''10,000,000'' is a 2D DungeonCrawler game created by Eighty Eight Games, an independent developer. It was originally designed for iOS, but has since been released for PC on Steam and is also available on Android.

10,000,000 is defined as a hybrid puzzle, RPG and action game, with 8-bit music and graphics. In 10,000,000, you play as an adventurer trapped in a dungeon. You sleep, train and upgrade your items in a room known as the Sanctuary, which is also a gateway to many dungeons of varying difficulty, wherein you kill monsters, bust open chests, collect items and gain experience. It sounds like a pretty typical RPG, but 10,000,000 is unique in its gameplay.

Instead of hitting monsters with spells from a click, the player is presented with a Bejewled-like puzzle board, with several tiles to perform several functions. Therefore, matching 3 swords is a very different action than matching 3 lockpicks. When you're not running full sprint through the dungeons, hacking through skeletons and zombie soldiers, you're back in the Sanctuary, using your collected wood, stone, gold and experience to gear and train up for the next run.

You ultimate goal in 10,000,000 is to collect 10,000,000 score and leave the dungeon forever. Can you make it out alive?

It is now followed up with a sequel called You Must Build A Boat.