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''To Heart 2'' is a Japanese VisualNovel developed by [[Creator/{{Aquaplus}} Leaf]]. It is a sequel/spin-off series of sorts to ''VisualNovel/ToHeart''; it is set in the same universe, albeit two years later with a completely new set of characters.

The story follows Takaaki Kouno's daily life in high school alongside his childhood friends Konomi Yuzuhara (who just graduated from middle school) and Tamaki Kousaka. The story follows the same lines as the original ''To Heart'', where Konomi's feelings for the [[UnluckyEverydude male lead]] blossom.

The series also has an adult GaidenGame, ''To Heart 2: Another Days'', that [[AscendedExtra focuses on the secondary characters of the series]].

A thirteen-episode {{anime}} series adaptation produced by Oriental Light and Magic and directed by Norihiko Sudō aired in Japan between October 3, 2005 and January 2, 2006. It was subsequently followed by three [=OVAs=] in 2007, two more in 2008, another two in 2009, and yet another two in 2010.

For some strange reason, somebody made a CGI short featuring the characters, by the name of ''[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQ1bEKMWfCY Funky Cat Maybe]]''. It's basically a ZombieApocalypse but with PuniPlush dancing {{Cat Girl}}s instead.

More recently, Aquaplus (Leaf's partner that releases Family Friendly versions of the ''To Heart'' games to the consoles) developed and released an EasternRPG [[GenreShift adaptation]], titled ''[[http://aquaplus.jp/th2dt/index.html To Heart 2: Dungeon Travellers]]'' for the UsefulNotes/PlaystationPortable, featuring all the girls up to ''Another Days'' in a fantasy setting (yes, [[NinjaPirateZombieRobot even the Robot Maids are there too]]), which in turn was adapted into an [=OVA=] in early 2012. ''To Heart'' characters also appear in Leaf/Aquaplus' fighting game collaboration with Examu, ''{{VideoGame/Aquapazza}}''.

!!This show provides examples of:

* ADayInTheLimelight - Each episode is centered around the girl of the day.
* AgentMulder - Karin Sasamori.
* AlternateUniverse - Yuuki Kusakabe's {{time travel}}ing hijinks is this.
* AnachronicOrder - The episodes are presented in a thematic way, so the events in the episodes are often out of chronological order.
** However, before most events in each of the episodes, there is a cutscene to a blackboard which shows the current date. Using this, the chronological order of events can be deduced.
* ArrangedMarriage - In Charu's route in ''Another Days'', Takaaki rescues her from such by declaring himself to be her fiancee.
* ArtShift - Of a subtle variety: Takaaki's hair color changed from dark green back to his original brown, and Manaka's dark brown hair became light brown.
* AscendedExtra / DemotedToExtra: With the exception of Konomi and Tamaki in their special route, the ''Another Days'' game sequel swaps the roles of the winnable characters and the supporting cast.
* BeachEpisode - The second episode of the OVA.
* BigFriendlyDog - Konomi's [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_English_Sheepdog Old English Sheepdog]] Genjimaru.
* {{Blackmail}} - How Karin "convinced" Takaaki to become the Mystery Club's second member.
* BleachedUnderpants - Inverted, the adult version of the game was released one year ''after'' the original, clean version.
* BokeAndTsukkomiRoutine - Yocchi and Charu seemingly have this kind of relationship in ''Another Days''.
** Sango and Ruri could be seen this way to a degree as well.
* {{Bowdlerise}} - The PSP port of the game has [[http://www.sankakucomplex.com/2009/08/11/toheart2-checked-by-sony/ a ridiculous instance]] of this. (NSFW)
* ButtMonkey - Yuuji
* CherryBlossoms - It's even in the opening theme of the show!
* ChildhoodFriendRomance - Konomi's developing feelings for Takaaki in the last two episodes.
* ClassRepresentative - Manaka
* ContinuityNod - Marianne, Sasara's close friend, is from the same year as [[CuteBruiser Aoi Matsubara]] and [[PsychicPowers Kotone Himekawa]] from the original ''To Heart''.
* CoolBigSis - Tamaki to both Konomi and Takaaki.
* CrashIntoHello - Yuma, into Takaaki, on her bike at the beginning of episode 4. Up until she admits otherwise, she sees him is her sworn rival.
* DeadpanSnarker - Charu, especially in ''Another Days''.
* DisabledSnarker - Ikuno.
* DoNotCallMePaul - In the epilogue to the second ''Another Days'' OVA, Karin calls Yuma "Yuma-chin." Yuma is not amused, given that Karin was prying about the [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming the events of the previous night]]...
** In the game (Sasara's path), Marianne tried to pick out a cute nickname for Tamaki, such as "Tama-Tama". Tamaki is not amused. Marianne settles with "Tama-chan" much to Tamaki's annoyance.
* EarlyBirdCameo - The Himeyuri twins appeared in ''To Heart: Remember my Memories'' in a speaking cameo role. It is assumed that the disk that Sango gave to Nagase was [[ContinuityNod a copy of Ilfa's OS]].
** This is amazing in that at the time, the latest model of the HMX series was Serio, HMX-13. What Sango gave to Nagase was the OS for Ilfa, ''HMX-17,'' which proves just how much of a TeenGenius she is.
** That episode aired '''three days''' before the VisualNovel was released.
** Konomi Yuzuhara appeared in the sixth {{Omake}} of ''To Heart: Remember my Memories'' as Akari Kamigishi's opponent. No one knows who won though.
* EveryGirlIsCuterWithHairDecs - Most notably, Manaka's hairclip--or the way she wears it.
* EveryoneCallsHimBarkeep - With the exception of Takaaki, everyone in his class calls Manaka "[[ClassRepresentative Iinchou]]."
* FanTranslation - The Visual Novel itself is interesting in that over the last 7 years there have been a number of attempts to translate ''To Heart 2'', but they've all fallen apart with nothing to show for it. However there is presently a one man translation team out there that has translated a good number of the routes. It's a rather rough translation (the translator admits to skipping the proofreading because everyone wanted the patches so badly) but it gets the job done.
* FirstNameBasis - Played with in the first episode of the ''adnext'' OVA series. Takaaki's [[HaremGenre Harem]] gets wind of the news that both him and Manaka are apparently on a first-name basis (thanks to Yuuji, who was acting out a hilarious sketch), and they all chase him around to get him to use their first names (in some cases, it's dropping any honorifics entirely). Some (particularly Ruuko, Yuma and Konomi) don't quite realise they were ''already'' on a first-name basis with him. Gets especially hilarious in Tamaki's case, as he ends up using a much more distant "Tamaki-sama". In fact, the robot maids even get in on it, and more surprisingly, [[spoiler:Konomi's mother, Haruka gets in on it as well]].
* GenreShift - ''To Heart 2: Dungeon Travellers''. With lots more {{fanservice}}. For starters, Tamaki dons an outfit with something close to an AbsoluteCleavage while Yocchi sports a ChainmailBikini.
* GenkiGirl - Marianne.
** Also Yocchi, particularly in ''Another Days''.
* GenreSavvy - Manaka's sister Ikuno, in the second episode of the OVA, dissects the character archetypes of [[CoolBigSis Tamaki]], [[UnluckyEverydude Takaaki]], and [[LikeBrotherAndSister Konomi]].
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar - So Konomi's mother (Haruka) is going out with her husband on Saturday, and Takaaki has to watch her child (Konomi) '''''overnight'''''. [[SarcasmMode What ever]] could she be doing that day?
** Also, Adnext. While Komaki is staring at Takaaki, he's talking to Yuuji and Yuji's telling him that he has this ''huge'' thing. Takaaki says [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything "Show Me"]] and repeatedly says "I'll look". [[DoubleEntendre Whatever it was,]] [[ComicallyMissingThePoint it was in his bag.]]
* GirlInABox - Silfa aka HMX-17c is introduced in ''Another Days'' by being shipped to Takaaki's house in a box. She's so introveted that she also hides in it when she's frightened or upset.
* GroinAttack - Ruri does it to Takaaki early in their meeting.
* {{Hammerspace}} - Sango pulls a hammer out of nowhere so that she can whack Takaaki on the head to cure him of his LaserGuidedAmnesia. It's even [[LampshadeHanging lampshaded]] by Yuma.
---> '''Yuma''': Where'd you pull that out of?
* HaremGenre
* HaremNanny - In episode 11, Tamaki has shown she's quite knowledgeable about ''her'' Takaaki's activities in the female area, and quite capable of hunting all of them down for some tea, and thanking them for taking care of ''her'' Takaaki.
* HeroesWantRedHeads - Tamaki, if she's chosen
* {{Hikikomori}} - Silfa
* HotLibrarian - Manaka
* HumanAlien - Ruuko/Lucy
* IllGirl - Manaka's sister Ikuno. She gets better in Manaka's route in the VisualNovel though. The second OVA episode [[ShoutOut references]] this by merely casting her in it, as she was previously not mentioned at all in the anime.
** "Getting better" above only means she's not hospitalized and healthy enough to go to school; she's still a wheelchair user in her all appearances.
* ImagineSpot - Manaka provides her fans with plenty of imaginary intimate moments with Takaaki in the first adnext OVA.
* ImprobablyFemaleCast - See the picture above.
* IWantToBeARealMan - Hilariously played with in ''Another Days'' - in Yocchi's route, she tries to get Takaaki and Konomi together by "training" Takaaki to be a "real man" (in her words, send him through the "boy's rite of passage"): [[spoiler: first by letting him grope her breast (after which she beats him up for it), then getting him to flip her skirt. Of course, it backfires and he falls for Yocchi instead.]]
* LaserGuidedAmnesia - The first episode of the ''Another Days'' OVA.
** Ridiculous yet very funny because the girls all except Tamaki try to rewrite Takaaki's memory for their own benefit. HilarityEnsues.
---> '''Manaka''': "Takaaki-kun, you and I are lovers, and we're happy together."
---> '''Takaaki''': "Lovers!?"
*** This one as well:
---> '''Ruri''': "Takaaki is every woman's enemy! You are a monstrous, perverted, serial rapist!"
---> '''Takaaki''': "Perverted serial rapist!?"
* LikeBrotherAndSister - Konomi and Takaaki
** Takaaki stating that Konomi is just like a "little sister" to him [[UnluckyChildhoodFriend didn't rub her the right way]] though.
* MarryThemAll: in ''Another Days'', Tama-nee loves Konomi-chan so much that she agreed to share Takaaki with her, not wanting to lose a little sister just to get her man.
* {{Meganekko}} - Charu.
** Yuma in her route; apparently this is part of her her "real" personality.
* [[spoiler:NoRomanticResolution - The anime.]]
* TheOjou - Yuma's grandfather, who is somehow related to Kurusugawa Electronics, is supposed to let her inherit the family business.
* ParentalAbandonment - Takaaki's parents are on a business trip for the entirety of the anime. Also, no one aside from Ilfa appears to live with Ruri and Sango.
* RescueRomance - More or less how Sango was introduced.
* RobotMaid - Ilfa (HMX-17a), Milfa (HMX-17b), Silfa (HMX-17c)
* ShipTease - Besides the original episodes, every girl gets some with Takaaki in the [=OVAs=]. Manaka in particular seems to get more than the rest, though; Yuma probably comes second.
* SiblingYinYang - Manaka and Ikuno.
** Also Sango and Ruri.
* StarfishLanguage - Ruuko's first words to Takaaki were completely unintelligible, until she adjusted her translator by tapping her head.
** In the game, she even speaks German (which Takaaki is not fluent in) in her first attempt at a human language after that first adjustment.
* StatusQuoIsGod - Even after thirteen episodes and nine [=OVAs=], Takaaki still hasn't picked a girl.
* StudentCouncilPresident - Sasara Kusugawa
* TeenGenius - Sango, who is employed by Kurusugawa Electronics, can easily program robots to do her wishes. She even wrote Ilfa's OS.
* {{Tsundere}} - Yuma Tonami, Ruri Himeyuri, and Silfa.
** And later on, in ''AD Plus'', Silfa.
* ThoseTwoGirls - Charu and Yocchi, Konomi's friends from junior high, in the original release. Subverted in ''Another Days'' as they become winnable this time.
* UnluckyEverydude - Takaaki insists that he has problems dealing with girls, yet the premise of the show subverts this.
** [[LampshadeHanging Lampshaded]] by Yuuji in the first episode of the ''Another Days'' OVA.
--> '''Yuuji''': "Even with his memory gone, he's always involved with girls somehow."
* UnwantedHarem - Brilliantly illustrated in the {{omake}} after the first ''Another Days'' episode. The girls all chase Takaaki around school to attempt to inflict LaserGuidedAmnesia on him again.
** Possibly the largest named harem in anime today, after the one in ''Manga/MahouSenseiNegima'', of course.
*** Tamaki, Yuma, Manaka, Konomi, Ruuko, Karin, Sango, Ruri, Sasara, Yuuki, and Ilfa. That's ''[[UPToEleven eleven]]'' girls.
*** Throw in Silfa and Harumi/Milfa and you actually got ''thirteen''!
*** Maybe even [[UpToEleven Marianne and Ikuno]]... Not to mention Konomi's two friends (in Another Days) Michiru and Chie.]]
* [[WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes Why Did It Have To Be Thunder]] - Yocchi, as revealed in ''Another Days''.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair - Yuma, Sango, and Ruri.
* ZettaiRyouiki - Sasara, Tamaki, and the Himeyuri twins.