!!In ''A Good Day to Die Hard'', John [=McClane=] will be fighting [[Franchise/StarTrek Klingons]].
I mean, come on! It's all there in the title!

!!Tony and Karl in the first film had a gay incestuous relationship

In addition to Karl being an AxCrazy [[TheSociopath sociopath]] with a HairTriggerTemper, he and his brother were also lovers and that's why Karl was so devastated by Tony's death.

!! John Maclane has [[DragonballZ Saiyajin Blood]] in his veins.

Well, it makes sense if you consider the following statements.

--> "The stronger the enemy, the stronger we become."
--> "When brought back to life from the brink of death, our battle prowess multiplies exponentially."
--> "You Saiyjains are a warrior race at heart, yes? [[BloodKnight You love battle above all else!!]] The stronhger the opponent, the greater the joy."

Now, let's take a look at Johnny.

* He was basically a glorfied shopping mall cop. Then along came ''terrorist'' veterans of the fiercest battlefields of 1980's Earth.
** He was absolutely shredded into a bloody mess by these bastards, barely coming out in one piece after each confrontation.
*** And yet he not only (barely) survived, but DEFEATED all of them.
** "Glorified shopping mall cop"? He was an NYPD detective, and a Lieutenant at that.

* 3 years later, the hero of Nakatomi Towers is able to dispatch multiple ''veterans'' of the Persian Gulf War completely unscathed. It takes a master Martial Artist like Colonel Stuart to actually bring him down, and even then only barely.
** They weren't Gulf War veterans. ''Die Hard 2'' was made two years after ''Die Hard'' and a full year before the Gulf War. Colonel Stuart, Major Grant and a few others are old enough to have served in Vietnam while Grant's platoon are explicitly veterans of Grenada.

* Another 3 years later: FIVE Veteran soldiers + Jonnny in an elevator = 5 Dead Veteran Soldiers and one PERFECTLY FINE Johnny.

* FIFTEEN years later? [[SugarWiki/AwesomeMoments Kills a helicopter bristling with heavy-artillery by ramming a car into it.]]

Johnny faces progressively stronger opponents, gets shredded into pieces each time, [[HeroicSecondWind somehow comes back alive]] and is stronger afterwards.

Just in time to face the next EVEN MORE powerful opponent.

And as his Saiyajin nature awakens by ''Die Harder'' the ONLY times he's shown [[BloodKnight to be happy]] is when he is in battle brutally killing enemies: He is otherwise bitter angry and morose ALL the time, like Vegeta or ANY Saiyajin who is deprived of a strong enemy to fight for extended periods of time.

* He also has saiyan blood since he ages slow (Saiyans have a prolonged youth because they are a warrior race only after all...or Vegeta said something like that) This is why he can still kicks some serious asses being 58 years old...sooo...is Rocky a Saiyan too??? (to be confirmed in "Rocky 7"!!!)

[[WMG: The BigBad of the upcoming "A Good Day to Die Hard" is the son of Hans Gruber]]
It would be keeping with the pattern of every odd-numbered DH movie having a member of the Gruber family as the main villain.
* FAIL!!! (I also betted on Patrick Stewart as one of the villains...so we are even XD)
** I think all of us was waiting for Stewart as a Russian Army General villain...damn he would had really fitted in that role...

[[WMG: Hans Gruber is the grandson [[Series/AlloAllo Lieutenant Gruber]]]]
Same surname after all....

[[WMG: The kid that Al Powell shot prior to the first movie was none other than [[FamilyMatters Steve Urkel]].]]
Just try and say that the little snot ball didn't have it coming...

[[WMG: After ''Die Hard 2'' John [=McClane=] has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.]]
His failure to save the 230 people on the plane Stuart crashes leaves John a broken man that causes him to push away his family and sink into the drunken spiral where we find him at the start of Die Hard 3.