[[WMG: Amelia Bedelia is not a native speaker of English.]]
It's the only way that she can suffer from such chronic BluntMetaphorsTrauma and still have gainful employment.
* Seemingly {{Jossed}} by the ''Young Amelia Bedelia'' books, which clearly present her as an all-American girl.

[[WMG: Amelia Bedelia has Asperger syndrome.]]
This mild form of autism is the other major cause of BluntMetaphorsTrauma. Other people have [[http://www.doliferight.com/blog/2008/09/15/amelia-bedelia-must-have-aspergers-syndrome/ noticed this]].

[[WMG: Amelia Bedelia actually does understand the directions she's given]]
She just deliberately [[BotheringByTheBook bothers by the book]] as revenge against employers who have given ambiguous instructions and reprimanded her for following them.
** One could assume that most of the time she obeys instructions with perfect understanding, it's just that from time to time she sees fit to take revenge, for her own amusement (the ingredients and recipes for her amnesty-inducing treats are procured in advance.)
* An amusing idea, but again, if you accept the ''Young Amelia Bedelia'' books as canon, it's not so. She really does just take things literally.

[[WMG: Amelia Bedelia is having an affair with Mr. Rogers.]]
You don't think cookies alone are a good enough reason to keep someone like that around, do you?

[[WMG: Amelia Bedelia makes even better cookies than the books imply.]]
* [[WesternAnimation/SouthPark "Mmmmmmm, that's a good cookie!"]]

[[WMG: Amelia Bedelia is having an affair with [[Literature/TheMagicSchoolBus Ms. Frizzle]] ]]
* You mean to say Amelia Bedelia is a Time Lady?

[[WMG: Amelia Bedelia is a distant relative of [[{{LiveActionTV/Blackadder}} Baldrick]]]]