Sound Shapes is a MusicalGameplay PlatformGame released in 2012 for the UsefulNotes/{{PS3}} and UsefulNotes/PlayStationVita. It was developed by Queasy Games and published by Creator/{{Sony}}. The base game comes with several "albums" worth of levels organized by theme. Once the player completes all these levels, the bonus "Death Mode" is unlocked, where the player needs to collect a sequence of notes within a time limit while not dying. Also included are "Beat School" levels, which are more of a PuzzleGame where the player needs to figure out how to place notes to match a given backbeat or melody.

The game also includes a level creator and player made levels are a large part of the replay value.

!! This game provides examples of:

* CheckPoint: A generous amount in the normal levels, usually at least one per screen, and with infinite lives. This is because you will die. A lot.
* FinalDeathMode: Called, well, Death Mode. Each one consists of a specific screen from one of the main levels, where you need to collect a certain number of notes within a time limit. Run out of time, or hit a hazard, and you need to start over.
* FlipScreenScrolling
* JustHereForGodzilla: The game is very popular among trophy hunters, as it provides a bunch of silver trophies that unlock automatically through Cross Save, provided you got them normally once, allowing for a platinum trophy in just a few seconds after starting the game. The developers seemed to notice this as well, as all DLC trophies unlock exclusively through the very simple (with a guide) Beat School.
* LevelEditor: And they can be published online for other players to experience.
* LevelGoal: A turntable, appropriately.
* LuckBasedMission: Unfortunately, most of the Death Mode levels end up being this, because the notes spawn randomly, and it will frequently be impossible to gather them all within the time limit. This makes many of the levels very frustrating, since you have to play perfectly and in many cases still can't win.
* MultiPlatform: A somewhat unusual example in that the game is on three Sony systems (the [=PS3=], [=PS4=], and Playstation Vita.) Additionally, the "Cross Save" feature is used, allowing you to transfer your progress from one version of the game to the other.
* NoPlotNoProblem
* OneHitPointWonder: Your shape-blob-thingy. Fortunately, checkpoints are frequent.