns out, was never meant to extend beyond Changes.

If Thomas gets Amorrachius, it will deal with his demon while leaving it intact.
Option A: His demon will feed off the cast off energy from the sword as-is, and stay sated as long as he regularly has the sword on or around his person. Rating: Unlikely.

Option B: The sword will show the demon a glimpse of the core power of True Love, God's love (remember: according to the Church, which may or may not be correct about this in The Dresden Files, God Is Flawed does not apply but Humans Are Flawed does) as reflected in the love given by the wielder of the sword (or something like that), and turn it from a lust demon into a love demon. Rating: Less unlikely, and pretty cool.

Option C: The sword's rightfully-held presence will suppress the hunger pangs and Shoulder Demon aspects that the demon emits, without harming or changing it. Rating: Kind of likely, but not so likely as to be a major possibility.

  • Option D: The sword's incredible Power of Love will utterly destroy the demon, making Thomas a human.
  • Option B seems unlikely to me. Even if the Hunger switches its diet to love, the feeding still consumes life force. That might make things even worse, and a sword that God works through would probably be able to cause a better solution than still feeding on and slowly killing the woman its wielder loves.

Harry will at one point wield all three swords simultaneously
Even at the end game of the series I doubt he'll continue to do so, but for one brief shining moment he'll take up all three. Somehow. Maybe even promptly lose all three or drop them. I dunno, we're talking about a guy with a pola powered zombie T-Rex. A guy who already has two of the swords. No one can tell me at some point he won't at least attempt to use all three at once in desperation.

Harry will never, ever wield a sword
Harry is, as of Small Favour, the shadowy 'knight' employed by Uriel to screw things up for the Bad Guys. There are three overt Archangels and three Swords, each patronised by Michael, Gabriel or Raphael.

But Uriel has already given Harry a 'sword'. It's apocryphally believed that Uriel was the angel who guarded the Gates of Eden with a flaming sword. And what did he bequeath to Harry? Soulfire, the perfect flaming sword for a wizard with a penchant for fire.

Harry will lose his guardianship of the swords.
  • At the end of Changes, Harry told Susan a lie he knew she would believe and act upon, which led to her first losing her humanity entirely, then being murdered by Harry himself. That's clearly a direct betrayal of her faith in him and her love for him, making him unworthy of the guardianship of the Swords of Love and of Faith.
    • No, he didn't tell her a lie. He told her something that would make her ask the question that would get her to turn into a vampire. Still a betrayal, though, but at the same time it does not necessarily rule him out as a guardian. It would disqualify him as a wielder if he had taken up either of those swords at the time, however.
    • As of Cold Days, Murphy retains custody of the Swords, and Harry has no expectation of ever getting them back unless he can somehow shed his mantle as Winter Knight.
      • As of Skin Game, Harry has retaken custody of Amorracchius.

Harry will break the Time Travel Law, go back in time and bequeath Amorracchius to Arthur.
  • He's got to break that law at some point.

Butters is going to be a Knight of the Cross
In Dead Beat, when Harry is being tortured and praying for a Knight to come to his rescue, Butters shows up and saves his ass. Foreshadowing?
  • I am conflicted. On the one hand, it's Butters, Knight of the Cross. On the other hand, of the three knightly virtues, Butters mostly possesses Hope. Thus, for him to take up a sword, the agnostic Fist of God would have to be taken out of the action.
  • It would be funnier for Butters to get the sword of Faith, because he doesn't have any faith in himself. And of course there's his faith in Polka (which will never die).
  • Possible ... but then again, it wasn't Butters who actually killed Cassius, it was Mouse. As Mouse is an ass-kicking Angel Unaware, whom even Uriel calls "little brother", isn't he the more likely one to have been acting as a stand-in Knight at the time? Butters was the clever guy who was there to open the car door and to buy Mouse time to chomp the baddie, meaning he was playing Harry to Mouse's Michael.
  • Would Butters even want a Sword? His intense aversion to seeing anyone in pain would seem to argue against him wielding an edged weapon. He's better on defense (empowering circles, patching wounds, playing lookout with Bob) than offense, in any case.
  • CONFIRMED in Skin Game, and he gets his hands on Fidelacchius, due to his faith in Harry and in good triumphing over evil, Harry's faith in Butters and Michael's faith in that there is still power in the sword.

Marcone will get a sword
...Because it'd be pretty cool, if the next Knight of the Cross was in front of Dresden all along, and he refuses to see it? Given his actions with the Shroud in Death Masks, and what we learn subsequently, all three of Love, Faith and Hope would apply. His standing as the 'baron' of Chicago would fit the royalty requirement. Odin having Gard look after him must mean that there's something in him that Odin likes.

If it is Amoracchius, then it would make sense as a reprise of the Arthurian legend. After all, Dresden is the one would approved Marcone's becoming a Freeholding Lord under the accords, just as Merlin chose Arthur to become king.

Murphy is a descendent of King Arthur
  • The swords can only truly be wielded by someone with royal blood (You can hold it and use it in combat without royal blood, but it doesn't get that cool glow if you're not descended from royalty).
  • Murphy's ancestry hails from somewhere in the British Isles.
  • She's a righteous warrior and close companion of a powerful sorcerer.
  • Said sorcerer is the custodian of a magical sword and is just waiting for her to take up the blade.
  • She's main cast, so she is of course descended from a far more well-known and powerful character than the kings in the other characters' backgrounds (Charlemagne, Saladin, and the last king of Okinawa).

Something bad will happen to Sanya in Skin Game
  • Every five books has to do with the Fallen and the Denarians. They always end up eliminating one of the pre-Harry wielders of one of the Three, and the sword always passes to Harry.
    • In Death Masks, we met Shiro. He was killed by the Denarians. Fidelacchius passed to Harry.
    • In Small Favor, we got to see Michael get crippled by a Denarian. Amoracchius passed to Harry.
    • In Skin Game, death or maiming awaits Sanya. Esperacchius will pass to Harry.
    • In Book 20, Harry will give the Three to three deserving wielders, as his prerogative as the Merlin archetype.
  • As of Skin Game Sanya was lead off on a diversion to prevent him from interfering with the heist. If anything happened to him, it wasn't mentioned.

Butters is a descendant of Solomon
  • Assuming royal blood is a prerequisite for wielding one of the Three (or at least getting that cool glow whilst doing so), Butters has to be the descendant of a king.
    • He's Jewish.
    • He's the "smart guy" of the series and he spends a lot of time hanging around with a spirit of intellect.
    • This would imply he *could* be the Messiah. Convenient for potential end-of-days plots.

The Swords will lead to the downfall of the White Court.
  • Specifically, Amoracchius will lead to the downfall of House Raith, since their weakness is genuine love. Fidelacchius will be the death of House Malvora, since the power of Faith (or as an alternate interpretation, the strength of courage and trust) would be a logical weakness against fear. Finally, Esperacchius will defeat House Skavis, since they feed on despair, which would logically be countered by Hope. Furthermore, I believe that this has already been foreshadowed by Butcher, based on how Thomas paraphrased the verse in I Corinthians in Blood Rites: 'When every star in the heavens grows cold, and when silence lies once more on the face of the deep, three things will endure: faith, hope, and love... Father makes all of us memorize that passage. Like when parents put those green yucky-face stickers on the poisonous cleaning products under the kitchen sink.' There are three Houses or the white court, and three swords; the Sword of Love, the Sword of Faith, and the Sword of Hope. Finally, the curse 'Empty Night' has only been used by white court vamps. Now, if there was one night that the White Court knew that Faith, Hope, and Love, would endure, and those forces had the power to destroy them, it would make sense they would swear and cuss by that night.