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Video Game: Today I Die

dead world
full of shades
today I die

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Well, we could, but it would ruin the experience for you, and it doesn't take that long to play. So why not try it first, then come back here?

Go on, do it. It'll make you a better person. We'll wait.

Okay, back? Here, need a tissue?

A game by Daniel Benmergui that uses pixelated metaphors and morphing poetry to explore the journey back from the brink of suicidal depression, aided by an excellent soundtrack by Hernan Rozenwasser. Winner of the Nuovo award from the Independent Games Festival. Others have found the symbolism anvilicious.

Benmergui has also created I Wish I Were The Moon, an experimental game very loosely based on the short story "The Distance of the Moon" from Calvino's Cosmicomics. He is currently working on Storyteller.

This game provides examples of:

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full of beauty
today I swim
until you come/better by myself
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