[[WMG:ATHF is [adult swim]'s version of Teen Force.]]
Teen Force was a forgettable, obscure short-lived Creator/HannaBarbera show from the 80's. It was a PowerTrio featuring Moleculad, a shapeshifter, Elektra, a master of telekinesis, and Kid Comet, who has superspeed. Their companions were a pair of aliens called the Astromites. TheyFightCrime.

ATHF also features a PowerTrio like that. Frylock has telekinetic abilities. Meatwad is a shapeshifter, but can only do a handful of shapes and is dumber than sin. And Shake.... is just about the laziest, most vainglorious creature on the universe. And they're antagonized by a pair of aliens called the Mooninites. Originally, the fought crime, but now they just sort of... do stuff.

ATHF was intended to be, on a slightly less obvious level than ''WesternAnimation/SpaceGhostCoastToCoast'', ''WesternAnimation/HarveyBirdmanAttorneyAtLaw'' or ''WesternAnimation/{{Sealab 2021}}'', adult swim taking the piss out of an old, horrible Creator/HannaBarbera show. That would at least explain were the "Teen" and the "Force" in the show's name came from.

[[WMG:Carl and the other characters are in hell.]]
Do I really need to explain this one?
* The four of them were killed in an explosion at a fast food restaurant, and doomed to ironic punishment forever! Semi-Competent manager Frylock, layout Mastershake and newly employed school drop-out Meatwad were made to take the forms of the awful food they served. Carl, who had just pulled up in his new car to order to go was cursed to come back as the most horrific thing in existence.....himself....

[[WMG: ATHF is Instrumentality gone horribly, horribly wrong]]
Yes, it's another Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion theory!
* Shinji is Frylock, Gendo is Master Shake, Meatwad...doesn't have a brain because Shinji forgot about it. And Carl is just a not-so-innocent, constantly victimized bystander.
** Oh, and the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past is ''clearly'' an Angel.
*** Carl is Toji and Meatwad is Kensuke, what else?
* The Mooninites? Rei and Asuka. Your choice which is which.
** How is it not obvious to the previous poster that Rei is Ignignokt and Asuka is Err?
** Also, does this mean the Plutonians are Touji and Kensuke (Emory and Oglethorpe, respectively)?
* And where's Misato in all this?
** She and Ritsuko are the sirens holding John Kruk (Kaji) hostage.
* ...And Dr. Weird is Keel Lorenz. It all fits!

[[WMG: Jesus Ezekiel Jesus is the actual Prophet Ezekiel]]
Frylock states that JEJ's age is over 4000 years old. Since Meatwad has repeatedly demonstrated greatly advanced intelligence, it may be that he recognized him and gave him his proper name. Possibly from his experience as a Time Lord.

[[WMG: All the characters are figments of Carl's imagination]]
The man is clearly a mentally unstable unemployed shut-in, and the aqua teens are... '''giant talking food''.
* This would explain why the cops stop answering his calls.
** And how all the characters can die and come back again with no other explanation.
* Big hole there. Frylock moves out in one episode and is discriminated against by a completely different person because he's a flying box of french fries.
** That guy is a figment of Carl's imagination. Just because he wasn't in that scenario, doesn't mean he couldn't dream it up.
*** He would believe (correctly) that everyone else other than him would consider them freaks.
*** The LiveAction episode states the the characters are based off of the "writer's" actual life. His (human) landlord is Frylock, he's Shake, an exercise ball is Meatwad, Carl is a friend, and Dr. Wierd owns a fun center.
* Carl claims to "work from the home". Even if that's not part of the delusion, everything but the "unemployed" bit can still be true.

[[WMG:Any and all speculation (including this) about the series, its plot, its characters and so forth are completely meaningless because it's the pinnacle of dadaist absurdism...as in 'just a bunch of random tasteless jokes'.]]
* [[WesternAnimation/KimPossible Seriously.]]

[[WMG:Meatwad is not as dumb and gullible as he acts.]]
He's only pretending to be stupid to see if Frylock and Shake like him no matter what. Obviously its not the case: Shake treats him like crap and Frylock is annoyed by him. That's why he has hidden psychopathic tendencies, as shown in the episode "T-Shirt of the Living Dead" for example.

[[WMG:The series finale will be titled "The New Beginning" or something of that caliber.]]
Because almost all the season finales were titled as if it were the GrandFinale.
* Jossed: the final episode is titled "The Last One Forever and Ever (For Real This Time) (We Mean It)".
** That was not the real finale (the real one was uploaded 3 days afterwards on the AS website). Still jossed all the same, as it was named "The Greatest Story Ever Told"

[[WMG: The series covers an entire multiverse.]]
Hence why there seems to be no continuity, the episodes where main characters die are simply other universes.

[[WMG: Dr. Weird created all the monsters (save the aliens and the incredibly long lived ones), and the technology used by other characters to create monsters and other weird events in this universe.]]
Where else could they come from? He's certainly crazy enough to have made them!

[[WMG: Carl is Finn from Adventure Time.]]
Distraught over the death of his best friend Jake at the ripe old age of 17, Finn gives up on life, packs his bags and goes to live among the ruins of a human city in a far away land. After putting on a considerable amount of weight, going through a very unkind puberty and becoming obsessed with the relics of human culture, he wakes up one morning to discover sentient food from within the city has moved in next door. Dr Weird is the Ice King, who has captured Princess Bubblegum after Finn left and has become obsessed with learning science to impress her.
* Still can't explain why the hell there are other humans in the show. Carl/Finn couldn't have made them, Carl stated the he has no children conceived because he had no sex in his life.
** Dr. Weird could've made Steve, but his experiment failed and more humans were made.

[[WMG: Dr. Weird is Space Ghost's father]]
Both are massive {{Cloud Cuckoolander}}s and they aren't too diverse in appearance. And since [[spoiler: Dr. Weird created the Aqua Teens]], that's probably how they met Space Ghost.

[[WMG: Dr. Weird created [[MadokaMagica the Incubators]].]]
Hey, we somehow managed to fit in ''Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion''. Did you really think this WMG page could remain ''Madoka''-free forever?

[[WMG: The series will have NoEnding.]]
Or at best an abrupt ending to mark the GrandFinale.
* [[spoiler: Kinda both jossed and confirmed? Last One Forever and Ever, etc. had a proper Grand Finaleish ending, but then Greatest Story came out and fit this WMG more.]]

[[WMG: They're going to pull a Ken Akamatsu on us.]]
They're going to start a new series. At first it's going to look completely new or at best marginally related to Aqua Teen. Then slowly more and more Aqua Teen elements are going to be incorporated and before we know it it's been a StealthSequel the entire time.

[[WMG: Alternately, we'll finally get the Spacekataz spinoff.]]
In a perfect world maybe.