[[WMG: Yue will get involved in a love triangle in ''Clear Card'' or at least be a recipient of a one sided crush]]
* The trailer for Clear Card shows Yukito, then Yue right as Sakura's says something about "new feelings changing everything," immediately afterwards, it shows either Syaoran or Touya (it's hard to tell because it's only the bottom half of their face) tilting their chin upwards in a way that subtlety seems to imply interest in what they're looking at. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHzHzmif6G4&t=1m18s Seen here.]] This might not be meant to be taken that way, but there are some grounds for Touya to have a attraction. He's in love with Yukito, and Yue is essentially Yukito's true self, is far more attractive than Yukito is, and Touya has ([[InformedAttribute allegedly]]) noticed similarities (he says they're just alike in one episode of the first show.) Syaoran having a interest seems less likely, but still possible.

[[WMG: Tomoyo is an AuthorAvatar]] Aside from acting like an older woman and not being one of Sakura's ThoseTwoGuys, Tomoyo happens to have unlimited resources, tapes and designs Sakura's costumes, and manages to always tag along despite the complete inappropriateness of an unpowered [[{{Muggles}} muggle]] doing so. She fawns over how adorable Sakura is, yet cheers her on as pursues Li. These are all things a writer metaphorically does. Thus, {{Shipping}} Tomoyo with anyone is authorically incestuous.
* Another example of hidden avatars is in TheMovie, where Li happens to have four much older and surprisingly gushy sisters. This seems unusual, given that the Li family's serious reputation is suggested as the reason for Syaoran's initial coldness, until you realize they probably represent Creator/{{CLAMP}}.
** Tomoyo might be as well a supreme magical identity so powerful that can hide her own magic, which would explain it better. Remember Kaho's catchphrase.
*** *Cough* Ichihara Yuuko *cough*
*** One flaw- Real "Syaoran", who can presumably also be referred to as Original Watanuki, has interacted with her at least once, and is rather cold to her, to say the least. If Yuko was Tomoyo, he'd have been much more friendly, treating her as an aunt rather than a potential threat. Also, she would have known his real name, and he would have known that, and as such he would never have used his father's name as an alias in the first place.
*** Negative one flaw- LaserGuidedAmnesia. ''In {{canon}}''.
* In any case she made the doll of Sakura with costume Sakura wears for Final Judgement. Was it precognition that Sakura would one day wear that outfit? She designed costume for Sakura cause of costume for doll?. Did she beforehand, back when made the doll, want Sakura to wear costume? Was it a coincidence the costumes look identical? There is no such thing as coincidence.
** [[YouCantFightFate Hitsuzen]] [[AWizardDidIt did it]].
* In addition, the AU versions of Tomoyo in [[Manga/TsubasaReservoirChronicle Tsubasa]] both had prophetic dreams, and the one in Japan had other powers as well. Given that each Tsubasa version of a character is supposed to be the same basic person as any other version of the character, it's not a stretch to imagine that CCS Tomoyo also has magical powers.

[[WMG: Kaho is the reincarnation of Yuuko.]]
It was at hinted above, in a cough, but derserves to be flatly stated. Yes Kaho has alot of magic of her own. That much we all are aware of. To put it bluntly Kaho has said: [[spoiler: There are no coincidences only inevitabilities.]] That is the big vital clue. Except for the hair colour they look identical! Besides if Eriol is the reincarnation of Clow Reed [[spoiler: although granted half the soul but Eriol got all the memories and magic]], then it makes sense Kaho might be reincarnation of Yuuko. With the TimeyWimeyBall that is ''Manga/TsubasaReservoirChronicle'' I see no reason why not.
* In addition, what with CLAMP enforcing their big-time never-split-up-any-official-couple pairings, it seems doubtful that Clow's soul, reincarnation or otherwise would fall for anyone who was not essentially Yuuko.
** And to further extend this theory, it is possible that Nadeshiko is a reincarnation of Yuuko's as well, regarding her mysteriously early death and the fact that Fujitaka is also a reincarnation of Clow.
** There is a problem, and that is the line when Kaho saids "There are no coincidences only inevitabilities" is not in the manga. In fact in the manga, Kero and Tomoyo wonder if this was done one purpose but, Kaho saids that it is nothing but a coincidence.

[[WMG: Mei-ling was told by the Li family to pretend she made up being Syaoran's fiancee to ensure Syaoran and Sakura end up together.]]
The Li family wants the Clow Cards, and it was becoming apparent that not only was Syaoran losing to Sakura, but the deck (so to speak) is also stacked in her favor. But... if Syaoran were to marry Sakura, then their children would likely inherit the Cards as well as be of the Li stock. And Sakura is less likely to rebel against the Li Family the way Clow did.
* Wasn't it implied in the canon as well?
** Of course not. That would imply that there might be something complicating Sakura and Syaoran's relationship. (And that the arrangements of their relationship would have to be explained in any shape, way, or form) The anime merely has Mei-Ling "revealing" that the whole fiance thing was something she made up as a child, so it wasn't binding and would dissolve as soon as Syaoran chose someone. ....which makes it exceptionally odd that the Li Family let her chase her pretend fiance to another country. But then, there's ''nothing'' about how the Li Family operates either. When Syaoran was first introduced, Kero mentions that the Li family was kinda sinister and a major power in Hong Kong...but all we ever really see of them are Syaoran's sisters who think Sakura and Tomoyo are cute.
** Fanon back in the day held pretty hard to the belief that Meiling, with her lack of magic, is TheUnFavorite among the Li clan. Nobody protested her running off to Tokyo because nobody cared that much about her.

[[WMG: Likewise, the Li Family sent Syaoran back to Japan a few years after the series specifically so he could romance Sakura.]]
Again, resulting in their children being in the Li Family and having the Cards. This is why they're giving him financial backing; an exchange student pass; etc. Syaoran is a good guy and he doesn't want to creep Sakura out with this (hence all he tells her was that "arrangements were made"); and he will treat her well.

[[WMG: Sakura is an ancient ancestor of Milfeulle and Apricot from Anime/GalaxyAngel.]]
* Well, she and Rico do [[IdenticalGrandson look a lot alike]]...
** Which may explain why she resembles nothing like her mother or father.
** Does that make Tomoyo an ancestor of the Blancmanche Corporation?

[[WMG:Kerberos and Yue and Spinnel Sun and Ruby Moon were lovers/mates prior to the former's sealing inside the Book of Clow, which wiped their memories of the latter.]]
Spinnel and Ruby were stated as being "counterparts" to Kero and Yue, and indeed, they both look very similar in both their forms to each other. Also, Spinnel and Ruby needed to hide their true forms from even Yue and Kero until the final test by Eriol, hinting that Kero and Yue had known them prior to then. Then there's the fact that, despite not recognizing him, Kero made fast friends with Spinnel, not really seeming to care that there was a blackish butterfly-winged version of him out there. Clearly they were meant to be an item, and like everything else about Clow Reed, Kero's and Yue's memories of their "partners" were wiped after their sealing. Clow Reed also wanted Yue to fall in love with Sakura via Yukito. He really sucked at playing matchmaker.
* Er, WordOfGod says that Ruby Moon and Spinel Sun weren't created until Eriol was reincarnated. So it's not possible for all four Guardians to have known each other before Yue and Kero were sealed. Ruby and Spinel had to hide because Yue and Kero would have sensed their magic.
* Alternately, [[TimeTravel Past!Spinel and Past!Ruby were lovers of future!Kero and future!Yue]].
* Could be that Clow was just playing match maker again. Once he saw that the Sakura x Yukito pairing was going down the drain, he decided to at least make appropriate partners for Kero and Yue, considering with those two, they don't have much other choices for relationships, so he possibly can't screw this up again, right? So Spinnel and Kero get off well; success there. Unfortunately, Yue is still Yue, so no hope of a relationship with Ruby. Well Clow, you at least you didn't screw up on everything, there's still one couple that worked out. Plus, there's still thousands of fangirls...ahem I mean ''suitors'' for Yue at least..........*cracks up laughing* Okay, okay! Seriously, there's no chance of that. Yue would just reject any fangirl before they have the chance to ask. Clow, just give up while you're behind.
* Something that may indicate support to this idea is that, while Yue and Kero seem to have a motif that matches Clow's (rather solar [yes, even Yue], more masculine, and light-colored), Ruby and Suppi's designs are inexplicably dark, feminine, and lunar. With the advent of ''Manga/XxxHolic'', it doesn't seem too off the bat to think Yuuko was a bit of inspiration for them, intending to match the two pairs together. Of course, Yue/Yukito still decides to screw fate and fall for Touya, but that may have been the original intention.

[[WMG: The ''reason'' Clow tied the Cards to Sakura's soul was in order to create a sympathetic resonance within the soul of the Sakura of ''Manga/TsubasaReservoirChronicle'', thus creating the Wings.]]
Ultimately, ''[=CCS=]'' Sakura isn't going to do anything with her Cards, and they'll probably die when she does; it's highly unlikely she'll do to a successor what Clow did to her. However, the stakes are much, much higher on the multi-dimensional field. The individual Feathers alone are shown to be far more powerful than the Cards.
* It's been stated that without a power source (that is, their confirmed master), the Clow Cards will eventually fade away and die. Sakura has professed her dear friendship with the Cards, and the Cards with her. As such, it's likely she might not ''want'' to do to a possible successor what Clow did to her (but, considering the vastly increased lifespan of powerful magic users, that may easily change eventually); all the same, there is no ''way in hell'' Sakura as she is now would allow the Clow Cards, her horde of life-long friends, to just die, and she would feel it far more important to preserve their lives than to avoid putting one person through a hard time just because the same was done to her - especially considering how greatly she ultimately benefited from those troubles.
** Besides, no one says she ''has'' to do to her successor what Clow did to her. It's ''Sakura''; she could conceivably find another way to pass the cards on. Remember, Sakura was the first person to whom the cards had ever been passed on; it's not like there were ten other Cardcaptors before her to set a precedent. And remember, Kero '''fell asleep'''. If he hadn't been asleep and had stopped Sakura from opening the book and had taught her about the cards ''first''... things could have been a lot different.
** Remember also that by the end of the series, Sakura is stated to have become more powerful than Clow Reed himself, and given that she was only ten at the time, her powers could have increased even further. It's possible that she's found a way (or will eventually) to sustain the cards beyond her death, ''without'' needing a successor to her power. Hell, this could have even been a part of Clow's original gambit.
** Supported by the fact that in ''Manga/XxxHolic'' we find out that Sakura paid her Star Staff to Ichihara Yuuko (the reason has major spoilers for both Holic and Manga/TsubasaReservoirChronicle). It doesn't mention what happened to the Cards or Kero and Yue (we ''may'' find out once Holic and TRC finally finish up, but this is Clamp), but presumably Sakura wouldn't have let anything bad happen to them. So she may have found a way to support them without the staff.
** Most likely, the staff is a conduit rather than the source of her powers. While it may have made it easier for her to use them, she was probably able to give it up knowing that she'd still have her magic.
** Yes, but the staff is also the ''key'' to the Clow book. So unless she wanted the Cards running amok after her death, she'd have to change ''something'' in Clow's original formula.
** CLAMP mentioned in an interview in one of the Artbooks that Sakura no longer needed her staff to summon the cards after the original manga series' end (whether this applies to Tsubasa canon, I have no clue). Clow never needed a staff to summon the cards, he simply created one to help Sakura with her growing powers. All the cards can become dormant within the book, storing power from the original owner (as they did with Clow) until they are ready to be used again. Clow always knew Sakura was going to become the mistress of the Cards and knew she would release the cards in that fashon in order to form a bond with them, as mentioned in the end of the manga. When talking about Manga/CardCaptorSakura and Tsubasa together, I suggest going off the MANGA canon, not the anime, as they missed a whole ton of key points in the anime.
** Not to mention that when Sakura Kinomoto lends the staff to Princess Sakura in Tsubasa Chronicle, she says "It's alright, I still have the cards with me" (or something to that effect) implying that she could still activate them without the use of her wand.

[[WMG: Naoko had magic powers as well...]]
Or at least, she was incredibly smart. Don't remember Kerberos confirming that she hadn't any magic powers, and she created those things with that card's diary quite too well, perhaps she added a bit of her own magic, unconsciously. Also, it's an unwritten CLAMP rule that nobody that uses glasses can be just an ordinary person (Fuu, Watanuki, Satsuki from X, Yukito and ''friggin' Clow Reed'' are fine examples of it). So, her magical powers can be something small, or even God-like ones. (There was another rule for side characters gaining repentine spotlight, but it was a bit less strict than the megane one.)

[[WMG: The entire series was just Mitsuki's fantasy from Full Moon o Sagashite]]
There are lots of parallels between both series: cute, permanently happy girls with guardian angels doing magical things. Kerberos has a plush toy form, Takuto and Meroko have plush toy forms. Yuki can turn himself into a human, Takuto and Meroko can turn themselves into humans. The whole thing sounds like some fantasy made up by Mitsuki to pretend that she wasn't fated to die. Sakura's guardians even have rivals (Spinel Sun/ Ruby Moon), which are just more edgy versions of Kero and Yue. Izumi and Jonathan, anyone? Sakura's friends still have the generic personalities that Mitsuki's friends have, and Sakura loses a parent (Mitsuki loses both). Mitsuki probably felt left out while her shinigami were defying the laws of physics, so I'm guessing she just imagined that she had magical powers and that the shinigami would help her capture cards instead of capturing souls by themselves.

[[WMG: Tomoyo's mother was artificially inseminated]]
This one is pretty straight forward: Tomoyo's father is neither seen nor mentioned and Tomoyo's mother could never love anyone other than her (female) cousin. She also has the wealth to easily get a top donor.
* Possible, but not in the above form. The main issue being that Sonomi is (or at least was) married. In the athletics festival episode where she and Fujikata meet (after quite some time by implication) he refers to her as Amamiya (or something very like that), implying that she got married and changed her name sometime between that episode and when they last met. Doesn't mean that Tomoyo wasn't concieved by artificial insemination but it makes an anonymous donor far less likely.

[[WMG: Tomoyo is in fact, a test tube baby who was partially cloned from DNA samples from her mother and Sakura's]]
Related to the above. Since Tomoyo's mother could never love anyone other than Nadeshiko, she decided that if she couldn't have her, she might as well have her child in a sense.
* So, Tomoyo loves her... half sister? Squick!

[[WMG: Kerberos is an assumed name.]]
He is not really [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cerberus Cerberus]], Hound of the Underworld. Seriously, count the number of heads. Clow summoned [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vapula Demon Prince Vapula]] via ''Literature/ArsGoetia''. But even some atheists might raise their eyebrow at this, so he gave Vapula amnesia and gave him an "obvious" mythological name. People were too busy patting themselves on the back "Hurr! I know Greek Mythology!" to explore further.
* Also. "Clow Reed?" Let's look at that through Japanese intonation!
#Clow Reed.
#[[JapaneseRanguage Crow Leed]].
#Crow Li ("Li" being the name that his descendants eventually settled on)
** Except that the Li clan is Clow's ''mother's'' family, which would make 'Li' her maiden name.
** Also: Clow HAD no "descendants". The Li family are described in the canon as Clow's 'relatives' because his mother was a member of the Li clan, but Syaoran and his lot are not 'descended' from Clow. Arguably, the only one who could really argue to be Clow's descendant is [[spoiler: Sakura]].
#[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aleister_Crowley Crowley.]]
* Following this pattern #41 Focalor is a man with wings.
* Though Kerberos may be a complete [[BlindIdiotTranslation mess up]] of [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cherub Cherub]] -> Xerub -> Kerub which are winged lion, men, bull, and [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment eagles]].

[[WMG: The [[Anime/MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaAs Book of Darkness]] is a MirrorUniverse analog to the Book of Clow]]
Both are deeply powerful magical artifacts that capture portions of a mage's power to be used at the call of a master. The Book of Darkness just got twisted.
* The Book of Clow is used to store and contain the Clow Cards, which were created by the same person. Its not used to capture portions of a mage's power at all. The Book of the Darkness was designed to collect spells from various sources in order to study them. They're nothing alike.

[[WMG: Since Sakura turned the Nothing to the Hope...]]
Sakura has effectively stopped the negation of the positive energies of the other fifty two cards. The world can no longer stay stable and will eventually lead to some mass apocalypse. Mayhap this will explored in Chronicles or ''Manga/XxxHolic''.

[[WMG: The Hope is, in fact, a less depressing name for The Nothing.]]
Because the Clow Cards haven't destroyed the universe any time in the next ten years or so, according to ''Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles''.

[[WMG: The ''real'' reason Eriol went back to England? To teach Defense Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts.]]
With his vast knowledge of both Eastern and Western magic [[spoiler: being effectively Clow Reed and all]], he'd certainly be well-qualified, and he does need something to do after he finishes with Sakura. And Hogwarts *always* needs new DADA teachers.

[[WMG: Tomoyo recorded Syaoran's confession to Sakura at the end of Episode 69.]]
* She was there with her camera.
* She was awake.
* No way would she miss such an important moment in Sakura's life.

[[WMG: Eriol created the design of Ruby Moon and Spinel Sun as homage to Yuuko]]
* The logic on this one is pretty simple. Eriol is [[spoiler: the reincarnation of Clow Reed that contains all the memories of the original]]. Clow Reed was very involved with Yuuko and [[spoiler: wished her to open her eyes when she died, causing her continued existence and a lot of the problems in the ''Manga/XxxHolic'' story]], so he probably was at the very least a friend and must have known that the butterfly was her symbol. So when Eriol went to make Ruby Moon and Spinnel Sun as alternates to Yue and Kerberos he gave them butterfly wings and a darker color scheme as homage to her. It also explains why, despite being a technically [[NoBiologicalSex sexless]] spirit, Ruby Moon [[WholesomeCrossdresser dresses]] and [[GenkiGirl acts]] the way 'she' does.

[[WMG:Eriol and Sakura's Father merge again as the Emperor of Man]]

[[WMG:Sakura is actually the shojo analogue to [[Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann Simon]]. ]]
Think about it. Sakura and Simon both "inherited" their powers/abilities from someone else (Sakura got her magic from Clow Reed; Simon got his HotBlooded nature and much of his HeroicSpirit from Kamina). Both of them are trained by their predecessors in the use of said powers/abilities (Clow trained Sakura by proxy of Kero and Yue; Kamina fought alongside Simon as BashBrothers). Each is a BadassAdorable (Admittedly, Simon only really counts as adorable pre-timeskip). Furthermore, each one has pretty much limitless power/potential (Simon's Spiral Power is ''infinite'' by WordOfGod; Sakura is even more powerful than [[BigGood Clow Reed]] by the end of the series ''[[ChildMage as a ten year old]]'', there's NO WAY she won't grow stronger). Finally, each gets kind of screwed over in terms of interpersonal relationships - Simon: his first crush falls in love with his bro Kamina, who promptly dies in the next battle, one of his closest friends performs a HeroicSacrifice near the end of the series, and his wife disintegrates immediately after exchanging their vows, ''and'' it's implied [[WhoWantsToLiveForever that he'll carry that pain until the end of time]]. Sakura: Well.... For the sake of brevity, just go and look at TearJerker/CardCaptorSakura.

Afterthought: Each has BewareTheNiceOnes as their M.O.

[[WMG: Clow Reed got his inspiration of creating Clow Cards from [[Series/KamenRiderBlade the undead]]]]
Just that he had to change the pictures of all the cards to avoid plagerism. Said re-edition results in the majority of the Clow Cards being in BishounenLine.

[[WMG: Tomoyo's mother's company is Piffle Princess.]]
Let's face it, the products Tomoyo brings out from her mother's company look very similar in terms of design to Piffle Princess products that appear in other CLAMP manga. While Icchan is responsible for Piffle Princess's [[Anime/KidouTenshiAngelicLayer Angelic Layer]] branch, there's nothing to suggest that he's in charge of the whole company. It would also make sense, considering that one Tomoyo in ''[[Manga/TsubasaReservoirChronicle Tsubasa]]'' was president of Piffle Princess. It would also explain why in later series like ''Manga/DrugAndDrop'' Piffle Princess has branched out into clothing.

[[WMG: Syaoran is descended from a child of Yuuko and Clow.]]
(Copy and pasting from ''Manga/XxxHOLiC'' since it's relevant. Spoilers are for that series.) Syaoran is stated in CCS to be 'Clow's Relative' and it's mostly been assumed that he's descended from a cousin of Clow's from the Li Clan. But we are never given a reason for Yuuko's [[spoiler:death, although her youthful appearance suggests she was physically young (excluding any influence her magic had on her ageing)]], and it's never said that Clow never had children. What if Yuuko [[spoiler:died giving birth and Clow's grief at this is what caused him to wish to see her once more]]? Clow could have left the child to be raised by his Li family, knowing that he would have to [[spoiler:fix the problems said wish caused throughout space/time]]. This could also mean that Meilin is also directly descended from them which would explain some of her physical resemblance to Yuuko.

[[WMG: Meiling is the reincarnation of Yuuko, and Clow should never give relationship advice]]
Many people seem to say that Meiling has at least some resemblance to Yuuko in some ways physically. It IS possible that Clow had looked into the future and attempted to predict the outcome of certain relationships. It was shown in both the anime and manga of card captor sakura that at least in this term he was completely and utterly WRONG. In other words, Clow predicted not only that Yukito and Sakura were to fall in love based on the feelings Yue had had for Clow, but also that Meiling and Syaoran would end up together based upon the relationship we can assume Clow may have had with Yuuko in his life. However, because love isn't really something that can be controlled or tracked, he was wrong on both accounts and Sakura and Syaroan ended up together.
* How can Yuuko have a reincarnation when at this point she's [[spoiler:still between life and death]]?
** TimeTravel.

[[WMG: Syaoran and Sakura are [[Series/TheXFiles Mulder and Scully]], respectively.]]
* This makes sense, given Creator/{{CLAMP}}'s penchant for parallel universes. Or possibly they're living new lives after somehow losing memories of their old ones.

[[WMG: Yukito has his memory modified regularly]]
* This would solve some discrepancies involving his grandparents. They don't exist, but Yukito always says that they're out when someone's in his house. To start with, his grandparents have to had told him that they were going out, but they can't do that if they don't exist. So one reason on how this would work is that Yukito is implanted with memories of his grandparents every so often, when no one is around.
** Example: In the Illusion Card episode, Yukito brings Sakura to his house and claims his grandmother changed her clothes. If the above theory is correct, then Yukito did change her clothes, but his memory modifier kicked in and altered his memory so that his grandmother changed her clothes. Perhaps this memory modification is one reason (but not all of them) that he needs so much food...

[[WMG: The Libra, prior to being caught, was in the possession of Yamazaki.]]
[[LivingLieDetector The Libra]] is supposed to tell if someone is lying or not. It would probably be drawn to ConsummateLiar Yamazaki. It may possessed Yamazaki and whenever he'd start lying, he would immediately ''say'' that he was lying. It's pretty clearly a Special card, too, as it has no offensive, defensive, or binding abilities. Most likely, because it's a Special card, Sakura never had to attack Yamazaki to get it. She just had to recognise the card was there and that something was deeply amiss (like with The Illusion, where she didn't have to call out its name to force it back to its natural state; she just realised something was wrong).

[[WMG: Touya isn't Sakura's real brother.]]
This theory is mainly based on the fact that Touya doesn't resemble anyone in his family, personality-wise or physically. The only thing that connects them is that they have the same ears and [[spoiler: Clow's magic, but that says is that he's descended from someone with the same Magic as Clow.]] As for earsówell, that doesn't say much.
* He has Nadeshiko's hair color and Fujitaka's eyes. The problem is that the anime changed her hair color, which made Touya's dark hair stand out in a family of brunettes.

[[WMG: Syaoran is involved with the Clear Cards.]]
Syaoran always seems to be uneasy whenever it is brought up. When there is a scene showing Syaoran's compass board, there are a number of floating orbs on top of it, which also corresponds to the number of Clear Cards that Sakura has.

Whether he is the one who created them or not is yet to be seen.
* Then in Chapter 19, [[spoiler:he has a blank card (which has some kind of wind-attribute) and uses it to subdue Blaze. He even hides the card when Sakura and Tomoyo approached him after securing it.]]

[[WMG: Akiho Shinomoto will be revealed as the antagonist for the Clear Card arc]]
She's the cloaked figure from Sakura's dreams, a rival magical girl intent on claiming the cards for herself. In addition, her guardian Yuna D. Kaito and her plush toy Momo are her guardians, akin to Kero and Yue or Spinel Sun and Ruby Moon
* She's a relative of Clow Reed, similar to Syaoran Li. Specifically she is from the same family as Clow Reed's father.

[[WMG: Sakura Kinomoto is [[GodModeSue GOD]]!]]
From shortly after her tenth birthday to shortly before her twelfth birthday she goes from being a slightly prescient, sporty above-average schoolgirl to the most powerful sorceress in her timeline's history. So, logically, by the time she comes of age she'd have so much power she could use the Return card to go back to when time was at zero and initiate the whole of creation.

[[WMG:Yuna D. Kaito is a RedHerring and the true member of the Magicians' Society is Akiho.]]
Sakura wouldn't assume that her rival is the transfer student who shares similarities with her and has become a friend. Eriol warns her about Yuna, but that's only because he's covering for his master.