[[WMG: Detective Gage is [[Comicbook/BirdsOfPrey Misfit's]] father.]]

He's hinted at having some bad things happen in his past, no mention was ever made of Misfit's dad, and he's just old enough for it to be biologically possible. When Babs asked him, he wouldn't say why he transferred to Gotham, but we know he's not from the city originally. Maybe he lived in that poor Metropolis slum as a kid, got an older woman pregnant, but wasn't actually involved in Charlie's life. Years later, he hears that his old girlfriend and her kids have died in that fire, but a few months later gets word of somebody with his daughter's name in foster care in Gotham. So he moved to be closer to her, but may or may not have ever approached her.
Think about, "Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe?" Maybe the hyphen was to remember him by?
* ....holy crap, that makes so much sense it is '''''scary'''''. I can't believe I never even made the name connection, let alone the rest. Bryan Q. Miller really does seem to be [[TheKnightsWhoSaySquee a big fan of]] ''Comicbook/BirdsOfPrey'', he mentions them every third issue and has his characters just ''[[{{Squee}} gush]]'' about them, I would completely believe that he'd try to incorporate some of their history into his story.

[[WMG: Steph's series was a SpringtimeForHitler]]
Its apparent that Dan Didio doesn't like Steph or Cass. Its apparent he doesn't want them published, and he's gone on record expressing a lack of respect for her series (despite high critical praise and sales to put many other comics to shame). So, why did he allow it to happen? Because he wanted it to fail. He wanted something to prove to himself and others that she's not nearly a big a deal as her fans think, so he can rub their noses in it. He gave the series almost no publicity, had a writer who was yet to write anything besides a few episodes of Smallville on writing duties (thereby ensuring no creator followers, which tend to be a big help in launching a new series), and chose to give her a title belonging to an equally, if not more popular character, ensuring that Cass fans would get annoyed and be less then willing to follow it.

However, as it turns out, Bryan Q Miller is an incredibly talented writer, who was able to turn it into a reasonable success. Had the series got a bigger push, had Miller written stuff prior and have the following he has now, and had it not be used to drive a wedge between Cass fans, the series could have had double the success it had.