''Xenon 2 Megablast'' is a video game originally produced for the UsefulNotes/{{Amiga}} and UsefulNotes/AtariST, and later converted to the UsefulNotes/{{IBM PC}}, UsefulNotes/SegaMasterSystem, [[UsefulNotes/SegaGenesis Sega Mega Drive]], UsefulNotes/AcornArchimedes and UsefulNotes/GameBoy. The sequel to ''VideoGame/{{Xenon}}'', it was designed by the Creator/BitmapBrothers (although coded by The Assembly Line). It became one of their most well-known titles, and is a classic of its genre.

After the Xenites' defeat in the Galactic Conflict which took place in the first ''Xenon'', they have returned with a plan to wipe out the player's history by planting five bombs across space and time. The Megablaster pilot will have to fend off the bizarre wildlife around them. It is necessary to destroy the largest animal in each area as they have been [[WhyAmITicking fused with the bomb]]; once the creature is slain, the bomb is shut off.

Famous for being one of the first video games to have a soundtrack by a well-known pop musician, in this case Bomb the Bass.

!!This game contains examples of:

* AttackItsWeakPoint
* GiantEnemyCrab
* HeartsAreHealth
* HospitalityForHeroes -- The last shop gives you a 50% discount, since you ''are'' saving the world after all.
* LeftTheBackgroundMusicOn -- The shopkeeper turns it off to do business with you.
* NintendoHard -- You can buy lots and lots of firepower, but you can't really do anything for your ship's defense except learn to dodge really well.
* RealSongThemeTune -- Bomb the Bass' "Megablast (Hip Hop on Precinct 13)" (a redone version of the theme from the original ''[[Film/AssaultOnPrecinct131976 Assault on Precinct 13]]'') lent the game not only its theme music, but its subtitle.
* ATasteOfPower -- In the first shop, you can buy the Super Nashwan Power, which gives you fully leveled up cannons, rear cannons, and side lasers... for all of ten seconds. Several levels later you finally have enough cash to buy all this stuff for real.
* AWinnerIsYou -- There is no ending. After defeating the fifth beast, you end up back at the shop screen, and the shop owner alien tells you to turn off your computer.