[[WMG: Lita will actually go on her date with Ken.]]
A while back, Ken, one of Lita's [[TabletopGame/DungeonsandDragons D&D]] friends, [[http://www.cheercomic.com/?date=2006-03-30 won a date with her]]. He still hasn't cashed it in yet, which means that he's saving money and probably putting quite a bit of effort into it. Lita will end up being surprised and heartwarmed at the thought of someone doing all that for her, leaving the possibility of more dates in the future.
* The GM would be sure to try and kill their characters more often than usual, though, seeing as he has a crush on Lita as well.
** Lita would probably use her ''charms'' to prevent that, at least for her own characters. Ken's would still be fair game.

[[WMG: 32 is a hardened, amnesic Anne (The Wotch) from the future.]]
The world was destroyed and everyone died by a magical, super-powered equivalent of [[Franchise/{{Terminator}} Skynet]]. Anne was badly injured and her right eye scarred, and decided to go back in time using the last of her powers. This made her lose both them ''and'' her memories, after which she is picked up by TheOmniscientCouncilOfVagueness.
* It also turns out that said council is the ''cause'' of the apocolypse, making the thing one big StableTimeLoop.
** That is, until Jo's wand (and possibly Jo) save the world from them ''and'' the [[AlienInvasion Alien Gorillas]] that Jo so warned against. Mary's pie-launcher will also factor into the victory somehow.

[[WMG: Jo's wand is meant for somebody else.]]
Other than [[http://www.cheercomic.com/?date=2006-07-06 clubbing things on the head]], Jo ''still'' hasn't figured out how to use it. She'll eventually despair of trying and throw it away, after which somebody else will immediately find it and become the MagicalGirl that Jo wanted to be.
** Perhaps Peter? He was recently turned into a girl when the orders were to have him killed and was told to seek out Jo for help.

[[WMG: Alex's parents are actually dead.]]
Given that they're never seen and that [[http://www.cheercomic.com/?date=2006-04-15 she lives alone]], Alex is actually legally emancipated and living off a trust fund set in their will until she reaches a certain age to access everything else. They were never around before they died either, but, by lying to herself and her friends, she tries to keep the memory of them alive.

[[WMG: Lita, or at least one of her family members, is a Werecat.]]
Some time ago, Lita adopted the Werekitty which seems to have taken [[http://www.cheercomic.com/?date=2005-09-06 a liking to her]]. If nobody is already infected, it's probably only a matter of time given the large family Lita has.
* Lita's [[http://www.cheercomic.com/?date=2006-06-01 love of beef]] may or may not be a hint.
** Also, it may be possible that the Werekitty is no longer able to spread the disease, or is too happy and content to bother doing so.
*** It's entirely possible that the Werekitty was nothing more than a red herring in the first place.

[[WMG: Lita's hinted crush on Alex is tied to their former lives as boys.]]
On Lita and Alex's date, [[http://www.cheercomic.com/?date=2006-04-06 it]] [[http://www.cheercomic.com/?date=2006-05-02 has]] [[http://www.cheercomic.com/?date=2006-05-25 been]] [[http://www.cheercomic.com/?date=2006-06-06 implied]] that Lita has some sort of a crush on Alex. It has been established that Alex subconsciously remembers having been a boy. In [[http://www.thewotch.com/index.php?epDate=2005-10-21 The Wotch]], Jo stated that as football players, they were caught up with maintaining a public image of themselves which prevented them from being their true selves. Only after being turned into cheerleaders were they able to pursue their former suppressed desires. It was already established that Lita is now more open about her D&D ties than Leo was.

It is possible that Lita has enough subconscious memories of Alex's past male life to associate her as "guy" and spark attraction. It is also just as likely that Lita secretly had a crush on Alex when they were Leo and Aaron respectively but kept it well hidden (if D&D was considered to have ruined his reputation, then that probably would have also). After the gender swap, Lita's feelings remained the same (which would explain the line "What if I want to enjoy an evening with you? What if I've always -") and her new, freer personality lets her feel safer expressing this.

[[WMG: Leo identified himself more as a girl than a guy.]]

Going with the theory that Leo held a crush on Aaron before they were all turned into girls and considering how open with her sexuality Lita is, it's possible that Leo was secretly more feminine that he let on. Again, he would have hidden this to uphold his "macho" image but the gender swap would have allowed him to be free to live without hiding such feelings.