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     Since Ranma is stationed in the Shinjuku ward Lathis will use elements or characters from Get Backers. 
Before anyone says anything I know that the nature of the Getbackers universe means that a full crossover would be impossible but it is possible to take various elements from it or use expy’s. I started reading Get Backers a while ago meaning I had to wait while it was being translated and I think the reason I became such a huge fan of it was that Ban did remind me a little of Ranma but it wasn't I until this quote that I understood why. If you overlook the fact that he's a pervert Ban does seem like a worldlier version of Ranma. They both lived harsh lonely lives, even when they did get friends they didn't last due to misunderstanding leading to hatred of them. Then there's their arrogant alienating personality, so it wouldn't be that farfetched to assume they were related somehow. In fact the only real difference between them is that one was raised by an idiot and the other wasn't. Genma saw anything that wasn't related to martial arts as a waste of time that included school. While the Witch Queen told Ban that, in order to escape his sad destiny, he would have to be smarter and stronger than anyone else. Which is why he studied medicine, chemistry, etc. While Ranma is far from stupid the fact that he got into high school and is able to pass with relatively average if bad grades despite not caring proves that he's more prone to reacting instinctively getting him into a lot of trouble. The manga plays up his brilliance more than the anime does. Both are fighting geniuses and both of their instincts as well as their reasoning ability are that of a Detective & a Battle Strategist. But most importantly there amazing capacity to learn from an opponent lets them jump in power with every dangerous fight. The difference is that Ban's always watches the people around him and can accurately deduce what they are thinking most of the time. As a result he knows what is about to happen and plans accordingly. While Ranma reacts and when he gets a handle on things will lead the person to do what he wants them to. Another similarity they have is the fact that Ranma rarely fights all out. Ban has talent for battle from the time he was conceived. In all areas of battle be it speed, power, battle strategy and predicting enemy moves. He has superior abilities in all of these areas. However he is inexperienced in applying all of these abilities in battle and for some reason does not take battle very seriously. If he continues to do this when meeting the fighters of the inferno dome he will definitely find it a challenge to survive till the end.
  • There are plenty of arcs that Lathis could use since Ranma is going to be a police officer. He wouldn’t be able to use them all but a few would be interesting stories if converted to police cases involving mutants.

    • Get Back the Genius Dog: In the second job the duo ever took Natsumi Mizuki, the daughter of a scientist, has entrusted them to recover her lost dog. Little did they know that there were others who are after the dog, or more specifically, the secrets within it...

    • Return to the Infinity Fortress: The first major arc of the series, Had a lot of things that would work as superhero cases specifically Magami brothers Ayame Magami kidnaps people and performs experiments on them. Procedures such as replacing a ribcage with metal bars adding alloy to sockets inserting plates in front of organs. For example he placed an aluminum plate under a guy’s forehead. Whose brain eventually suffered aluminum poisoning. Ayame’s hair is made of zero gravity alloy. In weightlessness even very different metals like lead and aluminum can be combined. It’s not just his hair his nails, forehead, and the implants in his elbows are the same material. His whole body is a weapon. Ryouma Magami is a dope junky. Anything that’ll alter and strengthen muscles and bones he’ll take it. It took six months of intensive drug injections to harden his arm into pure steel. One sword he’ll never drop. Both are the leaders of a gang of thugs Ryouma’s slave army each one trained by him and enhanced by his special drugs.

    • The Divine Design: Another kidnapping story arc. When tasked to get back some wayward children, the GB duo gets involved in "Divine Design" (or Kami no Kijitsu), a card game from hell...literally! When their opponent turns out to be a disciple of the Witch Queen, Ban decides to look up an old lady from his past for help. But even with her assistance, can they succeed in their task of getting back the children, whom apparently have no intention of going home?

    • The brain trust would also be a good addition a secrete organization filled with worlds greatest minds would be very interested in Ranma after Brushogun.

    • Ogre battle: A battle of demons where only one can win and all will be reduced to blood and flesh. This might be good for when Trigon finally shows up.

Ranma is a mete human
To go along with the Getbackers idea ranma will develop reality warping powers. He is the best because he believes he is. He can learn new techniques so fast because he believes he can. Since he doesn't know that he is reality warping so things go his way when he has confidence that they will. And things go really badly when he thinks they will in the back of his mind. Would explain why he is not surprised when crazy things happen. Why crazy things only seem to happen when he is around, or at least most often when he is around. & why he 'always wins in the end'.

The Fuuchouin Clan exist the the DT universe.
The Fuuchouin Clan would actually work perfectly in Ranma especially given Lex Luthures plan. What do you think of this. The Fuuchouin-ryuu is an incredibly versatile fighting technique that uses white koto strings in battle. The art can be described as an integration of the feminine movements with a surprising amount of power. The essence of the style is that it doesn’t focus on strength, mainly on graceful and fluent moves, its various techniques allow it to both attack in many different fashions and defend against almost any physical attacks. The Fuuchouin-ryuu evolved from the Phantom Restriction Attack of the ancient clan of the Seven Lucky Gods. In that technique the user plays her lute strings to entrap her opponents, she can then send vibrations along the strings. The major weakness of the technique is that the initial attack isn’t capable of exerting the force needed to pull the strings tight enough to slice through flesh. So by twanging the strings; the tightly wound strings, vibrate in response to being stroked. The vibrations are magnified as they travel the strings’ length, generating the force needed cutting into the targets’ flesh. If the vibrations are powerful enough, the targets can even be killed. The actual form of the technique comes from its second major weakness the fact that all opponent has to do is move forward, thereby producing slack. So the actual martial art is based on reading one's opponent, and reacting accordingly. Mental focus and battle meditation are at the core of the Seven Lucky Gods Phantom Restriction Attack. The style involves a great deal of mental and physical discipline relying on logical prediction and move-reading instead of reflex and reaction. So when opponent moves forward to produce slack at the same time Monlon will likewise move back to tighten them. The Fuuchouin-ryuu can be seen as the natural evolution of this the vibrations are created and manipulated by with one’s ki. The art involves a kind of touch-telekinesis using the medium of the threads to channel ones will, shaping the threads in a kind of expression of thought. This eliminates the need of a Lute and allows for a greater degree of versatility. The Fuuchouin style has nothing to do with strength; its power comes from the ki emitted from user’s fingers causing it to vibrate. As the vibrations travel through the strings they give them a strength even greater than steel which allows them to rip through skin and crush bones. This allows Fuuchouin-ryuu practitioners to forgo strength training and instead focus on searching out the enemy’s weakness. A little over 1000 years ago there was a rebellion within the ranks of the Five Tribes specifically Nekoron. The current generation just did not agree with the outdated traditions of the kingdom. Specifically the current eldest son had fallen in love with his concubine the current master of the Phantom Restriction Attack. Refusing to except the fact that they couldn’t be together the two fled taking with them the current heirs of the Seven Lucky God Schools of Martial arts. As well as various tribesmen/women of the Musk Dynasty, Joketsuzoku and even a few Phoenix People and Togenkyo tribesmen. There travel’s eventually led them to Japan where they knew that the first step to survival was assimilation the first of which was giving up the Lute for the Koto. In addition they shared and combined everything from knowledge to bloodlines. However one member of the Seven Lucky Gods decided to go there own way eventually finding the Daikoku clan. The prince and his bride eventually had two children who later founded Fuuchouin and Kakei clans. As the Fuuchouin clan grew so to did there prestiege until today where the Fuuchouin are one of the wealthest clan’s in Japan. The Fuuchouin grew so large that they were eventually divided into four rivaling clans which all practice the art of string fighting. Those are the Fuuchouin (Omote or Outside clan), Kokuchouin (Ura or Inside clan), Higashi Fuuchouin (East Fuuchouin) and Nishi Fuuchouin (West Fuuchouin. There is a strong rivalry and envy between the Fuuchouin-clan, the supposed main clan who is having a “bright” life, standing on the outside and the Kokuchouin-clan, the “shadow” side of the Fuuchouin, who is never allowed to show his face and earn any of the Fuuchouin’s glory. This whole rivalry eventually led to a war between the two schools with the current heir being left as the only survivor of the Fuuchouin clan.

Onmyōdō (陰陽道?, also In'yōdō, lit. ‘The Way of Yin and Yang’) is a basic philosophy of eastern thought and medicine. It’s a traditional Japanese esoteric cosmology, a mixture of natural science and occultism. As well as an initial lesson of the Fuuchouin-ryuu. Onmyoudo is based heavily around the Yin and the Yang. Yin-Yang describes how seemingly disjunct or opposing forces are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world, giving rise to each other in turn. Everything has either a yin or yang property. The extreme of yin is death, and the opposite extreme of yang is birth. Things that freeze, decline or stagnate are all yin. And things that burn, grow or move are all yang. So using human illness as an example, yin is represented by things like colds and tuberculosis, while yang is represented by cancer where cell growth is unchecked. That’s why you catch a cold when your body gets cold, and why you can get cancer if you stay in the sun and burn your skin. Like Onmyōdō the Fuuchouin-ryuu stresses the knowledge, and understanding of the flow of energy; both intellectually and intuitively. The ability to discern the flow of this energy as it changes from one form to the next, how it is aligned, when it aligns, and in what conditions its alignment or flow will change grant the Fuuchouin clansmen the ability to act on this knowledge to manipulate, even change the flow entirely. Knowing how to channel one's energy and to understand its flow is paramount. Fuuchouin clansmen are able to discern not only how the energy is flowing and its unique qualities, but change it as they see fit. This allows them to alter the very framework of their techniques, not just their effect, but their shape and form, their very manifestation. The Fuuchouin-ryuu is not something that something that one can obtain through purity and virtue. Instead the power seems to come from the innate strength of one’s tamashii or soul.

The style uses Koto-strings that are hidden in a medium. These medium’s are created using the ancient Kanuma Emono technique of the selective manipulation of chi. Using this chi, the Fuuchouin clansmen creates pockets of space just below the fabric of our reality. Each practitioner of the Fuuchouin-ryuu personality chooses their own medium. This brings about a sense of individuality between the styles.
Yohan Kokuchouin is going to be the next villian Ranma fights.
Yohan Kokuchouin is the leader of all the Ura-Fuuchouin. However he is biologically the younger brother of their of the Omote Fuuchouin clan. Yohan is shown to be highly intelligent. By the age of six, his wisdom and understanding of the world was on par with a sage. He is an absolute genius. His talents are off the scale in every category. He is quick-witted, observant, intellectual and intuitive; rarely being caught off guard or deceived. Cruel, ruthless and confident in his abilities he remains composed and unconcerned with the situation at hand. Even when the raging fires and dead bodies of his fellow clan members dropping around him, he showed no emotional build up. Yohan displays great indifference to those around him. Feeling superior to all of them, including his own family. They say he was born at midnight like a demon, and he didn’t shed a single tear. During his first bath his gaze was like that of a king. As if all those around him would one day be his servants Yohan was born to the Fuuchouin head family with the stigma in his eyes and could speak words immediately. This was seen as an ill-omen as he could make a potential enemy of Kazuki in the future so his father initially wanted him killed. However due to their mother's pleas, Yohan was secretly adopted by the Kokuchouin family. As for Kazuki, he was told that the child was still-born. When he was young, Yohan's father asks Kazuki's father to let Yohan be the head of the family since he was possibly the most talented Fuchouin ever; but since he possessed the Stigma since birth, Kazuki's father declined the offer. At the age of 6, Yohan then became the leader of the Ura-Fuchouin and soon after that they began their revolt against the other houses of the Fuchouin. In addition to mastering all the techniques of the Fuuchouin-ryuu as well as the art of Onmyōdō Yohan researched extensively into the history of the Fuuchouin clan. It was during this time that he discovered the clans connection to the Five Tribes of China. Through the connections of the Ura-Fuuchouin Yohan discovered another name connected with the Tribes, Ranma Saotome. Ranma Saotome had defeated the leaders of each and every one of these tribes. It was here that Yohan realized that in order cement his supremacy amongst the Fuuchouin and all those connected to it, he would have to kill this warrior. However his plans changed upon the discovery of Ranma’s Jusenkyo curse he would not kill Ranma Saotome he would make “her” his wife. Yohan sees Ranma the same way he saw his brother Kazuki. He saw hatred as simply a form of love. Where others only hated him out of fear Kazuki and Ranma would be the only ones capable of truly hating him. By birthing the new heir to the Ura-Fuuchouin, Hatred fear, despair Ranma would keep piling up new negative emotions, one after another. And in the end Yohan would drink them all up. Along with the last dying sparks of Ranma’s life. Such is the will of Kokuchouin Yohan. Yohan Kokuchouin is the greatest sin the Kokuchouin line have ever brought into this world. An unrivaled genius with the ability to instantly master any technique after seeing it once. He was born with the ability to remember the destiny of man, which most human beings have long since forgotten. His kinship with the spiritual forces of nature grants him the ability to perceive the patterns and hidden potential that exist behind the superficial mask of what we call reality...to see possibilities where others perceive only problems. The ability to discern patterns is key to his ability to unravel the mysteries of life itself, and by gradual experience of this potential he has learned to unlock with the mind the largely untapped potential of the human psyche. In other words, Yohan is aware of himself and his environment on a level of consciousness far more highly evolved than for an ordinary person, and through this understanding he’s gained power over his environment allowing him to do things that might defy ordinary understanding. While he is often described as a mage his abilities differ in that he embodies wisdom while a Mage studies the workings of Universal Power for its own sake. Using this he is able to nullify an opponent's attack by hitting it with another one of perfectly opposite speed and energy. In addition Yohan is able to work with the flow becoming invisible to his opponents senses allowing him to move without notice even against the most diligent of foes.
Ranma will fight in the Queeen’s cup.
The abandoned areas in the belly of underground Shinjuku. This place has no real name because as far as most of the world concerned this place does not exist. The residents of this place however have a rather quaint name for this area they call it the fated underground city of shadows Sodomunado. Regardless of what world you are from compared to the normal everyday life. Money, people, and goods are more easily collected in the underground black markets. So not only is it inevitable that it would be a very lively place but the general knowledge of the place is flesh and organs can be sold.

The existence of the underground city came about during the time of imperialistic Japan where there was a plan to build an underground tunnel to connect Tokyo prison to the Tokyo legal offices. Initially it was build according to the schematics and was supposed to connect to the infinity fortress and serve as the market place for Babylon tower. It was estimated that the underground would ultimately be linked to Babylon city. But when construction of Babylon tower was abandoned, the development of the market place in the underground was also interrupted. The construction of the underground railway that was to connect to the upper floors was also interrupted and ultimately forgotten and abandoned all together. Then the underground city grew and became the base for smuggling however because it is underground it is not known by many people in the above world. At that time there were actually 38 entry points to the city, but most of them have been sealed permanently. There are now only three viable entry points. It is rumored that because the city is now so enclosed half the people who are born here live and die here without ever having seen the sun. As there are no rulers here this area has no laws what so ever. So those with no power are abused by others. Their very lives are on the whims of others.

The queen cup competition which hasn’t been seen or heard of for at least 300 years, is a battle to the death supposedly started by the emperor Caligula in ancient Rome. It’s very much an historic event. The spectators gathered are all shadowy vips of the underworld. They’ve drunk so deeply of the world’s pleasures that human bloodsport is the only thing left that can entertain them. Just as it was with the decadent nobles of ancient Rome. The main prize of the Queen’s cup is the hostess. The princess will love those who emerge as the winner in the queen’s cup tournament. In times past, warriors in the field of battle also used this method to find a suitable wife. However the winner of this competition is not necessarily a man. The one who is most loved by the princess may turn out to be a woman. That is also a huge attraction to the queen’s cup competition. However the one that is loved most by the princess will receive the one this that each and every person that lives in the underground city desires that is the right. In getbackers the actual prize is the right to be a resident of Babylon city. But for Dark Titans it could be something like the power of a god or riches the world has never seen, ect.

Lets say Lieutenant Daizo accidentally or purposefully finds Sodomunado which is where the Queen’s cup is being held in the Inferno Dome he is captured and the others have to save him.

The underground battle is a terrible match where one will be battling strange and alien creatures, and powerful warriors. Word is that you must have a 5 person team and find your way to the hidden arena, the Inferno Dome, before the beginning of the semi-final battles. That is the way they settle the preliminary rounds. Without a 5 person team you would not qualify to participate. So Ranma, Ryu, Natsume, Kurumi which means they would need one more fighter.

     Lathis will initiate this series into the Alterverse 
The Alterverse is a series of fanfics written by Jim Bader, Ross Mc Kenzie, Ryan Andersen, Wade Tritschler, Dreiser, and D. B. Sommers and various other authors set in an interconnected multiverse. Lathis’ has already used various elements from those fics such as Lotion and Perfume. Lotion played a big part in helping Cyborg fix the T-ship showing that she is a scholar the only difference in this universe is that she and Shampoo never had a relationship so while the other kids may have picked on her for being they never had a reason to attack her so eventually left her alone. As for Perfume if she was the elder of D. B. Sommers Perfume she and Cologne wouldn’t get along so well. So she has to be the elder of Jim Bader’s Perfume. Since Perfume the younger went to Cologne she must be the elder on the father’s side. It would also explain Kuno. Kodachi has been drugging Tatewaki since their mother died as her deluded way of making him feel better. The side effect of these drugs is the warped personality we all know and love. Since he’s been away from her so long the drugs have left his system allowing to grasp reality for the first time in years.
Brainiac-5 summons Ranma as well.
While Genma did raise a great martial arts legend, fanfics that depict Ranma’s children show them as significantly more well rounded and can be considered at or greater then the level he was when he was their age. So it stands to reason that given the chance Ranma would make a better teacher to those self-same legendary figures... A futuristic landscape leads to the Legion Clubhouse. Brainiac 5 and Bouncing Boy walk through the Hall of Heroes (with statues of Legionnaires such as Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, Ferro Lad, and others). Brainy says that "they" would never think to look for the Legionnaires there, which gives them a chance to mount a counterattack. Bouncing Boy notes that they are the only two left. Brainy's plan: use the Time Bubble to go back in time and recruit some heroes from the past to help. His research shows that three members of the Justice League once came to the future, but only two went back home. Brainiac 5 also suggested another warrior. Legend states that he was an immortal not only because of the fights he has supposedly won but also because he keeps popping up all over the world in almost every era for thousands of years. Brainy felt that in addition to the justice league this warrior would be the perfect asset. Back in the present, Supergirl and Green Lantern (John Stewart) are ready to stop the next menace to Metropolis. She encounters Queen Bee and Dr. Cyber and easily dispatches them, at which point they turn back into the Justice League's training robots. GL tells Superman and Green Arrow, back at the simulator console, to turn it up. Also during this time Ranma was having another typical argument with akane. Suddenly all four disappear. They reappear in the Legion HQ. Unfortunatly Brainiac 5 miscalculated instead of summoning this immortal warrior he summoned Ranma. After everyone was calmed down Brainiac explained that they weren’t kidnapped maliciously; they're part of a group called the Legion of Super-Heroes, and a team of criminals called the Fatal Five attacked their new HQ and kidnapped their teammates. The League and Ranma agreed to help them. When all was said and done and the rest of the Legionnaires were saved, Phantom Girl explains that they wanted to thank the time travelers by making them honorary Legionnaires, an act which gives them each a flight ring. It's only symbolic, as they can't keep the rings, since the future technology of the rings might pollute the time stream. GA, GL and Ranma give theirs back, but Supergirl announces that she's keeping hers: she's not going back to the 21st century. As she holds on to Brainac 5, she tells them that history said Supergirl never returned from the mission, because she's staying in the 31st century. Unfortunately Brainiac miscalculated again instead of Going home Ranma ended up somewhere totally different. It turns out that Ranma ended up in Kuruda and unfortunately he was female at the time. The people of the Kishulana Dynasty didn’t care how she got there they just saw her as a vibrant young slave. Though Ranma put up a good fight she was no match for the Kossapo style. Ranma was contained, her hands were bound, and she was placed in the arena. Ranma’s tenacity and her refusal to submit quickly earned her the nickname the Amazon. Sadly Ranma was only fighting time eventually she was overcome and subdued just like all the other female slaves. After her rape Ranma ended up in a dark place the only reason she survived was by looking at it as just another attack. Surviving but not forgetting she used it to make herself stronger and once again took to the arena with every fight she would get stronger and stronger. For a time Ranma even gave up the anything goes art and spent all her time unraveling the Kossapo art. Its similarities with Muay Thai were obvious as well as the fact that she couldn’t use it with her hands bound. With her arms useless to her she focused on her legs. Thus the Shadow Skill was created. Ranma decided not to display her skill opting to teach the other female slaves while discretely building up her ki reserves. When knowledge of Shadow Skill passed around Ranma led an upraising becoming one of the first Savaar. With everyone free Ranma began searching for away home. Ranma finds himself in a very strange land (which he quickly deduces is no where near Japan, let alone Tokyo for that matter) where he finds a boy chained to a giant wheel that is being used to grind grain. The boy is pushing the wheel all by himself and Genma feels for his plight and quickly sets about to liberate him. The boy is a ten-year-old orphan and his people are all dead. Ranma decides to take the boy with him and begins to train him in the arts.
The Once and Future Thing storyline will evolve the Time Agency
In every cop move/show when the feds are brought in the cops either have no knowledge of what's going on or are told to keep out of the way. I suspect the relationship between the TA and various super heroes is similar. I mean when Shiva-ranma was first introduce didn't he disintegrate a room full of gangsters. Cronos wouldn't really register very high to the time agency just some loser who goes back in time to steal trash. However the moment Batman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman get involved. He ends up destroying three different timelines. Whoever was assigned to capture him would be very pissed.

  • Very good point. That's pretty much the way I saw it, The TC just don't interact with much of anyone (officially) any more than is necessary. The MiB were the same way in the movies, and if you did find out about them, Flashy-Thingie Ti. I kind of saw it this way, imagine there is a guy who constantly jay walks. No one really cares eventually he does it so much that it becomes noticeable. Not really a problem your just told to make him stop maybe even give him a job. But before you get their a superhero sees him and intervenes. Somehow the guy went from jay walking to being seconds away from destroying the world after creating untold global destruction. the guy is stopped with the superhero going home like nothing happened and you end up not only taking all of the blame but have to fix all of the damage caused.
Natsume and Kurumi are actually Soun’s nieces.
Natsume and Kurumi are the daughters of Mariko Tendo and Hinoma Saotome. Soun and Genma’s older brother and sister. Hinoma was the actual heir to the Saotome style but thrown out when he ran away with Mariko to elope and the title went to Genma. This was a huge scandal so when Hinoma abandoned her before the girls could even talk Mariko didn't want anyone to know what had happened to her. After her husband deserted her Mariko fell on bad times. Happosai who was busy training Soun and Genma lost track of her for a while, only to catch up with her when she was on her death bed. Her last request to me was that I look after her Daughters, and swore him to secrecy about Hinoma. In my own way he tried to live up to that promise. Though he couldn’t raise them himself and their real father gone Happosai watched Natsume and Kurumi grow up, for many years after that. It wasn’t until they were attacked by a bear that he intervened. He knew they needed someone around to show them how to take care of themselves so he taught them the basics of the Anything Goes System and like Hinako manipulated their chi-centers turning them into living weapons. He told them his name was Soun Tendo on the off chance they might find their way to the Dojo. Where as family they have every right to be. Unfortunately Happosai was his usual self when the sisters learned that he was the one who rescued them years ago so was booted out before all of this came to light. Eventually everyone will find out the truth.
The Joketsuzoku are descendants of the Renuncians.
That is the true history of the amazons. It was a widespread but mistaken belief of many persons in the world outside their borders that the women who lived on the island of Nueve Themiscyra called themselves “Amazons” and had sworn off men in obedience to something called, “Aphrodite’s Law.” This in spite of the fact that it was tacitly absurd to ascribe a rule against men and women having sexual congress to a goddess whose very nature embodied the wild hedonistic impulse of the sexes to come together and make “Whoopee.” The proper term for their people was, “Renunciates,” as in that they had taken an oath, to Artemis, NOT Aphrodite, it should be noted, and had lived apart from Men since the middle of the Bronze age as a deliberate act of policy and religious belief. “Amazon” was a Greek term applied to them by Outsiders and not something they much enjoyed having applied to themselves as it tended to be a play on words meaning, “No Breasts,” which implied that they were not even truly women in the fullest sense of the term. Which they most emphatically were, though it would also be inappropriate to call them “Lesbians” as only a few of their number had ever been to the Isle of Lesbos, a former colony of the Greater Scythian Matriarchy that once had ruled a portion of Asia Minor, long before the advent of Doric Grecian civilization. Nor was there truth to the myth that their island was located in the section of the Atlantic ocean known as the Triangle of Bermuda despite that being the popular belief among Outsiders who thought to claim its existence in such an exotic location full of mystery and misconception. In reality New Themiscyra had been founded by refugees from the collapse of their empire that had taken place in the wake of a disastrous war with the Acherons at the end of the Bronze Age period. Their homeland had been taken over by Iron Age barbarians and forced into retreat more than thirty-two hundred years ago and the survivors who were not enslaved had managed to relocate the remains of their civilization on an island in the middle of the Mediterranean, not the Atlantic. As such very few of their sisters had ever been anywhere near to Bermuda, though it did serve their purposes well to allow that misapprehension to prevail as it kept the outside world looking for them in the entirely wrong location. Of course if Outsiders chose to believe what they would then it was no skin off the collective noses of these women. They had even given up fighting the term “Amazon” being applied to them as it was just too much of a bother, like asking why Aphrodite, a goddess of Love and Sexual pleasure, would have instituted a ‘No Men Allowed” rule in the first place when it was the Moon Goddess, Artemis, who thought that men were only good for target practice. Of course their devotion to Artemis had helped foster many of those annoying myths since the Etruscan word for the Moon was “Diana,” the daughter of Queen Hippolyta, who had become the outward face of their civilization since her appearance early on during the alien invasion had made their existence known to a guileless public Having the Nations of the world believe that they were a lost cult of ancient Atlantis was very much to the interest of Hippolyta since it meant that agents of “Man’s World” would be looking for their island in the entirely wrong ocean. Another annoyance that the people of Themiscyra had with the outside world was the persistent belief that they were themselves a colony of Greece when the Acheans had been their sworn mortal enemies as their alliances had been with the long-vanished Hittite Empire. Of course what was of great concern as that their island guarded an underground vent leading directly to the Underworld, a fact that made Themiscyra of great strategic importance to the balance of Power in the world that had nothing at all to do with the political realities of rival nations. The Gods had entrusted Hippolyta and her “children” with safeguarding this doorway…and unexpectedly it had become ruptured. The History of the Amazons begins with their Queen Hippolyta being born out of wedlock as the illegitimate daughter of Ares and Aphrodite. This caused a real scandal in the mounts of Olympus. One that didn’t go away with the passage of the centuries. Even after Ares officially married Aphrodite and recognized Hippolyta as his get, she still felt isolated from the rest of Olympian society. Despite this Ares tried his best to be a decent father figure, and, brought up Hippolyta to appreciate skill at arms and the hunt, treated her almost like a son, taught her all he knew about tactics and weaponry and turned her into a real hellion of a War-Goddess. She loved him for it, of course, but as she got older she started to question things more, letting her mother’s side of her genes take over, making her curious about things like poetry, art and culture. Ares approved of her diversifying interest…at least at first. Hippolyta started to question the savageness of war. She began showing mercy to defeated enemies, taking them as prisoners of war if they appealed to her fancy and spending time getting to know them before taking them to bed for a little fun. She started to see the advantage of not killing all of her enemies, of making villages into tributaries who paid your armies to leave them alone. At first Ares tolerated these new ways since Hippolyta began winning a series of major battles and built up quite a small holding in Thrace…but eventually they had a falling out and a parting of ways. Hippolyta got angry and denounced her father over his treatment of female prisoners. She thought women were literally getting the shaft everywhere, and she thought her father wasn’t even taking her serious enough anymore, even though she was his best general of armies. So she and four of her sisters, who became her loyal lieutenants went to Earth and became Demigoddess’. By this time the romance between Aphrodite and Ares was starting to get a little cool…they’d had about a dozen kids between them, but the Goddess of Love was starting to chafe about Ares always being away fighting battles while she stayed at home and managed the servants who had to look after the kids. One day she took Hippolyta’s side in an argument about whether women were better than men at running their own society, and like that Ares blew a tantrum and told Hippolyta that if she thought she could make such a good ruler than she ought to go out and found her own Kingdom. So she did, Hippolyta and her four sisters went beyond the borders of Thrace into the great Unknown territories along the Black Sea, and there they discovered a nomadic society of Steppe Horsemen called the Scythians living out on the fringes of the Known World. This tribe they discovered had just been in a battle with a rival clan…the men went off to war and got ambushed, slaughtered almost to a man and boy, leaving their women alone to look after the cattle. Hippolyta came across a woman grieving for her slain husband, praying to the Gods for relief, and in a trice she merged with that Mortal and became an Avatar. Same story with the others…and like that they became the five Queens of Amazonia, organizing the women of their clan into the basis for a future army. They conquered the rest of the Scythian tribes and united them into a society of female-dominant horse archers who worship Artemis and fiercely raid the borders of what they condescendingly call ‘Man’s World.’ They’ve been living on the fringes ever since and have since created a very powerful society that’s easily the equal of all the nation-states combined to the South. The Renuncians pushed south past Thebes and well into Thrace itself, laying waste to the armies which tried to stand up against their arrows. The Amazons were one of the first people to use a kind of recurved bow that used horn and sinew to give it extra strength, and with an iron-tipped arrow head they can put a shaft right through a bronze shield at a hundred paces. They were eventually stopped by Bellerophon, Son of Glaucus and an Amazon named Eurymede. His father had defeated his mother in battle, so he learned archery from her and was a pretty competent general in his own right. He took up employment with the King of Tiryns, after which he made a name for himself by capturing a Pegasus and using him to help him kill a Chimaera. After a number of good career moves like that he led an army that stopped the Amazon advance at the battle of Chalidice. With a Winged Horse helping him to scout out the terrain he was able to spot the Amazon positions and outflank them, luring them out where his cavalry men were able to turn the tide against the invaders. After that the Amazons laid low for a few generations, building back their numbers and vowing revenge in their next big encounter. As Bellerophon proved they obviously didn’t live entirely apart from all men after all without men how else other then by adoption would they have had children. They needed men in order to have children despite was commonly believed they did not take vows of total celibacy. Virginity for them was in not having men around they had plenty of sex with one another yet another reason they called it paradise. And as for hating men goes historically even tragically they were anything but as princess Antiope once did to a man named king Theseus of Athens their affair caused ripples of dissention among the renunciate tribal states. Even Hippolyta, who famously had an affair with her cousin Herakles which resulted in a child who herself is a figure of legend. The prince of Thebes came to Them at the head of a small band of Athenian Adventures penetrating deep into hostile woodland, a thousand miles from home along the Southern banks of the black sea at the whim of the wife of King Eurystheus who requested the breast-plate of Hippolyta, as a status symbol of Renunciate power. As one of his notorious twelve labors. The Renunciates welcomed the Greeks as honored guest, and to Their tents with equal ardor. For millennia They made treaties with men and bargained for the right to have children. No one is certain just who started the rumor but word got out that Herakles was out for more than just a breast plate that he wanted Hippolyta herself for his wife. The Greeks had to make a hasty exit from Their lands but in the heat and confusion of affairs Princess Antiope to she sisters collective dismay chose Theseus over her own people. The more reactionary among them called for a war against Athens. Hippolyta opposed this but was voted down by her remaining sisters. The war would ruin them and nearly destroyed the renunciate culture. For a woman to choose a man over her sisters was unthinkable forcing many to question their sequestration from the company of men. The war with Athens had gone bad. Princess antiope was dead and her vengeful son was on the throne of his late father. The final blow came when pethesilea the youngest of Hippoyta’s remaining divine sisters answering the call of an ancient alliance with the people of the besieged city of troy fell in battle at the hand of the great Achilles taking with her a small cohort of the renunciate’s most experienced war veterans. It was as if her death sucked the life out of their nation their enemies and allies alike sensed the decline as a shark senses blood one by one alliances were cracking leaving them exposed on their less defensible borders. Troy had fallen to the Greeks the victorious acheans had little gain for their decade long siege. The rapacious Dorians, Aetolians and Ionians were quick to exploit the sudden death of king Mennilaeus of Mycenea. A decision had to be made by every clan to maintain their traditional Scythian lifestyle as nomadic hunter gatherers or to blend back into the greater world from which they were growing increasingly isolated. But how would they maintain their traditions amid a world hostile to their basic way of life. It was the judgment of their ruling council that they seek refuge in uncontested lands far removed from our enemies and rivals. Going back to a rule by men was of course unthinkable and so began the great migration. The great dispersion of the renunciates. Some moved to the island of lesbos where they maintained our lifestyle for a few more decades. Some chose to remain on our ancestral land both groups disappeared over time. Menelippe humbled by the loses she had sustained at Athens chose to lead her clan afar to the west booking passage with the pheonicians who had sailed afar to a land that lay beyond the sea of Atlantis, modern day Brazil. Hippolyta renouncing the path of Area, her warrior father took a vow to pursue the path of her mother Aphrodite and aunt Athena. The path of peace and enlightenment. Hippolyta lead many to some island in mid- Adriatic. When Diana was old enough she was told that she and every other Renunciate were made from clay. This is also were the tale of her rape by Herakles started as a last act of revenge to that that started their fall. Oriestes another of the queens sisters founded a colony in the Bayankala mountain range. When the last of her descendants died the matriarchal system started.

  • The fact that Cassandra exist proves that the whole clay thing isn’t true. The whole artifact thing will be proven to be a lie as well. You’ll notice that in the comic her father is never mentioned.

  • I think it’s safe to assume that Cologne is well aware of all of this
Ranma and Ryoga are brothers.
In the anime Genma claims to have dated at some point a girl named Atsuko, but he ended up dumping her for a, in his words, "richer, prettier, and kinder" woman; a statement Atsuko clobbered him for. That was Ryoga’s mother she is the daughter of the demoness Cybelle and Razor Hibiki. Her mother after receiving a prophecy that Genma Saotome will father an incredibly powerful child she sent Atsuko to seduce hin in order to obtain that power for herself. Unfortunately she fell in love with him. when he married Nodoka Cybelle gave her one choice. On their wedding night Atsuko using her power of illusions and a love/vitality potion seduced genma but didn’t have the heart to kill him and Nodoka. It was later found out that Ranma was conceived first. When Cybelle tried to sacrifice Ryoga in a last ditch effort Atsuko took him and Ranma. Ryoga’s and Ranma’s rivalry started because when she found out he was the son of her rival she encouraged Ryoga to hate him unfortunately Ryoga ran off and because of their curse she hasn’t been able to find him.
Ranma and Ryoga will be switched with counter parts from another reality for a short while.

It was mentioned in the Reality Warped fanfic that Superran and the Incredible Oni ad traveled to a different universes before. The hilarity the ensures when the others figure out who this Ranma’s real father is would be grand especially because of the fact that he doesn’t know. Then you have Ryoga going Hulk.

  • If you want one of Sups off springs to make a cameo why not have A-ko and B-ko show up. Ryoga is the main character of DT Superran showing up would would take elements away from him but A-ko and B-ko would be an interesting arc. The different histories would lead to some interesting meetings. Batman to A-ko if he’s still alive would just be her grumpy old uncle and robin would just be dick. Then there are people who exist but shouldn’t like the huntress to a-ko she’s batman’s daughter but here she’s just a few years younger then him. there’s no Steve Trevor. Even if there’s a possibility of her being born in DCAU it is a long way down the line. Plus how would the titans react to superman and wonder woman’s daughter. Not to mention B-ko the fact she hates a-ko is an irony that even ryoga will notice. Also DCAU Superman is like what in his 30’s but A-ko’s father is like a hundred.

  • I recommend Ekko not only will you get the the above dynamic but you also get the akwardness when people find out exactly who here parent or better yet grand parents and great grand parents are. Plus she could be the inspiration for Young Justices super boy.

  • Actually A-ko is from a timeline similar to the Dark night universe. Sup landed on earth around 1901goes through his career and eventually marries Lois. They have 2 kids Clark II and Martha. Clark marries Lena Luthur II lex’s daughter and they have Conner. Sup and wonder woman didn’t marry until long after their spouses died of old age. After his past fifty-year career as a superhero, Superman became a pawn to the United States Government and had been used as a participating covert agent during the Cold War. Concerned of his old friend, Batman returning back to crime-fighting and being targeted by the media, Superman visited Gotham City, and talked Batman into keeping a low profile. After that incident (and finding out bruce was still alive) Clark also discovered that the Government was not entirely trusting of him, especially when Joe McCarthy and Richard Nixon called his citizenship into question since (by his own admission) Clark was a foreign immigrant. The Sixties were a messy time of wild and colorful adventure that ended in the morass of the Vietnam War, by which point Clark was beginning to become uncomfortable with the Government of Richard Nixon. After Watergate his discomfort level made him question the validity of working with any official institution that might try and make the Justice League into a tool for political manipulation. And finally they’d had enough and wanted nothing more to do with politics. So he and Diana came to japan and sought refuge, Of course when you get Japanese Citizenship you have to take on a Japanese name which is why they went from Kent to Managi. Clark changed his name to Managi Kent Hiroshi and Diana changed her name to Managi Kent Karina. There they aventually had A-ko who is actually about five or so years younger then Martha’s children. As for b-ko’s history Lex Luthor is her grandfather a master criminal who committed many crimes over the course of his career. But there were occasions when he made a pretense of reforming and cleaning up his act. On one of those occasions he went into business and became quite successful off the patents of many of his inventions. In fact he amassed a considerable fortune during this period ¦but there was one competitor in the business field who gave him competition, Howard Stark. Lex would used considerable fortune to hire women of talent, brains and beauty whom he surrounded himself with under the pretense of elevating the status of women. In reality he pursued a number of clandestine relationships with these women, one-by-one seducing them in order to enhance his own esteem and manly prowess. And when he discovered that his greatest competitor had a lovely and talented younger sister, who was also somewhat nerdy and a bit of a wallflower well nature took its course. They had child who by mere coincidence superman saved when he was a new born the mother nad father weren’t around so he was given to relatives which is where the name Hikaru Daitokuj came from. Eventually B-ko is born.
     Kasumi is a meta human 
Kasumi is a metahuman her time with Brother Blood has awakened a number of mutation and second mutations. Her first ability allows her to perform high-speed calculations. Her second ability allows her to split her mind into several autonomous parts allowing her to run it in a parallel manner like a computer by separating her thought process. For example, Kasumi can use her mind to replay a movie she had watched previously, play a game of internet chess, and focus on battling an opponent without any one task distracting her from another. Right now Kasumi can create three to five partitions, but as her powers increase so will that number. When combined these abilities increases Kasumi’s neural abilities beyond her original biological constrains in fields such as neurokinetics and data analysis. Her mind works in the same way as a computer with unlimited storage capacity, only much faster. She is able to perform several mental functions at once without losing focus on any of them. Also, allows her to instantly recall specific information with incredible speed and accuracy. She's able to store everything that she experiences in a photographic memory which surpasses even Ranma’s in that she is able to retrieve it immediately without the typical human pause for thought. The sheer speed of her thoughts lead into augmenting her analytic ability so that she is able to make snap decisions about her surroundings and create complex scenarios at that same speed. As such, Kasumi is able to track the probability of an event by piecing together stored data. The last ability to awaken within Kasumi is using the principles of wireless power she is able create a network using the electromagnetic field of the planet and transmit electrical energy through it. Since everything on Earth has an electric and a magnetic field. Everything on earth is linked to the network. Kasumi can mentally communicate with (and control) all forms of computers and modern media, letting her access computer files and manipulate programming to suit her needs. She can hack any electronic device and bypass normal electronic security measures with ease. She can decode the electronic flow of information, like steal the information from a credit card's magnetic strip, as well as directly process a computer's information in binary. This skill also enables her to perform acts such as erasing herself from security footage in real time or taking control of Titan Tower’s security system.[35][36] at first Kasumi had to interact with computers in a normal fashion, but as her powers grew this was no longer necessary.
     Luthur will find out about early allowing him to rearrange his plans by inserting him into Ranma. 
Thanks to all of the meta martial artist around him Lex is made away that what is inside of him isn’t cancer. After some research he discovers it is Brainiac. Luthur then goes into his whole we can be gods stick but Brainiac isn’t as susceptible now. So Luthur makes a proposal he will show him just how strong regular humans can be. He some how injects Brainiac into Ranma. Ranma eventually discovers it most likely due to the changes being done to his body. When he try’s to stop it brainiac makes himself known and threatens everyone telling him its to late to stop him. Ranma realizes that brainiac is assimilating with him through his ki so uses all of it to suppress him. then cuts ties with everyone. Realizing he can no longer use his ki Ranma first changes his entire style to be more passive aggressive. While Ranma can still be considered superhuman he can no longer use his ki to reinforce himself so next he thinks of away to absorb ambient ki when needed. Ranma is kind of like Akari from Samurai Deeper Kyo. Brainiac ‘s Data Conversion ability grants Ranma an unlimited supply of energy however he isn’t able to personally utilize that energy. All the Data Brainiac absorbs instantly goes to him which then is slowly filtered into Ranma’s body. Even though he’s sealed he still able to absorb minute amounts of data from the atmosphere as well as from the Ranma’s body (meaning that Ranma is putting his life in danger by sealing him another reason why he learned to absorb ki). This means while Ranma will have high reserves of energy that energy can only be utilized when manipulated outside of his body. He can absorb ambient ki mix it with his own and fire it but he can’t uses his own ki to heal faster or make himself stronger or faster. It takes a while for ranma to figure out how to permanently get rid of brainiac during this time brainiac has locked his curse as a way to gain leverage. When he finally does he heads back to the states. Luthur has been subtily manipulating Ranma this entire time but he finds out at the last second that even he can predict Ranma’s chaotic nature. When he realizes Ranma isn’t going where he though he was he anonymously tips the titans when that doesn’t hold the league. Ranma fights original members and thanks to his time as a cop Ranma knows all their weaknesses and has planed accordingly. On his last leg he’s about to get rid of brainiac. But the fight has given luthur enough time ti make it their to stop him. When the league break out of Ranma’s HSH Ranma-chan lying unconscious on the ground is suddenly surrounded by a swirl of energy when its over Ranma-kun gets up. Braniac is like his comic counter part flesh and blood with three prongs on his forehead. His first words is hello Kal-el. Brainiac is defeated when ranma used the last of his will to stp his movements. It is here that Braniac and Luther reveal they have been working together and fuse.

  • X-COM Nabiki was described as a more extreme version of Balalaika so as a shout out to that and Black Lagoon why not have Ranma hide out as a maid.
A strong well of ki makes gives one greater immunity to telepathy.
Some people are immune to the Manhunter's telepathy, big case in point being Plastic Man. The reason he hasn’t realized that Shampoo and Mousse are spies is that they are immune as well.
  • As for the Martian Manhunter there is only three explanations, probably true one is one already mentioned and that is one where he is away from JLA leaving the team shortstaffed and without him. Other two explanations are either he is there and does know intentions of Shampoo and Mousse (meaning which since Luthor isn't stupid he wanted Martian Manhunter to know), or Luthor arranged some distractions so that Martian Manhunter never gets chance to scan Mousse and Shampoo.
    • It is really quite simple how they could fool the Martians scans, they used gizmo's psionic nullifiers. Nabiki talked about patenting some of gizmo's inventions in The Lost Boy fanfic the was the precursor to the current stories so we can assume the corporation Lex Luther was thinking about taking over could be a dummy corporation that Nabiki sells gizmo's advanced tech out of for a good profit. There is also precedence for this since that thief now known as the partner from the red X story arc used a safe cracking device that gizmo made when the thief tried to steal the red X suit.
Cadmus will try to get a hold of Ranma and Ryoga's DNA.
Cadmus was who Lex was talking about when he said organizations would want Ranma.
Nabiki and Ranma will develop a relationship similar to batman and catwoman.
This is a Bet
What would happen if Ryoga told Akane about p-chan. I wouldn’t be surprised if pretty soon we will see Toltiir congratulating whoever made the better on a job well done in stabilizing a new timeline.
Kasumi will be the herald to the end of the world.
Lathis is setting up Raven for a feeling of isolation. With Kasumi rapidly finding herself a place in the hearts of all of the Titans except for her Raven will begin to feel left out, and her relationship with her best friend on the team, Starfire, will start to become strained when she suspects the Tamaranian is a competitor for Ryouga's affections. Her own confused feelings and the dreams she's hiding aren't helping matters either, and her growing friendship with Ranma will cause her to spend less time with her teammates and more time on her communicator with him, as already seems to be happening. If Raven starts to feel an attraction for him too...well, that might be a real doozy for her mental state and quite the personal mess. While they're not pronounced yet, the trends are in place for a downward spiral if she doesn't take actions to clarify and strengthen her relationships.
The next arc will be about Cadmus clones Ranma instead of Supergirl.
Starting out the clone will be like older more mature version of Ranma. Since he is working with Cadmus he will have access to a lot of high tech training. The clone would also play a big part in Task Force X. Lathis wroth that Ranma hates feeling helpless, because it always reminded him of the Nekoken Training. The Original Ranma has put up numerous mental blocks that prevents him from succumbing to the nekoken. The clone doesn’t have these blocks so slowly he starts to lose his grip on sanity until he starts to act like the Ranma from Susan Doenime and Mike W. Loader’s I’ll meet by Starlight. This Ranma is more than a little crazy, and honor doesn't mean anything to him at all. Showing just what could happen if things had gone a little differently. One different decision, one event out of place, changing... cascading. This Ranma want to make everyone who takes away the control of his life away from him and forces him to deal with their problems pay. Ryoga, Mousse, Nabiki, his Parent but especially the original who allowed them to do it he is weak and needs to be done away with.
During The Great Brain Robbery it will be Ranma’s brain that is switched with Lex Luthurs not the Flash’s.
Ryoga is immortal.
Like Rakkyosai in addition to it’s cursed form not aging the spring of drown boy slows down the aging process of Ryoga’s original body effectively making immortal.
Cologne is toying with Lex.
Because of the Nuban mirror Cologne knows about the nature of multi realities. There are different realities because different chooses breed different outcomes. So allowing herself to be manipulated into joining Cadmus would be the last thing she does.
Ranma will be the avatar for Trigon.
One of Nabiki’s last deals in Nermia before being kidnapped was selling Ranma's family tree info to Gosunkugi. This revealed to Gosunkugi that about 6 hundred years ago that one of Ranma's family had done a deal with a demon called Scath(one of the many names of Trigon) for more power or something like that and that the cost was that a future member of the his clan would become a hereald and avatar for his return. Guess who the lucky person is(the text says that "Chaos in all its forms shall stick to him!")? Gosunkugi, after reading this decided to help the process along by casting a spell... because Nabiki split up the entire Nermia crowd with her idea to go into her new line of work, that Ranma had lost a lot of what kept him going in life and due to to that lost the will power needed to shrug off the spell. Ranma is taken over completely an now Nabiki has to deal with the fact that if she hadn't made that deal, Trigon wouldn't have a puppet that follows his every order and can defeat anyone who stand in his way...
Jusenkyo is sentient.
I always figured Jusekyo because of its magic had at least a small amount of sentience to it. Which is why no one thinks to go to the gender spring the moment they get cursed or go back. Ryoga because of his curse found his way back by accident so while he was still punished his curse was just changed not mixed. You’ll notice that after his third curse he gave up and left the thought of trying again never entered his mind.
Ranma has OCD
Titans and the Lost Boy mentioned that Ranma needs to feel in control. He hated feeling helpless, because it always reminded him of the Nekoken Training. That got me thinking. Ranma is a neat freak, hates a messy room, and will start cleaning a dirty room without thinking about it as shown by his starting to clean Miss Hinako's room and having to think about it to stop (above two pictures). Ranma is rather tight fisted with his money even while in a hurry and being blackmailed he'll try to negotiate a lower price. Ranma will go to food stalls in girl form to get cheaper and/or free food. Ranma is secretive and more suspicious of people's actions. The Nekoken gave Ranma OCD the more severe symptoms were ignored and beaten out by Genma leaving mild quirks that you have to look for to notice.
Kasumi will eventually be the DCAU’s version of Oracle.
Since it’s obviously impossible for Barbara to take the aliases that means the position is open and with Kasumi’s computer skills she would be perfect for it.