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Video Game: Toys Vs Nightmares
Toys Vs Nightmares is an online Flash Tower Defense game made by Xplored. It's basically about toys fighting against monsters from children's nightmares.

It is currently night-time, and nightmares are coming out of nowhere and seek to capture a poor, frightened child who is huddled under blankets. However, there's hope for this child, coming from an unlikely ally - toys! Your mission is to organize and upgrade your various toys, and obtain and stockpile "fantasy" (which is required to summon the former) to defeat the legions of nightmares. But be warned, these nightmares won't go down easily, and are constantly sending new kinds of monsters and tools your way. Will you be able to defeat these monstrous nightmares and save the child?

This game can be played at here.

Toys Vs Nightmares provides examples of:

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