[[AntiHero Locke D'Averam]] has been chilling out in {{Hell}} for centuries when someone decided to [[BackFromTheDead resurrect him]]. As it turns out, TheKingdom of Ahkuilon is under attack by a {{Cult}} calling themselves the Children of the Change, who [[SaveThePrincess kidnapped the king's only daughter]], and Locke, the long-dead ruler of a long-gone empire, seems like [[ResurrectedForAJob just the right guy to bring her back]]. Unable to defy his new master's orders, the eponymous RevenantZombie sets off on his quest, which proves all but simple and straightforward.

''Revenant'' is a largely forgotten epic ActionRPG by Cinematix Studios from the year 1999. One of its most notable features was a complex and elaborate real-time combat system, consisting of a large number of various combos and tactics, which had to be adopted on the fly against specific enemies. Combined with surprisingly fluid animations (for the time), ''Revenant'' was a remarkable gaming experience.
!!The game provides examples of following tropes:

* AndShowItToYou: Locke threatens with this often.
* AntiHero: Locke.
* {{Cult}}: Children of the Change.
* DealWithTheDevil: [[spoiler:Locke]] has made one in the backstory.
* {{Hell}}: Called Anserak here.
* NoGearLevel: The fight against the Ogrok Hand Combat champion.
* ReincarnationRomance: [[spoiler:Princess Andria is the reincarnation of Locke's beloved ex-wife from his past life.]]
* ResurrectedForAJob: The whole premise.
* ResurrectedRomance: [[spoiler:Locke and Andria.]]
* RevenantZombie: Locke.
* SaveThePrincess: What your mission seems to be at first.
* TechnicolorScience: ''Revenant'' features the usual red/health and blue/mana potions codified by ''VideoGame/{{Diablo}}''.
* TrainingDummy: In the tutorial mission.