'''''Stockboy''''' is Creator/HamumuSoftware's action/puzzle game that takes place in a warehouse that needs to be cleared up and reorganized. As the local intern of this facility, you're tasked with solving various puzzles, whether it's pushing barrels and balls in the designated places or clearing the room of the pesky pests in the warehouse. Unlike many other Hamumu games, this one allows multiple save slots to store specified control schemes for each individual save file. It also allows players to create their own music to go along with any of the levels that they make.
!!Stockboy uses the following to clean up the warehouse:

* ColorCodedForYourConvenience: The various pests have different abilities based on what designated color they have. Applied to a lesser extent with the various items.
* {{Combos}}: And tons of them.
* LevelEditor
* LockedDoor: Subverted, since the doors can just as easily be opened when you flip a switch.
* NintendoHard: The later levels, at least.
* StuffBlowingUp: As implied in the screenshot above.