''Pizza Tycoon'' (called ''Pizza Connection'' in Europe), is a 1994 business simulation game that has the player manage a pizza company in a city in Europe and/or the United States. After picking out a city, the player can buy or rent a store, staff it, furnish it, and design their own pizzas to serve. Players will have to deal with staff issues, customer complaints, as well as paying the bills.

It also gives the player the option to get involved with the criminal underworld, doing activities such as drug dealing, weapon dealing, or sabotaging competitors. While the player can avoid the Mafia, the competitors will not, and is advisable to do so to keep one's storefront safe from attacks.

Had two sequels, FastFoodTycoon and FastFoodTycoon2.

Can be run on modern day computers with help from DOSBox.

!!This game provides examples of:

* AllianceMeter: More of a reputation actually, and the two types are not mutually exclusive at all. Underworld deals with one's standing in the underworld, where as social deals with the player's position in the public eye. If the player is low ranking, you won't get the time of day from either side. The higher you are, the more respect you'll get.
* AnEntrepreneurIsYou: The point of the game.
* BribeBackfire: You can be fined or even arrested if you are open about bribing public officials. Best-case scenario is that you don't have enough money to give and the police just kick you out of the station.
* CharacterCustomization: The game allows you to put in different stats and traits, which effect game play and social interactions.
* LegitimateBusinessmensSocialClub: The weapon dealers sell "ice cream" (weapons) and "joke articles" (items used to sabotage competitors).
* HoldUpYourScore: How pizzas are judged in the game.
* HonestyIsTheBestPolicy: Averted. Being open about your intentions to buy weapons or bribe officials will get you arrested.
* InsuranceFraud: Possible to do by getting yourself arrested and fined on purpose, and trying to collect insurance on it. However, the insurance company is just as corrupt, and the agent who handles your insurance may "conveniently" be out of the country during the time you need to make a claim before it is invalid.
* TheMafia: Major element of the game. While you can avoid them, they are useful for extra cash, protection from other companies, as well as being used to attack other companies.
* ScrewTheRulesIHaveMoney: One way to get out of legal troubles.
* SpySpeak: Used to buy weapons or bribe officials. Being open about what you are doing will get you arrested.
* VillainWithGoodPublicity: You yourself can become this thanks to the dual reputation system. In the public eye, you can be a respectable businessman, but commit heinous acts with the criminal underworld.