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A princess has been kidnapped, and hidden away in a labyrinth filled with monsters. Fortunately, you are a brave knight, who can handle the task. Plus your father disappeared into that labyrinth, so you have both personal reasons and your duty to take on that place.

This dungeon crawler for the UsefulNotes/SegaGenesis is actually the first of the Franchise/ShiningSeries. Even though it's of a different genre than the more famous games in the series, there was a follow-up game in the same genre: ''Videogame/ShiningTheHolyArk'' for the UsefulNotes/SegaSaturn.

The action is also first person in pseudo 3D, much like the dungeons games like ''VideoGame/{{Arcana}}'' and the first ''{{VideoGame/Phantasy Star|I}}''.


%%* AntiHero: Pyra is described as such.
%%* BlackMagicianGirl: Pyra.
%%* BlobMonster: The slimes
* BrainwashedAndCrazy: [[spoiler:Mortred, courtesy of the Darkblade.]]
* CoolCrown: Recovering Jessa's tiara is required to go further into the game.
* DisproportionateRetribution: After [[CrashIntoHello literally running into]] Gila and getting scolded for it, Pyra responds by casting [[StandardStatusEffects Slow]] on him as he heads off to the dungeon...
* DubInducedPlotHole / DubNameChange: The villain in this game was called Mephisto in Japan. In English, it was changed to Dark Sol - causing confusion with Darksol, the villain of ''VideoGame/ShiningForce''.
* DyingAsYourself: After being defeated, [[spoiler:Mortred]] regains his sanity long enough to thank the party [[spoiler: and reassure his son]] before passing on.
* EvilWeapon: Certain weapons and armors are {{Curse}}d with various negative effects.
%%* FauxFirstPerson3D
* FieryRedhead: Pyra; her hair is normally dark pink, but in certain scenes and artwork she has red hair. Regardless of its changing color, she always has the personality to match this trope.
%%* GiantEnemyCrab: The [=KaiserKrab=]
%%* GirlishPigtails: On Pyra.
%%* TheGoomba: Green slimes
* GuestStarPartyMember: Certain characters can temporarily join your party as an [[{{NPC}} uncontrollable]] fourth member.
%%* KillItWithIce: The Freeze spell.
%%* LivingStructureMonster: Grimwall.
%%* OneWingedAngel
%%* OperaGloves: Princess Jessa
%%* PaletteSwap
%%* PlayingWithFire: Pyra's Blaze and Milo's Inferno.
* PrettyPrincessPowerhouse: Princess Jessa may be a beautiful damsel who needs to be rescued, but [[spoiler:can deliver ''bone-shattering kicks'' while in your party]].
%%* RandomEncounters
* RandomlyDrops: Although you can also get them to give you their items with the Muddle (confusion) spell.
%%* RazorWind: The Blast spell.
* RequisiteRoyalRegalia: Finding the princess's tiara is proof she was taken into the labyrinth.
* SaintlyChurch: Where you can save your game.
%%* SaveThePrincess
%%* ShiningGoodness
* StandardStatusEffects: Most of which are actually effective, [[UselessUsefulSpell surprisingly enough]].
* SquishyWizard: Pyra has the highest base defense, for some reason, but the lowest health. This trope can be avoided for a good portion of the game (up to the first two trials) if you keep the Royal Tiara and don't give it to the Minister.
* {{Teleportation}}: The two-piece Medallion. By placing one half in a [[CoolGate golden fountain]], you can use the other half to instantly return there at any time. (Just remember to retrieve the other half if you want to switch to another fountain...)
%%* TrueBlueFemininity: The bodice on Princess Jessa's dress.
* WeCanRuleTogether: Proposed by Dark Sol shortly after TheReveal that [[spoiler: he's none other than Melvyl the mystic]].
* WhatTheHellHero: Old Vik the innkeeper gives your hero flak after learning [[spoiler: you were forced to slay your own brainwashed father]]. The others present are more sympathetic, and Mrs. Vik even calls her husband on it.