Scrumble Ship is a PC, Mac and Linux game in alpha development by Dirkson of OrangeHat Tech. The game is intended to become the most accurate space simulation devised to date, and will be a multiplayer, open-world, voxel-based space combat, mining, and exploration sim when complete. It features voxel-level destruction, with each "block" consisting of 4,096 tiny voxels. The game is available for purchase (or a free demo) on its homepage.

Players will mine resources, refine them into useful materials, and then construct anything from a small shuttle to a capital ship out of individual blocks, with the help of AI crewmembers and other players. Players can then pilot the ships between planets and stars with a crew of redshirted AI clones or other players, mining ore, trading, building other ships and space stations, and fighting other players in simulated PvP battles.

The game aims to fall at approximately 4.5 out of 6 on MohsScaleOfSciFiHardness, with the only true counterfactual devices being FTL drives and living starships. Realism is embraced: for instance, the game features a working heat simulation engine, with materials melting and boiling at real-world temperatures. Electricity must be generated from fuel and stored in batteries, and all working equipment will produce heat which must be radiated to space. All materials will need to be mined and refined from ore or salvage before being 3D-printed into ship components. Atmosphere simulation, fuel consumption, depressurization, and fully Newtonian physics with computer-assisted orbital plotting are further examples of planned hard SF elements.

Because of its ambitious scope, cultish fan following, and relative science fiction hardness, ScrumbleShip will, and in some cases already does, feature a number of space tropes.

!!Tropes in ScrumbleShip:
* AsteroidMiners
* AsteroidThicket
* TheBattlestar
* BoardingParty
* BoardingPod
* TheBridge
* CentrifugalGravity
* CloneArmy
* ContinuousDecompression
* CoolStarship
* CorralledCosmos
* ConvenientlyClosePlanet
* DramaticSpaceDrifting
* EscapePod
* ExplosiveDecompression
* FasterThanLightTravel
* FleshVersusSteel
* FoodPills
* HyperspeedEscape
* ImprovisedMicrogravityManeuvering
* ISOStandardHumanSpaceship
* KillSat
* LatexSpaceSuit
* LivingShip
* MegaMawManeuver
* NoGravityForYou
* NoWarpingZone
* OldSchoolDogfight
* OrionDrive
* OurWormholesAreDifferent
* RammingAlwaysWorks
* RedAlert
* SalvagePirates
* SaveSat
* SpaceBase
* SpaceBattle
* SpaceClothes
* SpaceFighter
* SpaceSailing
* SpaceMarine
* SpaceMines
* SpaceNavy
* SpacePirates
* SpacePolice
* SpaceStation
* SpaceWhale
* SolarSail
* ThrownOutTheAirlock
* WeaponizedExhaust