''Quantum Redshift'' is a futuristic [[DrivingGame racing game]] for the {{Xbox}}. Created by ''VideoGame/{{Wipeout}}'' designer Nick Burcombe, the game puts the player in the shoes of 16 different characters, paired off in rivalries, whose stories unfold as tournaments are completed.

It was seen as the sleeper hit of 2002. However, due to lukewarm reviews the game had horrid sales and caused the sequel (which would have had online capabilities) to vanish into thin air.

!!''This video game contains examples of:''
* AlphaStrike: Getting all abilities to level 3 allows for one of these to be fired
* ArchEnemy: A mechanic no less. They'll always be in every race you're in with a nice little "Nemesis" sign above them.
** You even get bonus points for killing them.
* BonusLevel/ BrutalBonusLevel: Completing Redshift mode with all characters, you get to drive on Mars. Both tracks are littered with mega power ups and it's extremely common that people are taken out of the race.
%%* CrowningMusicOfAwesome: Junkie [=XL=]'s work here is pretty cool.
* DifficultySpike: Redshift difficulty
* EmptyRoomPsych: The loop at Silver Rock Canyon. Don't even bother with it on easy or you'll just fall upside down, and even then it's just wastes time (unless you ''really'' want a power star).
* EarlyBirdCameo: Kutoo is seen just before the end of the intro cinematic. Also counts as a partial FreezeFrameBonus
* ItsPersonal: Alicia is ''pissed off'' at Tara for killing her parents, even though everyone else has forgiven her. Hell, her quote is pretty much "I'll get you Tara!"
* LyricalShoehorn: Crusher (Title Screen) makes no sense. Trust us.
* NitroBoost: A few seconds of which are given to players at the start of each lap
* RemixedLevel: Any track with "2" at the end. You'll be going backwards with some paths reconfigured to fit the new route. Somehow, this makes the track more difficult...
* RubberBandAI: Computers (and other players) will have the best upgrades amongst the human players. It's helpful in multiplayer so you won't have to grind with everyone, but computers blasting you with specials every lap? Oy...
* SceneryPorn: A main offender. Critics were quick to note on how it's probably the prettiest game on the {{Xbox}}, and lists that as one of it's problems.
* SoundtrackDissonance: Brakenstowe Vale. The track is set in the English countryside, but the song makes you think ''Film/{{Tron}}''.
* TheFourGods: Byakko is painted on Ami's ship. Yes it looks badass why do you ask?