A StrategyRPG for the PlayStationPortable, inspired by the MMORPG known as ''VideoGame/RagnarokOnline''. The developer is Apollosoft and Chime, while the artwork is provided by Tomatika (who'd you recognize from ''VideoGame/EternalPoison'').

First, there was The Holy War, in which people fought a battle against gods and demons that ended when humanity sealed their enemies away. Countless centuries later, most of humanity has made its home in the Grantria Penninsula, which has towering mountains to the north and a vast ocean to the south. Two notable factions exist in this area: the Branshaldo Empire led by Emperor Bernard III, and the Aura Republic currently chaired by Counselor Gilsede. There's also the Toren Militia, which was established by a former mercenary named Toren and focuses more on the problems created by war than participating in one. The Empire and the Republic fought for control, but once resources on both sides ran low, a tenuous peace was established. With the animosity between the two organizations never dimming, and the possibility that the seal binding away demons and gods might one day be broken, war could resume at any time...

!!'''Ragnarok Tactics''' contains examples of:

* {{AFGNCAAP}}: Fitting for a game based on an MMORPG, the main character's name, gender, hairstyle, hair color, voice, and initial job class (as classes can be changed when desired) are determined by the player at the beginning of the game. The default selection, however, is a male named Rito.
* GameBreaker: Champions learn Heaven's Roar at Job Lv.36. This skill hits every single enemy on the map regardless of their position and has no charge time. Make a group of three or four Champions and you can beat a new cycle in less than na hour.
** On a smaller scale, Snipers gain Attack and Speed from a single stat: Dexterity. Slap all your level-up bonus points on DEX and your Snipers will be doing massive damage while getting turns faster than anyone else, to the point that you can walk up near na enemy, attack it, then get another turn, attack them again, and walk away from their attack range.
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: "Fukkleducks!"
* HeroicMime: Though a voice can be chosen for the protagonist, the only times he or she will speak is during battle or when a plot-altering dialogue choice appears.
* MultipleEndings: Most of the game's plot is determined by the player's choices, and there are five different endings. And similar to [[VideoGame/TacticsOgre another Tactics-style game,]] once the game is beaten once, the player can go back in time with the A.I.Z. system and make different decisions.