The InteractiveFiction game The Perils of Akumos casts you as Kenneth Connell, an engineer aboard the Corolis space station. You start by performing simple chores related to the station's maintenance, and you end up uncovering a plot related to controlling earth's space program.

The game's notable for some complex world geography. This includes the space station itself, where walking north continuously eventually returns you to your starting point, and a maze of mining caverns that give players nightmares years after finishing the game.

Andrew Walters, who wrote the game in 2000, released a prequel called ''VideoGame/TrailOfAnguish'' the following year. This smaller game was a "break" during the production of a larger sequel, ''Starlight Sacrifice'', which underwent continuous development for the following 12 years; as of 2016 a demo that represents a small cross-section of the whole game (yet is as big, if not bigger, than many other games on ''Adventure Games Live'') is available.

The game's playable [[ online]].

!!The Perils of Akumos provides examples of:

* AirVentPassageway: That's what the OSM tunnels turn out to be.
* AsteroidMiners: You meet dozens of them.
* BearsAreBadNews: You probably wouldn't expect a bear attack on a space station. But hey, why not?
* CommonplaceRare: Crazy future tech that can protect you fro a missile? Sure, you can get that, no problem. But an apron to hold it in place? Wow. That'll take you a whole SERIES of quests to find.
* DeflectorShields: You make your own out of the game's minerals.
* GiveMeYourInventoryItem: After collecting naxonite shards for a possible shield, it's a little worrying to have a shady character ask for the as payment for explosives.
* HyperspaceArsenal: Lampshaded when you have to carry a large potted plant. You shrug off the logical questions of where you store the plant or how you continue functioning while holding it.
* KleptomaniacHero: Jewelry? Minerals? Clothes? Old cups? It's all good.
* MagicalMysteryDoors: This is really what the sandstone caverns add up to. But the challenge of returning to your cart adds further complications.
* MurderInc: Three men seem to have something like this going.
* NintendoHard: Certainly no pushover. One of only two ''Adventure Games Live'' games to be given the maximum difficulty rating.
* NoOSHACompliance: A factory in the station actually has a foreman and safety regulations. Once you head for the mines, however...
* SetPiecePuzzle: Several, but the machine in the factory that you must learn to operate seems to best fit the bill.
* SpaceStation: The main setting, complete with artificial gravity thanks to rotation. And you have to fix the rotation.
* TakeOverTheWorld: That seems to be the BigBad's goal.
* {{Unobtanium}}: Naxonite and peryolitium, whose properties remain... vague.