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YMMV: Dark Titans
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: The whole basis of this fic is the authors belief in this trope. Lathis is a firm believer in the theory that the only reason Takahashi put Ryouga in the situation of being Akane’s pet was because it gave him a flaw that made him worse than Ranma. If he had only been the tragic figure that got lost and had a worse curse than Ranma, then he would easily be the most pitiable character in the story. Making him her pet gave people a reason to not like him.
    • Ranma as well though his charecterization was pretty close while not all al of of reviewer were Ryoga fans. It’s ironic that a lot of there complaints about Ranma centric fics were complaints about Ranma himself. Ranma centric fics make Ryoga out to be the villian so a lot of them considered him the villain. One fan even called Ranma spoiled completely ignoring the hardships of both his past and present.
    • This is also done in universe Starfire has a very friendly relationship with Ranma but in an effort to make Ryoga feel better she joined him in his rants that is until she found out that Terra actually believed them.
    • Shampoo: fanon creped in quite a bit in this fic. Shampoo IS the 3rd most skilled martial arts after Ranma and Ryoga. Lathis however showed her as being single minded and brutal. While the character of Shampoo was often sneaky, she was rarely as violent or boastful as he made he. Making Akane forget Ranma instead of braining her is just one example. While Shampoo may have issues with learning another language, none gets to be as skilled as she is without having some brains. Though he lather rectified this mistake.
    • Is Kasumi a chessmaster or has she just gone crazy.
    • Lathis has managed to go beyond the cheerful alien girl on the outside, and presented Starfire as someone that gets angry, sad, and even jealous.
  • Angst? What Angst?:
    • Starfire's parents died after she was sent away as a slave by Blackfire to the Gordanians. This isn't brought up at all in the episode she returned to Tamaran. Granted, the comic came out after the episode aired, but watching it again, it becomes particularly jarring considering that Starfire displays no form of grief. Ryoga being the complete and udder opposite of this annoyed her greatly.
    • Ranma shows shades of this as well.
  • Base Breaker:
    • Ranma is definitely this asks any Random fan or reviewer of the fic and they will either say he’s spoiled brat or the best thing to happen to it.
    • Ryoga as well Lathis really captured this guy. No one in Nerima is squeaky clean, and he showed both the best and worst in Ryoga. Despite being the main character, he spent an awful lot of time brainwashed. Lathis showed a nicer Ryoga away from Ranma and how he sort of found a measure of peace. Then he showed a Ryoga drowning in Ranma for the lack of a better term, and it was quite frankly a little scary. He is a tough fighter, and a very emotional guy; and Lathis managed to show both the good and bad consequences of this.
    • Which is stronger the Yamasenken or the Shishi Houkodan
    • Perhaps the biggest Base Breaker is where do Ranma and Ryoga’s respective skills lie.
  • Draco in Leather Pants/ Ron the Death Eater: Considering the premises of the fic this is blatantly obvious. Any debate about this fic begins and ends with you got me to like this character or lately I’ve been gaining an appreciation for.
  • The Eeyore: Ryoga Hibiki of Ranma ½, who legitimately has a lot to be sad about, is nevertheless prone to such heavy depression he's able to use it to fuel a ki attack - one so powerful it leaves a massive, smoking crater and frequently demolishes his opponents in one go.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: The whole point of the fanfic was the fact that Ryoga was this.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Only if you a girl though. Kasumi started to use more of her sex appeal after she put on the Red-X suit. And Gizmo certainly thinks this of Nabiki. However the Brainwashed and Crazy Ryoga Just scared Jinx
  • God-Mode Sue: The author admitted he hates when this is done in Ranma fanon
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Raven’s conversation about Akane’s constantly beating Ranma and him not seeing anything wrong with it will strike a cord in anyone who has read The Bitter End.
  • Heel Realization: This was Ryoga’s reaction when Starfire pointed out that not only was his problems not so bad but there are people in the world with far bigger problems then him. Her included.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight‎: In Dark Titan Ryu fought Tetsuo from Akira who pretty much ignored everything he did anytime Ryu managed to get in a hit Tetsuo would just put up a psychic barrier. Dispite having no experience in fighting such an opponent Ryu was able to figure out that Tetsuo was weak against ki attacks. Two years after Dark Titans started Thrythlind wrote the fanfic Divine Blood where experienced warriors refer to people who think born power means you don't need to train as "Akira’s"
  • I Am Not Shazam: The Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire is a training technique, not an actual attack. It is basically composed of removing several chestnuts from on open fire by hand without getting burned, success means that the trainee is now not only very fast, but accurate. It is used to show exactly where Robin’s skill lie however, for while Ranma doesn’t need to shout to uses his Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs, Robin does.
  • Idiot Ball: When Konatsu fought Billy Numerous not once did he use his Duplication Technique.
  • Jerkass Woobie:
    • Ryôga Hibiki has terrible luck, has one of the worst ever seen cases of No Sense of Direction, the direction issues are inherited from both his parents and so he almost never sees his family, is a dedicated romantic, was brainwash to attack all of his friends, nearly killed the woman he loved. He's also bad tempered and most of his immediate problems are his own fault. He repeatedly blames Ranma for things he himself has done. Worst of all not only did Starfire have to drive home the fact that other people have problems but anytime he tells people about his past instead of telling what actually happened he puts him self in the best possible light while putting Ranma in the worse.
    • Mousse spins a heartbreaking tale of devotion and unrequited love that spans the better part of a decade, refusing to give up on his attempts to woo his childhood acquaintance no matter what blows life deals, to the point that an audience in-series cries after hearing it. However, the object of his affections makes it clear that he's more a Stalker with a Crush who happens to have been a childhood friend than the Unlucky Childhood Friend he sees himself as. There's also the fact that his response to the Love Triangle he's personally caught in as part of the Love Dodecahedron is to literally Murder the Hypotenuse, and as he has very poor vision, even with his glasses, and literally doesn't care who gets in the way. Not to mention his sheer vicious actions when he thought Raven had killed Shampoo.
    • Shampoo, genuinely loves and cares for Ranma, but gets little affection from him. Due to his Harmful to Minors training and a Baleful Polymorph curse inflicted on her as punishment early in the series, he actually runs away from her quite frequently. She's also a stranger in a strange land and has no friends at all outside of Ranma and Mousse (Akane might have counted as well if she and Shampoo had not been rivals in love). However, she knows absolutely nothing about it. She admitted to herself that she believes Ranma is chauvinistic this belief was later used against. The simple fact that she is married to him disproves her belief that he doesn’t respect and wouldn’t hit girls.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero:
    • Akane’s defining trait during the Big Trouble In Little Tokyo arc. He was the one who actually gave Brushogun the idea on how to strengthen his powers.
    • When Akane finally got away from him instead of getting herself away from him she instead went back to Ranma to tell him something that A) he had pretty much figured out already and B) was completely useless to the situation. Not only did she put herself back in danger but Ranma as well.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • Ranma hates feeling helpless because it reminds him of how he felt during the Nekoken training. Whenever he doesn’t feel in control there is a risk that he might go cat. Out of everyone in the series Ranma has the least control over his life. Even getting up and going to the bathroom is met with suspicion.
    • Members of the Wrecking Crew trying to get a library card.
  • Refuge in Audacity:
    • Spring of Drowned Sturgeon. Being a fish out of water was not nearly as fun as it sounded.
    • A blood feud over bread.
    • What Brushogun thought of Ranma’s fear of cats.
    Brushogun: “The fear of cats though, that was just absurd enough to be funny. Who in their right minds was afraid of cats? Not just afraid, but full blown phobia terrified. It was amusing enough to think about, but”
    • Terra learning to control her powers by watching Avatar the Last Airbender
    • The Watch Tower uses AT&T because of their long distance plan.
  • Ship Tease: Lathis repeatedly dropped hints about the Raven/Ranma relationship, and then kept dragging it out.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: There are so many it’s hard to know where to start.
    • Titans and the Lost Boy introduced a disturbing element of the Neko Ken but it was never elaborated upon.
    • Starfire’s similarities with Ranma were never addressed despiteRyoga seeing them as polar opposites.
    • A fight between Neko Ken!Ranma and Beast! Beast Boy.
    • The titans never saw Ranma's curse so we never get to see there reaction to
    • Happossai was never shown taken the Titans underwear WHILE they were wearing it
    • We never get to see the Titans reaction to Ranma defeating Godzilla
    • Even after Brushogun found out about Ranma’s fear of cats he never used it against him he just taunted Ranma with it.
    • Ranma has never used the happo through on any of his stronger opponents.
    • kamehameha vs the hiryu hyo toppa
    • Ranma never asked goku how to fly
    • happosai vs superman.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: The Titans various reactions to Terra's dising of Ranma, especialy Starfire's, as well as Starfire's reaction to her team mates comments about Jinx clothing or rather lack there of.

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