''Terra Nova : Strike Force Centauri'' is a 1996 {{powered armor}} combat {{simulation game}} developed by Creator/LookingGlassStudios. Set on the various planets and moons of the Alpha Centauri star system under colonisation, the game revolves around teams of powered armor pilots being deployed to fight rebel groups or bandits.

A fansite of the game can be found [[http://www.ttlg.com/tnova/ here]].

Not to be confused with the television series ''Series/TerraNova''.

!!Tropes seen in the game:
* DropPod: The game's powered armor doubles as one during the final descent phase of the deployment at the start of each mission.
* FullMotionVideo: The [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Y7H_vIiUU4 live-action cutscenes]]. (However, interior backdrops or animated cutscenes of vehicles, exteriors, etc. are CGI, though.) Rather infamously, Looking Glass Studios invested quite a lot into making these (since they were all the rage in mid-1990s games), but the financial loses from this and ''Terra Nova'' sales underperforming led to long-term financial issues for the developer.
* AMechByAnyOtherName: Well, not exactly a typical mech, but the combat suits are referred to as "[=PBA=]s" (an acronym for "Powered Battle Armor").
* PoweredArmor: The game revolves around you piloting a fairly bulky but sophisticated military-grade combat model.
* SceneryPorn: Despite the age of the game, the developers did their best to offer relatively realistically generated and [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CyA_evTJMRs life-like landscapes]], with highly varying environments. The draw distance alone is impressive for 1996, and even the particle effects are decent for the period.
* SimulationGame: Of a soldier piloting powered armor and engaging in tactical combat on a fairly huge battlefield with plenty of varying terrain.
* TheSquad: You generally don't fight alone, but as the leader of a team of 2-4 powered armor pilots.
** Also the subject of the toast which is the last line of the game:
---> "To the squad!"
---> "THE SQUAD!"