''X Rock'' is an adult strategy game released in 1990 by Soft-World.

''X Rock'' is a ''Tetris'' variant. The player must eliminate balls of the same colors in vertical and horizontal directions. Balls fall in form of a cross or 'X' letter. When they reach the ground, the balls on the sides also fall down. The player can rotate balls around the center and change their colors. After finishing the level, an erotic real-life photo of a woman is displayed. There are eight such pictures in the game.

!!This VideoGame contains examples of:
* DoubleEntendre: The fact that balls form into an "X" letter just might refer to the X-rating.
* NoPlotNoProblem: The game doesn't have a plot. The game doesn't need one.
* NotSafeForWork: When you have erotic real-life photos of women, this trope is just bound to happen.