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Iron Mask is played by Mikhail's actor.
Maybe they never saw GARO Makai Senki?
  • Jossed. They were seen in the same frame together.

Rena will be joined by more JKT48 members.
It can't really be just her alone out of so many, right?
  • Confirmed. Frieska Anastasia and Ghaida appeared as a cameo. And then Haruka Nakagawa will join too, along with Gackt.

Mikhail is actually Reza, Ray's little brother.
I mean, come on. They both have the same blood type, AB Negative.
  • Confirmed in #16.

Mikhail is Azazel.
The first time we see Azazel is after Mikhail got captured. Maybe Azazel is a Brainwashed and Crazy Mikhail?
  • Confirmed. As seen in episode 13, Mikhail was infused with the black Power Stone by Rasputin, causing him to become Azazel against his will.

Bima will aquire the other Power Stones
With their aquisition will come either new elemental powers, new mythological beasts, or new forms.
  • Somewhat doubtful. The show only runs for 26 episodes, and the Mid-Season Upgrade is scheduled to appear at around episode 23 or so. As of this writing, 15 episodes has passed, which leaves us with only 8 episodes left before the upgrade. Looks like there won't be time to write in Bima getting the other power stones.
    • Averted. A preview shows him with a new weapon that looks like Iron Mask's claw, and it's colored blue. Looks like Bima will get some of the Power Stones after all.

In the next few episodes, Bima and Azazel become Sibling Team
  • Notice the stone tablet with two Garuda Knights inscribed on it in #21. At first glance, it might just be an ordinary stone tablet, but this could be a Foreshadowing about Ray and Reza destined to defeat Rasputin.
    • Confirmed in #24.

This season will end in a cliffhanger
Come to think about it. The heroes are depowered, and the previews for the final episode doesn't really reveal much. Either Rasputin will get away, or there's a Bigger Bad/Man Behind the Man. Point is, this season will end in a cliffhanger that bridges to a second season.
  • Confirmed. A Bigger Bad by the name of Black Priest now takes the throne of villainy. His first step is to raise Iron Mask Back from the Dead.

There will be a new hero that assist Bima and Azazel during second season
  • Confirmed. From #21 of second season onwards, there's the third Satria: Tiger Knight Torga