'''Super Robot Wars Gaiden''' (subtitled as ''Masou Kishin: The Lord of Elemental'') is the first OriginalGeneration game [[UrExample EVER]]. That said, it was released on the SuperFamicom in 1996, featuring some of the best 16-bit visuals ever, mecha drawn to scale (the first [=SRW=] to avert the SuperDeformed formula), and had a storyline that made ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWars4'' look like FanFiction. Suffice to say, this is the best ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWars'' installment on the console.

The story of ''The Lord of Elemental'' tells solely on the origins of the [[Characters/MasouKishin entire Masou Kishin cast]], and the genesis of the long feud between [[Characters/MasouKishin Masaki Andoh and Shu Shirakawa]]. The plot is split into two parts: "Part 1" occurs prior to the events of ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWars2'', while "Part 2" takes place following the end of ''Super Robot Wars 4''. Also, this was the first [=SRW=] that ''could'' have been released for localization, but it's rather racy, risque dialogue sadly made this a NoExportForYou. It's also the first [=SRW=] to incorporate voice acting, the first to use an angle view of the scenario map at 45° (commonly seen in all [=SRWs=] post-''The Lord of Elemental'') and the only series where a unit's elevation and the direction it is facing at the end of its turn are important for combat calculations.

An UpdatedRerelease of ''The Lord of Elemental'' for the UsefulNotes/NintendoDS was released in 2010, under the heading ''Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Masou Kishin - The Lord of Elemental'', linking the game up with the rest of the ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsOriginalGeneration'' series. A UsefulNotes/PlayStationPortable sequel entitled ''Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Masou Kishin II - Revelation of Evil God'' was released on January 12, 2012. To mark the 15th anniversary of the ''Masou Kishin'' series, a new UpdatedRerelease of ''The Lord of Elemental'' was bundled with ''Revelation of Evil God'', complete with enhanced visuals and extended voice acting.

''Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Masou Kishin III - Pride of Justice'' was released on August 22, 2013 in a simultaneous UsefulNotes/PlayStation3 and UsefulNotes/PlaystationVita launch and is the sequel to ''Revelation of Evil God''. Finally, in May 2014, ''Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Masou Kishin F - Coffin of the End'' was announced for the [=PlayStation=] 3, and is the final installment to the ''Masou Kishin'' series.

Take note that although characters from the main ''Original Generation'' {{continuity}} do appear in La Gias via the ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsEX'' scenarios of the ''Second Original Generation'', they are not considered part of the ''Masou Kishin'' series.
!Tropes common to the ''Masou Kishin'' series are:

* AlternateCompanyEquivalent: After cutting their deal with Banpresto, developer [=WinkySoft=] released ''[[http://www.winky.co.jp/fs_rayblade.html Seireiki Rayblade]]'', which is very similar to ''The Lord of Elemental'' and full of {{Captain Ersatz}}s.
** ''Coffin of the End'' turns this into a full circle as it features Rayblade as one of the controllable units.
* BagOfSpilling: Several units from Part 1 lose their upgrades after the TimeSkip to Part 2.
* BeneathTheEarth: La Gias; however, it's implied the subterranean world is simply a separate, magical dimension rather than being set in the Earth's core.
* TheCameo: [[spoiler:[[Characters/SuperRobotWarsAlpha Ryusei Date]] appears in the DS rerelease when Masaki recalls the events in ''Original Generation'' between Part 1 and 2, more specifically the part at the beginning of the first game where he confronts Shu for the first time at Antarctica]].
* CodeName: Each Elemental Lord (''Masou Kishin'')/Elemental Machine (''Masouki'') is given one to protect their true names. This is in order to better shield them from magic.
* CombinationAttack: ''Revelation Of Evil God'' gives some of these as attack options among the Heralds and their allies, such as Masaki-[[Characters/MasouKishin Lune Zoldark]], [[Characters/MasouKishin Hwang Yang Long-Tytti Noorbuck]] and [[Characters/MasouKishin Mio Sasuga-Presia Zenosakis]]. Unfortuately, ''Pride of Justice'' removes these, but gives them to minor characters, such as the [[Characters/MasouKishin Sandriff twins]] and between [[Characters/MasouKishin Gido, Simone Culian and Rebecca Turner]].
* CopyProtection: The DS rerelease has A LOT of intentional bugs should the player use a pirated copy. First, the game may not run at all. Get past that, then {{Mook}}s start {{One Hit Kill}}ing allied units; get past that, then Shu will always OneHitKill units when he's required to lower {{Hit Point}}s to critical; [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment get past that]]...well, the game may finally run normally, except the music and everything is in 16-bit quality rather than what the DS offers.
** Subverted when players [[{{Determinator}} STILL found a way around]], as these bugs are only triggered when the game detects it's being played on an R4 cartridge (used to store ROMS). It's incapable of detecting it if played on an emulator, thus the bugs never occur.
* DownerBeginning, WhamEpisode: Promotional materials reveal ''Coffin of the End'' begins with [[spoiler:La Gias in near ruins and all the Elemental Lords are missing. Of the four Heralds, only Tytti is present, and is relegated to using an Elemental Machine. Shu, on the other hand, is a new battleship captain, as the same force that has devastated La Gias has rendered the Neo Granzon inoperable]].
* DownerEnding: [[spoiler:Part 1 ends with the Kingdom of Langran nearly destroyed, King Alzarl and one of the Heralds, [[Characters/MasouKishin Ricardo Silvera]], are dead and the supposed "culprit" Shu leaves to the surface world to help [[Characters/SuperRobotWars2 Bian Zoldark]] with his impending revolution. Masaki leaves La Gias in pursuit of his nemesis, leaving Langran exposed to enemy occupation from opposing nations]].
* DroppedABridgeOnHim: [[spoiler:The original pilot of the Diablo, Maddok, is dead after Part 1; the player only finds out about this in Part 2. Like Ricardo, it is because in ''EX'', Mio starts out in the vacant Diablo. The ''Second Original Generation'' makes a reference that he died fighting in defense of Langran]].
* FiveManBand
** TheHero: Masaki
** TheLancer: Yang Long
** TheBigGuy: Ricardo; succeeded by Mio
** TheSmartGuy: [[Characters/MasouKishin Princess Xenia Grania Bilseia]]
** TheChick: Tytti
** TheSixthRanger: Lune; sometimes doubles as Masaki's other Lancer.
* ForegoneConclusion: [[spoiler:The DownerEnding of Part 1 had already been known, since the games in the "[[FanNickname Classic Timeline]]" revealed this ahead before the release of ''The Lord of Elemental'']].
* GaidenGame: On the face of it, Part 1 effectively serves as the canon {{prequel}} to the Classic Timeline, ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsAlpha'' and ''Original Generation'' games. [[spoiler:Since Shu is defeated and killed in all these continuities, once he comes BackFromTheDead to rebel against [[Characters/MasouKishin Shiva]] [[PhysicalGod Volkruss]]]], it sets up the events of Part 2.
* {{Foreshadowing}}: [[spoiler: The final boss of ''Coffin of the End'' falls into the Cross Gate which connects to Earth.]]
* {{Gainaxing}}: Lune, Xenia and Simone have it in the DS remake. In short, unless you're [[TokenWholesome Tytti]], [[TokenMiniMoe Mio or Presia]], you bounce.
** In the sequels, most girls have it and often to levels comparable to Alpha 3, as if it's making up for the more subdued bounce in the OG series.
* HiddenDepths: What was lacking in ''EX'' in personality and development is improved here, though it largely concerns Masaki and Shu, who were mostly enigmatic during their run in the Classic Timeline. When it's included as part of "OG Saga", further refining is made.
** ''The Lord of Elemental'' Part 1: Back-story for Tytti, including her [[spoiler:tragic love life with Ricardo]], while hinting at relations between Yang Long and [[Characters/MasouKishin Saphine Grace]].
** ''The Lord of Elemental'' Part 2: Further explores Masaki's primary LoveInterest [[Characters/MasouKishin Wendy Rasm Iknart]] (including the LoveTriangle involving Lune), along with the repercussions of [[spoiler:Shu's resurrection from ''EX'']].
** ''Revelation of Evil God'': Mio taking more responsibility [[spoiler:as Ricardo's replacement]], Presia's dark secret [[spoiler:regarding her immortality]] and the culmination of the Yang Long-Saphine relationship by introducing Yang Long's LoveInterest [[Characters/MasouKishin Elshine Grace]]. Additionally, the concept of "[[SuperMode Full Possession]]", a one-time event in Part 1, is elaborated.
** ''Pride of Justice'': Elaborates further on the other Elemental Lords' Possession skills, by giving Yang Long an event where he unlocks his own Full Possession. [[Characters/MasouKishin Elan Zenosakis]], an enigmatic enemy introduced in ''Revelation of Evil God'' also receives a much better fleshing by getting his own route, his own sympathetic group of followers and Full Possession. In another route, Tytti gets a revisit of her tragic love life and her resolve to ensure it doesn't end tragically becomes the key to unlock her Full Possession. The last route is dedicated to flesh out [[Characters/MasouKishin Fang Zan Bisias]], one of Masaki's rivals in La Gias, by delving into his past. Oh and Mio unlocks her own Full Possession on the way.
* MadScientist: Zet Laas Blakio
* TheMagicGoesAway: [[spoiler: At the end of ''Coffin of the End'', all of the prana in the world has vanished and Cybuster isn't as fast as it used to be.]]
* {{Magitek}}: All HumongousMecha manufactured in La Gias are powered by [[{{Mana}} prana]]
* MultinationalTeam: Nearly every surface dweller caters to a different nation or area - Japan (Masaki, Mio), China (Yang Long), Finland (Tytti), Brazil (Ricardo), Scandinavia[[note]]Likely Iceland or Norway[[/note]] (Lune), France (Simone), Russia ([[Characters/MasouKishin Gennacy Ivanov Kozireh]]), United States (Rebecca), the Middle East ([[Characters/MasouKishin Ahmed Hamdi]]), Thailand (Tian), an unnamed African country (Damascus).
* NintendoHard: ''Pride of Justice'' by a longshot (though it's mostly the first 15 scenarios or so). It's so bad that players in Japan returned the game out of frustration.
** This was apparently intentional: Winkysoft admitted to inflating enemy HP and damage numbers to make the game harder than it was supposed to be, in order to force players to purchase the DownloadableContent scenarios, which hands powerful, rare equippable parts and large amounts of credits upon completion.
* OriginalGeneration: Although not the TropeNamer, it's the UrExample in the video game medium.
* RedBaron: "Sword Saint" Shumel Heul
* SequelDifficultyDrop: ''Coffin of the End'' tones down the difficulty of ''Pride of Justice'', however there are lot more enemies that need to be killed.
* ShoutOut
** In the Nintendo DS rerelease, [[http://i878.photobucket.com/albums/ab347/aqaq83/ds.jpg eventually]] [[Creator/KikukoInoue Tytti]] [[strike: declares]] lies that [[RunningGag she's 17 years old...]]
-->'''[[Characters/MasouKishin Saphine Grace]]''': "[[PhraseCatcher Oi oi...]]"
** In ''[[VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsAlpha Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden]]'', if Mio performs the Zamzeed's "[[RapidFireFisticuffs Chou Shin Dou Ken]]", there's a chance her battle dialogue is this.
-->'''Mio''': "[[FistOfTheNorthStar ATATATATATATATATATATATA!!!!!]] [[CatchPhrase You're already dead]]...JUST KIDDING!"
** In ''Revelation of Evil God'', one of [[spoiler: Ricardo's]] first lessons is to teach Mio how to throw a proper punch. The Zamzeed's new "Chou Dokyu Shin Dou Ken" attack looks similar to [[FistOfTheNorthStar Raoh's "Defiant Fist To Heaven"]] pose.
** Some of Mio's intermission dialogue in the ''Second Original Generation'' makes references to a [[Anime/{{Doraemon}} "talking, well-made robot cat", wondering where its pocket is]]. Later, she'll ask whether [[Series/{{Thunderbirds}} "palm tress will fall over or the pool slides open"]] and reference ''Gaia Savers'', another Banpresto-developed MassivelyMultiplayerCrossover as "The Hero's Greatest Strategies guys".
** If the player upgrade's the Zamzeed while he's around until it has the Chou Shin Dou Ken, Ricardo's battle cry would be "[[Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure ORAORAORAORAORAORAORA!!]]"
** Lune sharing the same voice actor as Allenby may be a loose one to ''Anime/MobileFighterGGundam'', seeing as that series and the Lune's Valsione are [[MotionCaptureMecha powered by very similar systems]].
* TheUnexpected: Players suspected [[spoiler:[[Characters/SuperRobotWarsOriginalGeneration Amara]]]] from the ''Second Original Generation'' wasn't KilledOffForReal, on account of NoBodyLeftBehind. The majority assumed the character would reappear in an ''Orignal Generation'' sequel, but no one suspected a [[CanonImmigrant jump into the]] ''Masou Kishin'' plot via ''Coffin of the End''.
* UpdatedRerelease: For the DS. The majority of the plot is kept, with only a few changes made to mesh it better with ''Original Generation'' {{continuity}}.
** CompilationRerelease: The Playstation Portable rerelease, bundled with ''Revelation of Evil God''
* VaporWare: "Aeon Genesis", who did the FanTranslation of ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWars3'' and ''Alpha Gaiden'' have been saying they're gonna do this one...for almost ''a decade'' now.
* VideoGameCaringPotential: From ''Revelation of Evil God'' onwards, if characters are healed by an allied character in a unit with the "Repair" ability, they will thank them.
* WhatTheHellHero: Beginning with ''Revelation of Evil God'', if the player uses a MAP Weapon that has no FriendlyFireproof and hits an allied unit (e.g: Granveil's "Megiddo Flame", Gaddeath's "Kelvin Blizzard" or Zamzeed's "Resonance Quake"), said unit's pilot will complain about being hit with friendly fire.